Art & Humour Only real men will spot the problem here…

Only real men will spot the problem here…


This pics went viral on social media.

I think it’s pretty obvious what’s wrong.

Can you spot it?



    • Sharap.. What if the gee is also feeling cold.. He helped himself by getting a coat or jacket for himself and for cookie not as if she doesn’t have one just “fashion” doing it thing

    • But guy why?!..on top anoda pesin matter na im u dey vex?..Alright I don hear everything you say!!.. *YINMU!!

    • meaning the guy is about to miss a reward by not taking advantage of the right offering his coat to her?!!

  1. She freaking cold and damn…he ain’t showing any concern…the coat self no come fit am…lolzz

  2. Lol,you guys got it all wrong…. D girl peeped into d guy’s phone and was not herself anymore….take a look and the pic closely

    • Guy you need to look that picture very well and see what we all are seeing.How in the world will you steal an accurate glance at a phone while on motion and completely decipher what on earth the man is doing on the phone…. See her hands and how she is almost cuddling herself and you are now talking LEFT instead of RIGHT!!..*Issorait na wetin you see na im you talk!!

    • U r talking like a kid,@oyedeji toluwani emmanuel Facebook was suppose to sign in people who r able to reason right not only people who call themselfs 18+ but r not thinking right,I don’t even care of the nonsense u gonna type next

    • *Like seriously?.EKUBI OTUMONONG.. I don hear you and dey observe your FOOLISHNESS from a distance!!…

  3. The man is warm and comfortable with himself, but the woman is not. Maybe she feels cold. She may have decided to ‘fashion’ away a coat in the first place and not heed to her spouse suggesting it. Like women wearing sleeveless or micro mini clothes in cold weather for the sake of fashion.

  4. Cookie is feeling cold,,,,,d guy should offer her his jacket and show some love,,,,,,b caring and b concern abt her,,,,,,,his whole attention is on his phone,,,,which shouldn’t b…

  5. She is cold & needed attention from his man but the man is too carried away with his own personal things to notice that his woman needed his warmth & his attention!

  6. Weyre wetin concern real man with wetin everybody fit see. So define a real man with this…ara.

  7. Nawa for Una Is true DAT d lady is cold but can u ask ur self wt type of cold . D guy knew is a spiritual cold from within DAT y he didn’t look at her maka confusion.

  8. She felt unhappy because of his spouse action toward her… Guess, because the guy was busy with phone instead to greed her with him and feel love stuffs

  9. The lady is really feeling cold even shaking uncontrollable. But the guy still busy with his phone.. Thinking of what kept him that busy, i guess he is on Facebook chatting while walking with his babe..! He has gotten so much addicted to the chat.. Lol…!

  10. the guy wasnt giving her attention. she peeped through d phone n felt unhappy n formed freezing.

  11. What the hell is this? Choose your phone dan ur gf or wife even if u don’t love him u pretend to care @list cover her up with your pullover… Acting like you don’t care dats gud for her too. Am sure diais a guy somewhere spotting n begging her to date him she insist no…. Funny part is dis kind of lady is always loyal to a man who treat them badly.

  12. Its not always all about that anyway! At lease self discipline just as you have seen here prepare us for greater challenges. gals (some) please take it easy with us at times.

  13. She wanted to catch his attention by shivering since he was busy with his phone and didn’t give her his attention

  14. Really?!..on top I get COLD YOU no give me COAT na im you write speech like dis?…*KONTINU oooh!! hear!!

  15. WTF!!.is wrong with you?!!..Are you that DUMB I AM NOT IN ANYWAY REFERING TO YOUR UGLY HIGHNESS in my comment… Loca puta y estupido hija de puta!!!


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  18. All i see is a woman whose bursts are too heavy for her to carry…. And her hubby is googling the best way to be of assistance. #seepositivity

  19. She’s cold, and lonely even though with her guy and the guy is preoccupied and didn’t even notice

  20. Picture of the way celebrities marriages are like these days Always self centered having the slogan oF ME MYSELF AND I

  21. Most relationships are facing a vacuum which the partner that’s the cause don’t observe it. Ur partner is feeling lonely n sick in the relationship and u don’t observe it and the only reason u can’t observe it is when distractions come in. The things outside takes ur time and is now more important to u than the one close to u. We don’t value people around us,we always see the ones outside more valuable and important. I rest my case

  22. The nigga doest care about her at all, she’s cold and he’s got the solution but he ain’t paying attention at all

  23. Peoples and their mentality that girl should hv known that they are going to a place like that and hv her own jacket on or hv it on his hand everything should not be about love sometimes let’s always use ur brain u don’t know the guys state of health


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