Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Rihanna Slams Donald Trump Over Muslim Ban, Calls Him an Immoral Pig

Rihanna Slams Donald Trump Over Muslim Ban, Calls Him an Immoral Pig


Rihanna is against Trump’s Muslim ban. The singer took to Twitter to express her mind. She called Trump an immoral pig.

Read her tweet below.



  1. Wait, b4 Donald Trump’s voters voted for him, didnt they read his book: THE AMERICA WE DESERVE? The guy is simply carrying out what he wrote in the book by banning muslims from entering america. Though, if it’s not bcos of the problems muslims are known to cause all over the world, he wouldn’t have thought of doing that. He wanted to give that idea a second thought but when he saw what muslims did on christmas eve day in belgium, he decided to ban them 4 good. Yh, rihanna u tried by calling him names but he has made up his mind abt this…

  2. I don’t see any bad thing in what Trump did, he did what a leader could do for his people.. You can’t leave your ”Holy” country, go to another man’s country bombing their nightclubs etc calling it unholy, while you’ve your own country.. It’s very senseless doing that.. If you condemn the immorality in the US , then stay in your country.. But the bad thing is the innocent ones that would be affected by such gesture.. But entirely he’s absolutely right.. Stay in your own Holy country , and leave them alone.. That how they choosed to live their lives..

    • I fully agree with [email protected] sheriff buh d problem is dat every Muslim has started 2 suffer even if sme of dem are innocent, 4 example my dad is a Muslim but u won’t knw that unless u knw his name, he prays with us(d rest of us re Christians) he celebrates xmas nd Easter with us even though he is an alhaji, and we all celebrate sallah with him nd have Islamic names , d onli difference is our place of worship, those terrorists are jst illiterates nd trouble makers

  3. I think Donald Trump is interested in keeping his country safe, many will be hurt by his decision but its better than be hurt in death as bombing, shooting or kidnapping

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  5. I’m not in suppprt of Donald Trump presidency but I support this banning of muslims out of US bcos of their wahala. It’s too much.. He wants them to leave their country alone so that they can enjoy peace in absence of them. Afterall, America is a christain family as a country with their national motto: IN GOD WE TRUST.. So, I think he is kinda doing the ryt thing for now

  6. I am not in support of the ban and I refuse to believe that the Trump administration cannot see that it would cause more harm than good!!!..

  7. I love dis US President for one thing. He doesn’t care about what you say to or about him

  8. I love dis US President for one thing. He doesn’t care about what you say to or about him

  9. I support the banning of muslims from the US because some of them when you accept them into your community, they will turn against you and start attacking the natives. So instead of putting the lives of the citizens at risk, they better be banned.

  10. Prevention is better than cure so they say. When a particular category of people are always associated with evil… Whatever has to be done to stop them should be implemented

  11. Firstly we should all understand something, that Islam is not compatible with Europe or America, their religion want them to conquer every other. what sort of religion slit peoples throat because they are not muslims. look all around you, look at the world today, i mean if u are current and u know what is happening. there are terrorist everywhere and they are all muslims. are u saying as a president he shouldnt put his country and people first? look at france, belgium, germany, italy and other countries today who have allowed in lots of muslim immigrants. their Citizens are being raped and beaten daily.

    • Now I see some ignorance to point to when u read d Quran then u knw Muslims are nt heartless but been mislead by political fools I don’t blame u for saying dis ur head dey upside down moron

    • Ahmed no need for insults, if u are sensible and educated u would state your points and give me facts as i have but its no surprise because muslims are always violent and u just showed it off here to everyone to see! Religion of pedophiles!!!

    • Muslim mentality. Why can’t you ( Muslims) just say something reasonable for once. All you know is death, die ,kill, destroy and you say Islam is a religion of chaos, oops sorry, I mean peace.

    • Folarin jwhite, if muslims are bn mislead by bad leaders as u said y are christians not bn mislead to kill none christians?? I tell u this, when u are intosticated by achohol, it will bring out the real u, that is what is inside of u will alcohol brings out.

    • u people should stop dis insult and argument is not only Muslims are committing dis crime dey just using identity of Muslim all d three religious member for a caucus and use Muslim identity to black mail Muslim all we need now is prayer to overcome them or do u want to tell me there is no Christian in d north east so we should be prayerful to God to expose d evil people behind dis evil deed.

