Weird and Strange Sad mum refuses to breastfeed her deformed baby

Sad mum refuses to breastfeed her deformed baby


Last month, an Indian mum refused to breastfeed her baby ,calling it an alien (here) . Now, another heartless mum has shunned her  baby after it was born looking like an “alien”.
Priyanka Kumari, 25, refused to nurse or breastfeed the deformed little girl after giving birth to her in India on Tuesday.The tot, who is yet to be named, has a huge growth on her head, is covered in a hardened shell of skin and has bulging eyes.

Her arrival shocked locals in Chakiya district, with curious members of the public flooding to the family home in Banshghat to see the baby.
Many have offered prayers believing she could be an incarnation of a Hindu god,The UK Sun reports…

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But Priyanka and her farm labourer husband Balindra Mahto, 34, are convinced “the child is cursed”.

The first-time mum said:

“I keep cursing myself for this. When I saw her for the first time, I was shocked.I thought to myself – how could I deliver something like this? Now, I am worried about her future.
“I prayed to god and expected a very healthy boy or girl baby.
“I never thought in my dream that I will be going through such trauma in my life. This baby girl is not normal like other children.”

Her husband added:
“I am totally confused. I don’t know what to do. I am just following the instructions of the doctors at hospital.”
“God could have given her a healthy baby. But now whatever has happened, it’s for good. I am praying for her healthy future.”

The baby girl suffers from a rare genetic condition called Harlequin Ichthyosis.It occurs due to malnutrition and causes thickening of the skin and deformities.

Dr Rajan Sinha who is tending to the baby at the state-run facility, said:

 “The mother’s health condition is good, but we can’t say same about the baby.
“In such cases the probability of survival is only one in 10 million cases.”

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    • How is she wicked dey here dey pretend…… If na dis Ada of a gir,she go even leave d baby run go house….or even press d baby die…..biko stop criticizing her o

    • Omg, I pity u ppl… I will do it.. I have seen that there’s nothing to life n besides that’s a human for crying out loud.. deformity doesn’t make the baby less a person.. there’s a lady I met n she said wen she was born, d Dr asked d dad to put her inside Parker n throw her away.. that’s to tell u how worse her situation was.. now I tell u, she has a lovely child n doing well for herself n has gone abroad severally, whr as some of u have not even seen how d airport looks like… I studied special education n dat has helped shape my thinking.. u see beautiful babes from rich families but dey r either deaf or blind.. lemme ask all of u, can u create a hand? How much more brain? Is it d fault of d baby dat she’s born dis way? Do u know if d mum wanted to abort her as a baby n d baby refused to die n she deformed her ? N i c ppl calling d baby thing.. God should forgive all of you It’s cos of d bad world, imperfection n Satan’s influence in it that’s why things like this happens.. i pity you all.. change ur mentality pls

    • We r in a civilized world n i never expected this from you ppl.. I will try to create more awareness on persons living with disabilities

    • @Ada, the tag ”wicked” isn’t worth it, everyone cnt be you and will never be, perhaps she’s afraid of what the baby looks like

    • Mhiz Khaffy Oluwatomisin do u even know if d deformity is from d woman ? She is wicked.. so wat will happen to d baby? Let d baby b taken to d hospital n b examined so as to avoid oda complications.. I feel for that baby..

    • Sweetie, her refusal to breastfeed her cnt kill the baby, we have cases where the mother give birth and died leaving the child alive, do such baby dies? The deformation of a baby can come from the mother claiming some parts of the baby but not making it look like a vampire. Might be terrestrial power or the child is evil

    • Kaffy, did I hear u say if it’s from d mum it won’t make her look like vampire? Funny ppl… u dunno dat as long as a place is not the normal way it shud b den d child looks ugly.. besides dat child doesn’t look anything like a vampire.. see d lovely nails, skin n even face.. I s d child born with teeth? Dats whr if she’s scared to brastfeed her, I’d understand but dis case, nothing.. ders no place for for me to send pictures, I wud have sent pictures of ppl dat at der 20th yr, they still haven’t looked any better.. What abt those that have progeria??? Do we even have sickness as compared to the whites? But they still train the child n gv every care that’s needed.. We should all wakeup

    • My goodness, how on help will you compare disease to this pix am seeing ? Even if she’s born with a teeth, its still not new, babies can be ugly but damn it, this isn’t ugly but a different creation. Can you tell me one ”abortive pill” that can bring such deformality? If you conclude might be from the mother Answer needed

    • I haven’t done abortion bfor n I dunno d pills to mention now.. but some mother’s doesn’t even use abortion pills, they do mixture of concotion to drink n it’s possible dat it went to d head n damaged it..bcos a part of d head has hair n d oda side is swolen like it wanna go off.. possibly chopping off d child’s head but d child is strong n refused to die… wait till God’s kingdom n c how beautiful that baby is..

