Viral News Pretty Mike Steps Out Yet Again With Two Ladies On Dog Chains,...

Pretty Mike Steps Out Yet Again With Two Ladies On Dog Chains, PHOTOS


Pretty Mike is back again!

The Lagos socialite stepped out again with two ladies on dog chains. Few weeks back, he stepped out with ladies rocking dog chains.

We guess Mike is up to something.



  1. This is not a show off bro, Government should try and investigate this matter….when they are not dogs•••

  2. This is non of my business, they are probably making their cash…..Minding my bis only..

  3. I want to believe that it is a movie scene, but if its not, then those girls need to receive brain

  4. I don’t blame Mike or whatever his name is. The people I blame is the mumu ladies that allowed themselves to be chained like dogs. Even some dogs are allowed to walk freely on the street

  5. That’s their business I don’t care if those girls like let them turn to dog or what ever

  6. Imagine oh… They want to be dogs??? They should just start barking on the streets than embarrassing us this way…

  7. There are some people who do worse than that just 4 d money throwing away shame. But am pleading with Sir pretty Michael, please Sir can they just walk beside u without been chained cause that’s an abuse to humanity even God will not b happy with u for abusing his hand made created in his image and likeness no matter what ur reasons are.

  8. Dis guy should respect woman, even if dis ladies doesn’t say no to your request due to love of money @list your mum is a woman. How ll u feel if your our daughter is been treated like dis… My eyes push me for those ladies… # dignity

  9. The man is promoting a filthy culture and maybe something really unholy is behind it. He should be questioned by everybody. What is he trying to sell!? Who are these chained girls? I smell a rat somewhere.

  10. Some people get time ooooo see girls wey dey make there money na wetin una dey here dey drink medicine for headache way dey disturb another person


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