Viral News See these bridal shower photos got people talking

See these bridal shower photos got people talking


The average bridal shower is always about glamour and fun fare, but these ladies decided to do it in their own way.

See pictures of the bridal shower that got everyone taking…

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  1. Nooo,they just finish picking prewinkle ,they went into d bush to change their cloths,so they decided to take selfie,pls is not bridal shower

  2. No b small tin…. Bridals shower or whatever d most important thing is to hold on to d last

  3. Wisdome is profitable to direct. Instead of going to pay in a standard hotel with swimming pool they went to the village stream were she started from and save that money for other purposes.

  4. I lack words… But this simply has to be an agricultural aligned excursion. Which one z bridal shower in a bush??? Ayam not understanding

  5. I wish I’m among them Lols bush party is my favorite party ground, i miss bayelsa state their are fun of bush parties hmn

  6. This is so amazing, love you girls, i think this is great not to waste money in a hotel


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