    • Abegi, if you know its concoction mixture then hospitals isn’t the best place to prescribe, As a lab technician, i quite understand the difference between dislocation and deformation and as well treated such, what will be done to the baby in the hospital ?? Planting another face or body ?? Rather she should drop her for the civil defence

    • Hmmm, u r suppose to b a humanitarian but no u r not.. babe haven’t you heard of rare cases bfor? I had a lump n after d operation, I was asked to take it to d Dr, he said he hasn’t seen any like mine bfor,so big… and dat day he was teaching his students so he showed mine to them.. wat am I saying? Nomata the case of the child, she is human, she has a hrt, kidney, liver n most importantly blood n so dats d life.. why treat her any less? Wat abt ppl dat has conjoined twin? Do u know if it’s smth like dat? Pls let the woman accept d gift of life n breastfeed d baby, unless d baby refuses it

    • Ada I doubt u read special education cos u would have understood d psychological effect of having a deformed child on d parents. Then u would have empathized with d mother and offer psychological care rather than calling her wicked. I work in d hospital and we see things like dis often. It takes some time for d mother or father to come around.

    • Sylvia madam good woman.. I c u.. I read special education, I’m a certified spedusite.. I feel for d baby dats why I called her wicked.. n dat she has dat is understandable but dat it lingered till it got to d internet dats why I call her dat.. she is acting on disbelief (feeling dat she’s not supposed to have such a child/God forbid dis kind of thing to b my child) dats why.. special educators r supposed to b der to make her understand n gv her d needed courage n support, but such opportunity is not given to us.. why I called her wicked is because in dis era n level of civilization, I expected ppl to appreciate each child given to them nomata wat.. I’m sorry for using the wicked on her.. guess she’s not really aware.. n i like ur last statement.. I wish I know d couple

  1. Ooooh, its hilarious….. Its not her fault. Am even scared of looking d babys face

  2. I don’t really blame the woman, this is not being heartless, the woman is just afraid. Who wouldn’t be afraid of the child, she looks scary.

  3. Some titles though; why not use a heartbroken woman refuse to breast feed that child? After labour somebody put to birth that scary baby and refuse to breast feed her you say she is wicked what made her wicked? Ain’t you d poster terrified at just d pix talk more of seeing her live

  4. wait wait wait just wait before you start slaying her just ask yourself this question, if you’re her would you be happy and bold to put your breast in her mouth, what if she come chop am? …… I run oo

    • LMAOOO….wat is wrong wit dis guy……buh he is correct ….if it’s me I’ll be giving the baby thin food o….coz I’ll be so scared….Jesus

    • Does d baby have teeth? Or d baby will suck ur blood from ur breast abi? Spare me all this pls

    • Ada pls stop be so kind here no one is heartless the trust is dat the baby is scary so grab d truth…. The mother is not heartless but must be very hrt broken after all the stress

    • Me i can’t try to put my breast inside the baby’s mouth. Wot is d joy she even try to still keep d baby

    • Lol, ‘funny’. U ar a male that is y u talk like that. #Ada The woman might be in a confused n painful state, not that she is heartless.

    • Hmm.. I’m no male I’m a woman.. that baby as innocent/adorable n harmless as she is shouldn’t b treated dat way.. if she didn’t breastfeed her for like an hour atleast to absorb d shock, dats understandable but for dis to get viral, she hasn’t breastfeed her for days.. I’m not perfect n I’m not claiming to be.. buh we r shouting civilization civilization but African mentality still holds us bk.. persons with disabilities are humans too n if I have d will power,I will create awareness for to c n understand.. woman dat doesn’t wanna breastfeed her child n risk d pain she will feel, shows how heartless n wicked she is n if time is not taken, can do smth to harm d child n she wudnt love that child n d child doesn’t even deserve staying with her… Nick vuicjuz was he looking any bettr? Wat abt Jen muceano.. wat abt someone dats deaf and blind at same time.. .. my dear, read online.. if it’s here in naija, some of them wud have been poisoned.. or not taken to school or abandoned n all dat stuff.. the child should n brought to me if d mum doesn’t want n c wat comes out of dat child

    • #Ada i didnt say u are male o, i was refering to the person that made the comment we are replying. It was when i mentioned ur name i referred to u

    • As a woman d outcum of ur child lays solely wit u spiritual aspect aside,acordin 2 dis story d bby d cuz is a result of d bby bin sufrin 4rm malnutritn nd dats d moda fault,no b mouth 2 get belle is no childs play cuz u hav to b extral careful.most deform children re dat way bcuz of lack of good food,drugs dat we take nd so on,so in dis case she shd knw she causd it nd brave up nd care 4 d bby,d moda hav evry right 2 b sad bt she gat no choice as long as d bby is no frog.i hav a family frnd who hav a girl whose case is worst dan dis child bt d parent took gr8 care of her,dis case na smal tin self she nid 2 see deformf children then she wil thank God.d only problem i c is money cuz most of dis special kids cost lot of financial care,i pray God help us nd i dnt pray 4 such nd dats y i take extra care wen bby mama dats ur cross carry it wit joy nd laugther cuz on dat day u wil give account of how u take care of her cuz HE gave her 2 u.

