Weird and Strange Robber Snatches Lady’s Phone at Gunpoint, Mocks Her on Facebook

Robber Snatches Lady’s Phone at Gunpoint, Mocks Her on Facebook


Robber Snatches Lady's Phone at Gunpoint, Mocks Her on FacebookThese days, criminals are getting bold with their antics, live streaming or simply boasting about their hideous deeds on their social media accounts.

A thief who snatched the mobile phone of a student of the Nnamdi Azikiwe university in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, took the daring step of uploading his own pictures on his victim’s Facebook account (Gabrilla Uchechi Eberechukwu) on Thursday.

The unidentified suspect went as far as sharing an update. “I mind you” on Eberechukwu’s wall, an update which has elicited a barrage of abusive comments for his confidence.

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One of Eberechukwu’s friends, Ifunanya Joy, commented on the picture, “You stole my friend’s phone. You are a big thief” to which he replied with a laughing emoji.

His photograph has been circulating on the social media with messages for help to locate him.

See screenshot of the exchange below:

Robber Snatches Lady's Phone at Gunpoint, Mocks Her on FacebookCredit: IB9ja




  1. This thief no dey fear face oh… Nawa oh.. How will u rob someone at gun point and still boast about it on facebook through video… The guy no dey fear say police fit arrest am… Hmmm..

  2. Lolzz, fearless thief. But if say you no dey fear, you for go police go tell them say na you thief am. Not posting your picture on her facebook page because who knows you might have left that area to another locality before posting your picture

  3. Lol. This is the modern way of robbing a person or place. All u just have to do is to rob d person or place and then, announce through ur video that u rob so so place or person… The guy get liver oh. Make he try go rob bank like zenith, then come online to announce himself and see if no be jail he go find himself. He go wake u up and see himself in jail. Na bcos na lady, that’s why he get the liver to come online to say he robbed the lady, bcos he is thinking that the lady cant do anything…. May God help us all

  4. Hmmm wan make himself popular through robbery, chai he get mind oo, u rob person u con announce am, wonders shall never end

  5. It is better to let me think that u are stupid dan to prove to me that u are truly stupid… Omo I don dey dab for this man stupidity..

  6. Lol thief over Nigeria the will start stealing Aso rock na If not the no go belle full portiharcourt security go stay tight ooh.

  7. This is the effect of smoking #UNRIPE Igbo in the afternoon.If not for Nigerian database that is so poor,you wouldn’t dare try this in developed countries.

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