News See how this alleged thief was punished for stealing a bag of...

See how this alleged thief was punished for stealing a bag of rice


This alleged thief got more than what he bargained for after he broke into a shop to steal a bag of rice.

The bag of rice he wanted to steal was used to punish him.

It was placed on his head and he was made to carry it for very long.

Deserving punishment?



  1. Hehe. When somebody stole garri & they burned him alive. You’re going for rice? You even thank God

  2. Hahaha….d punishment is really funny ,buh, don’t you think its harsh??? yh,we all know he has done something bad…but..

  3. Hmm. I suspect he will never steal again to the glory of God. After using his remaining energy to serve punishment

  4. Lol, take it home jare! D block stands for foundation of stealing, may we not experience hunger to d xtnd of stealing

  5. em no see wetin dem dy do odas wey steal…e still gp dy steal…..u better b a berger dan a theif

  6. This guy must be high on some good quality weed! How do you think you can break into a shop to steal a bag of rice without getting caught?

  7. Serve him right, he’s even lucky that he wasn’t set ablaze. Recession shouldn’t be an excuse, some person are just too lazy and greedy. Things aren’t easy but you keep trying and working hard hoping some day heaven will shine is light.

  8. Hummmmm der is God oohhh. . We are not saints either . Watin consyn men. Anything any man does it on his head . FULLSTOP

  9. Just a bag of rice n they treating him that way mtcheeew what of politicians that loot our money flex it buy properties outside the country they don’t pay workers n still starve civil servant but when they come out we hail dem dsts total bullshit

    • Yes no justification so let u all go n get the leaders of this great country looting our treasure

    • @yeni point of correct I don’t steal but what do u think of the leaders n politicians how many of them HV u dealt with before calling kettle black.remove d tick in ur eyes so that you can see well to judge others is the police not around to arrest him fr stealing n taking him to court fr judgment ?

    • @Odimba kelechi, but is not good as he broke somebody’s shop to steal from it.pls let not support evil and say d truth jooo!!!

    • Yes I am not supporting evil but there ways n laws n regulations in this country u can’t just get a thief n kill him or stone him to death its barbaric pls n inhuman stealing is bad yes but who among is here as a human that HV not done any evil in d society of ours

    • I reason with you. It’s bcos the leaders can’t easily be dealt with. They have always prove to be above laws. But this man did this publicly to his detriment. Only God can torch the heart of our leaders to give off their bad ways. So,it’s left to pple to behave ’emselves in d society becos no one has power of himself/herself.

  10. Everyday is 4 d theif just a sec is 4 d owner, if old man like u can steal in d market wot den will u teach ur children, u r lucky dat dey dt naked u in public

  11. Kpom but why did him thife . Pls gv him acid as water i did not say u people should kill him cos my hand no sey am

  12. Let them deal with him, that’s how one went to steal wire from someone’s house and I bet you he was striped naked and I know he regretted it and you know what? He has long and tiny cassava hahaha.

  13. A man who’s not obliged with a small hunt may be forced to carry home an elephant and die under the weight!An adage goes by….

  14. A man who’s not obliged with a small hunt may be tempted to carry home an elephant and die under the weight !An adage goes by.

  15. Lizzy man,they should have had more two bags on top so that you’ll enjoyed the Rice very well


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