Art & Humour See the Embarrassing Thing That Happened to a Woman While Dancing with...

See the Embarrassing Thing That Happened to a Woman While Dancing with a Man on the Streets



A woman shocked people after she fell into a dirty gutter while attempting to dance in the street. The terrible fall left many feeling for her as the video went viral online.

The sad incident took place on a street in Mexico, Dailymail reported. The video shows the moment when the lady starts an impromptu dance with a man on the sidewalk, but things quickly go bad.

Many believe she might have been drunk before the encounter. As the dance commences, her partner unwittingly lets her go after a spin and she flies straight into the gutter, face-first.

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In an unfortunate turn of events, the gutter happened to be filled with dirty sewer water, which soaked the woman.

People on the sidewalk are heard laughing and speaking in Spanish, while the man who was dancing with her walks over to help her up.

Watch video below:



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