Viral News SEE The 10-Years Old Who Cuts Hair For a Living

SEE The 10-Years Old Who Cuts Hair For a Living


According to an IG user who shared this gist, 10-years old Olalekan charges N1k per cut and makes nothing less than N5,000 daily.

“Meet Olalekan, the wonder kid barber responsible for my cut. He’s 10 years old, in JSS1 and he earns atleast 5,000 naira daily from barbing….. Parents please stop training your children like toys. Those little kids you see at home have more in them than you can imagine… Help their future, give them a chance”

Lol! When you leave the baby with daddy and his friends



  1. Wow! Professional. It seems like he is good at it oh…. At least the work is fetching some ego inside his pocket. People like this hate laziness. Good one dude

  2. Hmmm…. I seriously don’t know if this is true or was forgged. But, it’s pretty good, seeing that the guy is not doing nothing at age 10…

  3. Ah!I almost thought for a few seconds that this guy is molesting the small boy sexually oooo…..I didn’t first see the clipper…..

  4. ona belive right am a barber a ten yrs child can not do dat. never not even a stlye like that. that was forged

  5. Good boy… Make sure u invest n no wat u re doing with your money, don’t invest on ladies oooo.. No man goes to ladies market n see gain dia. Dats my advice for you. God bless your hustle bro, I love you

  6. na big lie dey just tell de boy make him hole cliper as if him dey bab, Hw many months him take learn, na so they dey post lie every

  7. Main Reason why my mom took my brother to learn tailoring. The way this country is going, handwork would really go a long way to ensure your survival

  8. Very nice… I’ll love to be a professional Barber too…. Regardless of the fact that I’m a lady….


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