Viral News Read The Confession This Guy Just Made

Read The Confession This Guy Just Made


The guy in the above photo took to social media to confess that he slept with his niece.

No one is yet to crucify the guy over his statement.

What do you think?



  1. This guy must be stupid. What type of spirit dey for this guy body. E no see any other person wey no be among his relatives go sleep with. Na his neice con fyn 4 his face to sleep with abi? The guy don’t have sense..

  2. The spirit of incest have eaten deep into the life of some people that they like they are dead if they don’t it, some times its not their fault but some wicked people who have faced an evil shrine to make declaration against them. May God save his people from such evil incantation and abominable act.

  3. Did isn’t confession with his smiling teeth outside… You look sober wen u confess but dis one is sharing his enjoyment….. God know how He ll deal with u…. My cousin play with me she comes to my room wen she’s around play naughty game but I don’t care… She once told me how handsome I’m but never see it as a chance… If such come don’t think flee away…. Don’t stay n trying to control her or yourself remember bible back it up…. Flee away from all appearances of evil.

  4. It’s official my guy!..Devil and the host of hell are experimenting with your future and playing WHOT CARD with your life


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