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Professor Recounts How She Got Deported From The US Over Donald Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban


Following the Muslim Ban signed by the U.S President about two days ago, this Professor has recounted how she was banned from entering the states where she has her job, house and belongings after she only went to pay a visit to her family in Iran.

She took to Facebook to share:

I normally don’t write long posts or any kind of political or religious comments.
I apologize in advance and I don’t expect my friends to read this long long past!!
But today I just couldn’t hold it any longer. Friday 1/20/17 started like any other normal day. I was excited about my trip to Tehran. After all I only get to visit them once a year. I was excited and anxious at the same time. I was worried about my little puppy but I couldn’t wait to see my mom…
It was an uneventful trip. I made him home on Monday 1/22/17, after around 28 hours, exhausted but so so happy. We were all happy. I was going to eat lots of delicious Persian food and make tons of great memories and go back to my life in the US. But the happiness didn’t last that long. On Wednesday, we started hearing rumors about new executive orders that will change immigration rules for some countries including Iran. Soon we started reading drafts like everyone else. I might be banned from going back?!?! No that can’t be true. I’m not gonna let that ruin my trip. But then it got serious so fast.
Before I knew it, it was actually happening. Even though I didn’t want to leave my family, I quickly booked a ticket to get on the next flight back. Only a few hours after the order was signed, I got to the airport, got on a plane and made it to Dubai. After waiting in the line to get my documents checked and after 40 minutes of questions and answers, I boarded the plane to Washington, only to have two TSA officers getting in and ask me to disembark the plane!!!
Yes after almost 7 years of living the the United States, I got deported!!!
No one warned me when I was leaving, no one cared what will happen to my dog or my job or my life there. No one told me what I should do with my car that is still parked at the airport parking. Or what to do with my house and all my belongings.
They didn’t say it with words but with their actions, that my life doesn’t matter. Everything I worked for all these years doesn’t matter.
I just had to say it…


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  1. Well, he has done it, he has done it. There is nothing u can do about it… If that muslims weren’t terrorists, all these wouldn’t have been happening..

  2. Thank God you said you didn’t expect us to read that long post because i certainly don’t have the patience for long articles. But i actually went through to get your name, but i only saw “this professor”. Madam my advice to you is to come back home and look for something else to do since you are already a professor, getting yourself fixed somewhere will not be a problem

  3. Quite painful. Not all muslims are bad same way not all Christians are good. Donald Trump should deport people for the characters they exhibit not for the religion they practice

  4. Eyah, sorry for the inconvenience… Though I read this thing yesterday online. He is not to blamed. It’s ur religion that caused it all. If u want to enter america again, maybe u should convert to christian. I didn’t say it’s by force as u guys always force christians to convert to muslim. Converting to christian is by choice oh… You guys are known for bringing out terrorists to destroy the world and Donald Trump is angry about it. So, just turn ur back and go back to ur Iran and stay there and leave America to the christians and every other peaceful religion there. You guys are known to be peaceful in theory but violent in practice. So, #GirlBye..

    • Thats cruel of you to say Victor,you surely do not understand the implications there of and hence never been subjected to such situation in life,ever been told to leave a country in two days,like literally two days and a country youve spent over seven years,surely you dont and to be chased because of political affairs that exists between your country of birth and that country,not every of them are cruel#thats cruel

    • It’s not donald’s fault, is it? Although I dont support his presidency but at least he is focused on how his people can be safe from the muslims. Yh, I knw it is painful for her but there is absolutely nothing she can do abt it. If the president dare allow ppl like her to come in, some of them can use this means to sponsor their plans to destroy ppl in the states. You can’t differentiate the gud person 4rm d bad in islam bcos even the gud person can also do something bad just bcos of her religion. Don’t u hear innocent muslims as they claim to be, do kill for their religion? Afterall, the president has been announcing this for a very long time. When other muslims were preparing to leave d US b4 donald trump was announced as president, didnt she hear and prepare ahead of time? She just felt relunctant.. Well, I’m not being cruel here. I’m just saying from my own honest view abt the matter…

    • You try sha, stop looking at people that practice islam but the religion itself, is it muslim that’s also killing in Malaysia , Palestinian?? Take a look at Nigeria, due to people’s believe on islam being terrorist they hide under the umbrella, western Nigerians are peaceful yet does it mean there’s no muslim in western region of Nigeria … Igbos are tag as rituals yet doesn’t implies on their religion,, hausa/fulani are tag as killers doesn’t implies to religion… You should know the difference between TRIBE, RELIGION And POLITICS.. Your view though but they are bad eggs in your religion that operate underneath

    • Most of the killings in Malaysia and Palestine are carried out by Muslims. I get what u r trying to say @Mhiz Khaffy but the Muslim acts which is popularly known to be killing have already tarnish their image and respect as Muslims. So, nomatter how the Muslims try to clear the air, they will always know them to be killers. Wherever they are, there must be one killing or the other. There are always and I mean always no peace in wherever they resides. And it is known from facts that the killings are mostly carried out by them. I agreed to what someone said. He said that NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS BUT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS, which is true and I agree with that a little bcos an innocent Muslim can also kill for his or her religion. That’s fact. If u know any country where Muslims are residing and there is peace, pls mention below……… Thanks

    • Lolz. Chai. Try to b a Christian d way y going to US.i tnk ur country is good .pls stay in ur country. Rubbish. Trump carry go.

  5. Eeyah what a painful story… i think Trump understand what hes doing, very soon he will come back to his Senses.

  6. Dats d price u hv to pay 4 being a Muslim we are paying more price in Nigeria 4 having Muslim brothers

  7. Is anything wrong with one staying in his or her home country, why is this causing an uproar. One says don’t come to my country and you start shouting. I now believe that this Muslims are terrible set of people

  8. The reason for dis law… His best known to d president the way gay legality is best known to d previous administration

  9. i support Trump, i don’t know why everybody is against him, he has his reasons cos terrorism is too much!

  10. So sorry dear, don’t blame Trump bcoz is doing this to protect his citizens frm Islamist terrorist

  11. Pls deport all of them to their various countries, these people are not worthy to live with, let me continue their violence in their county, after all us is a Christian country not Islamic country, those people are causing a lot of problems in the world, anybody who know how to deal with them should do that fast,because the more you give them allowance the more they produce terrorists everywhere..

    • Thanks sis but mind you, am a muslim and a Nigeria, there’s no problem if they deported but wait have you resolved the killing of igbos in Malaysia ?? Not a muslim country nor donated by muslim but blood runs daz y we’re humans

    • Mhiz khaffy oluwatomisin,are you saying you don’t know the reason why South African killed some Nigerians, pls go back and find out about that, before you come here to comment,

  12. Muslim Muslim Muslim.. me don tire for dem.. sister take heart o…its nt his fault ur religion cause am..its either u join the winning team#Christian# or u juz move on..


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