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Pretty UNICAL Student Vomits Blood, Drops Dead After Returning From Night Out With Rich Man


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Adaeze Nnamani, a Diploma Year 2 student of University of Calabar, died on Monday morning August 1, after mysteriously vomiting blood for hours.

A close friend of hers says she went to a party on Sunday evening and came back late the same night. She was reportedly dropped off by an unknown man driving an expensive “Monster Jeep” – who bought her lots of “goodies” which she was seen carrying when she returned from the party.

Sadly, she didn’t live to enjoy her goody bags.

Ada suddenly took ill in the early hours of Monday – she started vomiting blood profusely. And before she could be rushed to the hospital, she died.

She was buried today, August 3, 2016 at her home town Enugu. Her friends are completely inconsolable.

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  1. Dats serves her rite, next time if she has another opportunity to come back to d world, she would avoid old men in BIG BIG JEEP and face wat she came for

  2. I hope gals shld also learn from dt. All dt glitter re not gold. Is always about money for some gals. May her soul RIP.

  3. If ur busy rejoicing over someone sit down and think about ur own life who knows tomorrow.

  4. Another student will still attend party especially with their so called sugar daddies

  5. Oya o even ppl who has done dis wil criticize her.. Jst dat u were lucky… It’s a lesson to learnt not a cntr to criticize…

  6. Ezekwe Awazieama Nicholas Stubborn Grass hopper that refuses to listen learn his lesson in the belle of a hawk. Be wise ladies, real men are few in the world. Be proud of who u are. Evict your unrealistic Quest for Ego. It pays nothing if not destruction.

  7. Hmmmmmmm we all will condemned her, that’s how it was meant to happen is the hand work of God that created her….. if we wake up in the morning let’s thank God and pray for God’s protection cause we don’t know what the next hour is holding……. RIP sister

    • It’s the hand work of God Mr Chinedu, the God that created her since from her mother’s womb knew the way, date and the day she would die. ………. what are you telling me , go and study ur bible very well as u say, If twas meant for her to die at the age of 100 years there’s nothing that would have stop her even if she should have drank the whole poison on earth she wouldn’t have died till the appointed time……… STUDY UR BIBLE WELL Mr Chinedu……… things happen at the appointed time sir

  8. The problem with girls is dat dey don’t listen atall. just want to do big girls by all mean. I won’t say sorry to u bcos u caused it, same way I advice my frnd to stay out of night party but she refused. Na u and God get d matter

  9. I thought some people say it is not compulsory to pray for one hour. If anybody does not wish to bury his/her child with his/her hand u will agree with me dat you need to pray hours for God to avert any evil dat may be lurking around our loved ones at any time.

  10. d rich man hv use her 4 money rituals;dis will server as a lesson to all gal dat lv to follow surgar daddy.


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