    • OK tell me any good Hausa/ Fulani Muslims u know. Bcos I hv not seen or heard anyone like that.

    • Folarin Jwhite Kazeem don’t just argue a clear fact. Islam has made d world to bleed. I wonder d kind of religion dat fight for their god. Leave Allah to fight for himself. Abi u underestimate his ability. Islam has turn d world upside down, blood flows ruthlessly cos of Islamic breed. May God help His own. I never seen

    • some u christians do things without thinking some of dis terrorist are christians try to tarnish d image of d muslims chai there is God oh

    • Well its not easy to vomit what you need to when there’s an opportunity to do so,, i will be more happy if you all can know the difference between RELIGION, TRIBE And POLITICS.. Thanks All

  12. look at southern Kaduna today with the killing of Christians, look at Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc. Do Christians have rights there? If you are caught carrying the Holy Bible in Saudi Arabia, u are either thrown into prison, beheaded or stoned to death.. if they so desire Shariah Law, i suggest they stay in their own Countries and let America and Europe be. we are too naive and we are quick to judge. majority of the average muslims around you would kill u in Jihad without blinking because thats what their Koran teaches them. THE RELIGION OF PEACE IS AT WAR WITH THE WORLD!

    • Hmmm! You don’t need to asked anyone the verse let them be cuz there is nothing you can say to prove yourself right in the eyes of your haters.

  13. All these ashawos should just shut up and relocate to all those moslem countries if they so much love them.

  14. Some Nigerians are very funny, their home z on fire nd they busy drinking panadol for another person’s ache. Americans are living fyn nd u’re thinking abt them, atleast they av a president who z concerned abt there welfare, u should think of hw to save ur own country coz ur president z muslim himself. Shikina!!

  15. When American soldiers were very tasty and almost shrinking to death d Muslim people provided water to them but d media Neva showed us dat I no blame fools Wey dey comment for here we let politics set us up wit religion morons

  16. @Oziegbe so your pastors and prophets that sleep’s with under age,do rituals and 419.………………So DTS what your bible teaches them? If yes same to the Muslim’s …………..But if no then think b4 you talk.

  17. Muslims are now getting what the want. The earlier you guys stop the killing the better for your relationship with the world. Muslims should come out and condemn every killings from radical Islamic muslims and u will be free to travel to USA. Order countries will soon join the Anti Muslim. Trump want you to stay back in your countries and solve the problem of killings. All Muslims should also protest that, they are not in support of all killings by there Muslim brothers and that solve the problem.

    • Hahaahaahaa Laugh In Korea Is U S Heaven Pls Let Him Continue Wat He Is Doin Am Totally Behind D Ban Let Me Tell U He Dat Laugh At D UnderFall Of A Man His Own Is Coming Do U Tink Trump Is Stupid To Support Biafra Lets See Hu Laugh Last

    • Muslims are not scared of this idiot OK, trump next target is Nigeria bcos of the criminal activities of you IBO’s

    • He is just against the killings bro. He want some top Muslims to come out and speak against all the killings and protest.

  18. Every shepard knows how to protect his sheep than any body, so i dnt blame him, after all america is not an islamic country. How many islamic countries have deprived christains of thier freedom to live and to practice thier religion? Luk at iraq, afghanistan etc. After all thats also thier agenda in nigeria which is imposible. Lets be realistic, all dangerous terrorist are muslims but not all muslims are terrorists. Take it or live it

  19. An immoral pig??? How can she open that ungodly mouth of hers to say that. She is in no position to preach about morality. She better keep her mouth shut

  20. Perhaps you need guidance cus there’s no where in the Quran that it’s written that man slaughter is allowed so if someone calls himself a Muslim and takes other people’s lives is never a Muslim okay u mind that hole u call a mouth when talking

  21. If you know you’re for the world don’t read and share. Trump am warning you in the name of ALLAAHU SUBHAANAHUU WATA’ALA to stop your jealousy for ISLAAM cos this religion saved the world and it shall continue to triumph here and hereafter if that’s your worry. You can burn all the mosques in the world for all we care but what you don’t know is that everywhere in this world is made possible and valid for Muslims to observe prayers.

