Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Scott Disick Checks Himself Into Rehab As Lamar Odom’s Organs Reportedly Fail

Scott Disick Checks Himself Into Rehab As Lamar Odom’s Organs Reportedly Fail



Scott Disick has reportedly checked into rehab as he battles his own demons, while Lamar Odom remains in a critical condition in hospital. The NBA star had been using a cocktail of herbal viagra and cocaine.

According to Us Weekly, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend is staying in a drug rehabilitation centre in Malibu, where he was recently spotted grocery shopping yesterday.

Scott has long had issues with drugs and alcohol and this isn’t the first time he is checking himself into rehab to get help for his depression and addiction.

The 32-year-old entrepreneur, who was seen partying with teenager Lindsay Vrckovnik earlier this month, is allegedly getting help after he was seen in floods of tears over his break-up with Kourt in a recent episode of KUWK.

Scott previously spent time in a Florida rehab facility in July after also checking into a Costa Rica rehab in March for ‘hallucinogenic treatment’.



  1. There is one lesson I want all men to learn in the case of this Lamar Odom fighting for his life in an hospital in U.S. He married a woman, had two children and later divorced the woman. He then got involved with this Khole from Kardashian family and as the case is, they have both filed divorced paper that is not yet cleared because of the backlogs in the court. Meanwhile he has Khole Karkashian as his next of kins in all his documents at present which authomatically makes Khole a beneficiary of all his fortunes and even she could decided whether the oxygen life- support should be pulled for him to die at present, if his health case does not improve. At present, from report, he has $50 million fortune that will be inherited by Khole Kardashina if he eventually dies without nothingn going to be left for his two children. Please from this analysis, is it that some men are cursed or when they are entangled with women, they loose that part of their brain that put things right? Do their eyes work in conjunction with their brain at any point in time? What kind of specie are they made of?


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