  5. Smh BT even me am proud to be abnormal… Am 22 and half years old half deaf and dumb and my parents have been taking care of me, they never make me lack anything

  6. Unfortunately would have loved to click the link and check how deformed the baby is to have led the woman to make such a decision….

  7. I wonder why you have to say heartless. Will you breastfeed that child of you are the mom? Where you there when she abandoned the child. It’s always easy to criticize and condemn someone. You should pit yourself in her shoes and tell me what you will do. Rubbish

  8. This is soo sad, no woman will even breastfeed her, nd thier the cause of it, they too much disgusting nd diffrent types of animal like frog, if shes use to that wat do u expect one day, nd thats how God wanted it

  9. OMG that is true she looks like Vampire very sad 9- months pregnancy is not a small job I no she is totally disappointed with herself and who is she going to name her after that person shout!!!!! BACK TO SENDER .haha

  10. The mother should not be afraid God know why it like that and the baby is not going to die

  11. If u refuse 2 breastfeed the baby just because his deformed…it means u don’t have a hrt…remember he was also created by God…

  12. Hmm its better they just inject d baby with whatever they know can end her life cos life might be hell fr her if she lives

    • No now dnt say dat….the baby is innocent…..its better she die on her own…if not she is gonna hunt who killed her dwn o

    • Choice, dat name doesn’t fit u at all.. what? Wait till u have yours u hear?? The life that God gave freely abi na it u want come take wetin no b ur own sef… I want u to visit college of education special in oyo state, there u will see even worst cases.. someone is deaf, n imbecile.. some is sooo deformed that she walks with her bum bum n also a deaf… n d parents still bring her to sch.. what say you?

    • My dear no be quarrel o, everybody with their point of view…if u feel my name doesn’t fits me then give me urs and see if I’ll like it.

  13. She can take the baby to hospital for medical test baby come out in different from there is nothing that God can not doing he make way when people say there is no way

  14. Sometimes mothers are responsible 4 their child’s deformity especially wen dey want to abort d baby. Use of contraceptives could also do DAT. So plz feed him very well

  15. that’s the result of having sex with all kinds of men, you don’t know who’s real and who’s not, i feel bad for her though

  16. Pls not a heartless mother!!..u could hav used a heartbroken or scared mother….if na u,u no go fear…mtseeeeew

  17. She would have been a pretty baby o……..the truth is I cnt breastfeed dis child too…..buh the best solution is to start giving her all those thin food with feeder….b4 d child will die of hunger.

  18. I don’t think she is heartless maybe she just scared, advice her let her understand and how to deal with this new baby.

  19. Not an easy something pls. She needs the attention of psychologists to be able to pull through. More so, thanks to our surgeons,the baby can be fixed.

  20. I no blame dat woman biko.. there are some foods u women should avoid wen u are pregnant like amala and ewedu,

  21. Just take consolation in d fact dat God knws d reason y it happened like dat she is still ur child

  22. Haaaa before nkor an alien no suppose suck breast na. If na me i no go fit give am breast o..Give am milk

  23. Most people talk like baring such a child after nine months is easy, I don’t blame the mother, she would be heartbroken, and discouraged to even be pregnant again…let’s not be quick to judge…

  24. the woman get mind oooh. she suppose feed the baby as long as say d baby no kill her the time she dey born am

  25. Don’t say wot u don’t know dt their goddess comes in form of human to be born and u should know dt it will definitely not be a normal human cos it is a hand made God . In a normal country were dey worship God u don’t see this kind of deformancy , not so scary like always in India. Research on this I said u will see it ur self . They should relent and serve God period

  26. Do u people notice? Babies in India are coming out looking like devils. This isn’t the first time I’m seeing this type of thing.

  27. Dnt blame d woman, after all d pain u went through she gave birth to dis kind of baby,,,,,,, so annoying

  28. you open leg, get wat u want finish then later abandon the result, and if this child grew up & became the president or a very rich someone then u will want the world to know its ur child? your stupidity is like peak milk, its in you

  29. God can never gve an alien to human being…. Even the baby look little like a human….. Lemme tell u the truth, it is the genes from her that make her look that way….. Juz take it as a probability, it is either from her mother/father

  30. They say d child is born in india how come a black hand is holding the child. Lemme com n b goin my fud dey fire..

  31. What if she breastfeeds and the baby bites oof the nipple??? Biko, I understands the mother’s fears!!!

  32. If its happens to u. D main poster, am sure v u will live d baby and ran from d hospital. U tink is easy to suffer for nine month , and produce sadness instead of joy

  33. God created this child for a purpose and the child is not a mistake but the mother failed to understand

  34. This girl may eventually grow up to hate herself… Due to much stigmatisation she might end up taking her own life…

  35. If an Indian will be beautiful,they will be beautiful to a fault and if they will be deformed,it is always a calamity!

  36. Ada I doubt u read special education cos u would have understood d psychological effect of having a deformed child on d parents. Then u would have empathized with d mother and offer psychological care rather than calling her wicked. I work in d hospital and we see things like dis often. It takes some time for d mother or father to come around.


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