    • Abeg bench….watin concern Trump wit dis ur yeye comment…Nobody says u shouldn’t triumph d world infact go and triumph d moon and oda nine planets who cares???…. Accept dat ur religion is d problem d world is facing today#Facts#….Abeg leave Trump make he do him thing…..The tin way dy pain me pass…una don spoil way of opportunity for oda people..#Nonsese so abeg just bench.

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  23. Rihanna is a devil d devil is staying inside her so u dont expect her to say gud about d gud president

  24. am in support of u rihana u are a talented Christian may god reward u and again Muslim are not terrorists

  25. Who’s a pig, Rihanna or Trump. To me it’s Rihanna because she collect all rod into her pu**y h*left in their useless Illuminati centre to stay strong. Rihan-fucken-na stinks.

  26. Hmmmmmm if rihana is a fool dan wat r u ppl,u ppl shld beta wise up and stop talking abt ppl religious mind ur words foolish peaple

  27. I support Trump. All Muslim needs deliverance. They have bin brain washed to stupor. I wonder where they draw their inner peace from. Oh God save ur children.

  28. Hate is in every religion,is Hitler a Muslim,lot of Christian’s that has kill and harm other people,people can change their nationality there names and religion and come to USA,then is Trump going to go in to there homes and see what religion they are practicing,is 3month going to do anything concerning terrorism,#guncontrol#

  29. If he wants to ban then Saudi Arabia should be no1 on the List,hypocrisy.people should be held responsible for there action not tagging them to a religion.

  30. If thats true She should be prosecuted for “defamation of the president.” Leaders must be respected, everywhere. Wheather you think he is a pig he still rules you!!

  31. Today Northerners are telling us that the Herdsmen killing christians came from chad and other countries yet you blame someone that wants to protect his people. Sorry for blind people. God have rescued America, i know they (muslims) will react but God who brought Trump will give him knowledge to conquer. You cant go to Saudi to condemn Islam so why would they go to US to condemn Christianity? Be in your country and enjoy your Sharia law, the same is what we face in Nigeria because today Northerners want to practice Sharia under one nigeria built by Christian Oil money. If America refuse to ban them before ten to twenty years more they will take over America #trumpvictory#

  32. I think what the newest president is doing is very OK, go to Saudi Arabia if you will see any church there are you going to tell me that there are no Christians there? Even to preach the word of God they can’t because they will kill them so he should go ahead and what he is doing. That foolish woman should go and sit down and let the president do his work, how I wish he is the president of Nigeria

  33. I dont know about them but for here mehn, naija get e own problems mehn, so driver move to the next junction

  34. This is a long story.those who had Muslims.they will be so tired.because .no one.will never break this realijorn.Muslims.but some people.call them self.they are Muslim.and they are not move in the way of Islam.and they Don ifen know.the name of leslam.what is that mean.

  35. Who never kn this rihanna should know now she is a 666.that’s why she questioned trump my God sent President and call him names.. Muslim re 666 vampire’s ,is society.so Let rihanna join so called Muslim on the banish if she don’t agree with trump..but who is rihanna to question man in a high authority..

  36. Riri is not guilty at all. If she had been a victim and one hand plus her two legs have been amputated, she could have known how far.

  37. he is not chasing anybody away, people refuse to understand this guy. iran, iraq,yemen,somali,lybia,syria, sudan, i don’t want you simple. is not by force, you said our way of life is offensive to you and your religion, you don’t like us, then stay in your country. just look at france now,belgium and other peaceful countries facing attacks here and there because of immigrants from this countries. muslims from saudi arabia, quatar, united arab emirates, kuwait etc was not mentioned here. is not possible to always alow some set of people to enter your house and cause problems for you. obama rallies for gay marriage people said nothing, but you don’t to support ban on this radical muslim countries that will still slaughter eat you for a breakfast, what’s the matter with you guyz?

  38. “Not taking refugees and closing borders doesn’t mean they are “heartless” or “mean”. I lock my doors every night. I don’t lock them because I “hate” the people outside. I lock them because I LOVE the people INSIDE! Yes Good job Mr. Trump

  39. The plan between Trump, Isreal and Russia is to use nuclear weapon in some countries. This three world powers are ready for WAR. just in case you dont no. Agreed and signed. So the elear the radical Muslims stop killing people the better.


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