Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Who rocked the bald look better – Toyin Aimakhu vs Fathia Balogun

Who rocked the bald look better – Toyin Aimakhu vs Fathia Balogun


Fathia Balogun and Toyin Aimakhu went to the next level to replicate roles in their new movies.

They both went bald. Well, we decided to bring you the two looks and to ask you who nailed it better?




  1. Chisos!!.Oh boi!,you go fear head, but make I no lie Fathia own still make sense but for Toyin own it is not from my mouth you will hear it…

  2. O boy wetin wig and makeup dey cover plenty I swear.. I don’t know who invented wig and makeups but u ladies owe that man a lot.

  3. fathia own looks more smooth I even thought say na jollof rice, but as for toyin own e resemble head dem barb with sharp bottle.

  4. If u be a lady and u think say u fine go barb bald head and cum out for street……som bro sef go use chinese, latin language insult you

  5. Lol… Both are so funny… But I think Fathia balogun rocked it better bcos it fits her but toyin on the other hand looks like a complete boy….

  6. Lol. They really look like bald men. Eyah, their hair had to go bcos of money, which is called sacrifice. Well, for me, both nailed it especially toyin…

  7. Fathia’s head looks like “Igba Pito”(Calabash used to sell Pito)while Toyin’s head looks like “Donkuwa”.

  8. None of them joor…..would have vomit now just hold myself….who will say men aint ok more than ladies…..

  9. Remembered ladies used 2 Barb then in primary/secondary school & it fits them, just that if ur no longer used 2 somtin it makes u look ugly when u do it again.

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