Life & Style Health See what happened to woman’s hand after getting henna tattoo

See what happened to woman’s hand after getting henna tattoo


After the above happened to an unknown individual, the following warning went public.

This is a Public Service Announcement ?????
A warning ⚠️ to everyone who loves the art of henna.

First: Know your skin type before thinking ? about getting it done ✅

Second: know how they mix the ingredients otherwise it may damage your skin permanently ?

Third: If you can, please stay away from Henna “lali” especially the black one referred to as ‘piko’ or ‘peako’

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A word is enough for the wise!!!
Please and please, know your skin types before you join a “Cosmetic train” ? so as not to fall victims of “Cosmetic accidents”.

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  1. That’s what she want…abi, she got what see requested for at least that ll be permanent.

  2. I think the henna wasn’t mixed well, maybe the chemical was too much so it reacted on her skin

  3. Irritating, at times I wonder how stupid some pple could be, what is d point of drawing a tattoo? Y not b d way God created u…..

    • Hajia u mumu pass …tattoo or no tattoos can’t u see d negative aspects of it…. If u think its a nice idea, go n try it …u can’t even spell d name wella… Iti

    • As for you orelope m not trying to form holy, can’t u see what it has done to d person involved? Is it not better to b d way God created u than applying all those stuff

    • Just because u don’t have it. doesn’t mean u are better than 1 who has it. Sum Ppl sha always looking for this to happen and then u hold on to it was say wht u don’t know

    • Wetin dis mayor dey talk ….. Dey yarn dust…..u left d way good created u and decide to put drawings on ur body nd u don’t know its against d bible….this is not matter of holier than thou…all this uneccasry beauty chemicals that would later cos damages to ones skin…then what’s d essense…rubbish

  4. Dont be so dogmatic, these artcrafts are part of ppl’s culture, sum oda ppl do them for beautification purposes, just bkus u don’t do these stuff doesn’t make them bad, even the Bible urges to look beautiful just be moderate abt it, ppl sha n their short-sightedness. Its unfortunate the henna wasn’t mixed well tho

    • Where in the Bible is it written that people should look beautiful according to your statement.

    • You read the bible to favour you. Have you not studied the part where you are not supposed to create any mark or tattoo on your skin?

    • My dear the bible never made mention of tattoo. The beatification the bible is talking about is not this type. biko

    • Wats the Bible against? That u shudnt look good or wat? Is it Judaism u ppl practice or Christianity?

    • Mercy where is it in d bible oooo….that’s how u will go about preaching d wrong gospel to ignorant pple….the bible is totally again you making any drawings or marks on ur body…don’t know which version u are using….nd please stop say what is not true and relating it to bible that’s blasphemy nd God hates that….

    • The bible is not against you looking good but aw does putting drawings on ur hand make you look good…nd beside its against d bible…so no yarn dust abeg

    • These things r relative n conscience based, how about those hu draw their brows with pencil. Now I’m not encouraging tattooing but using henna for weddings n other ceremonies is part of ppls culture, u can’t be saying autocratically that it’s not good, thats craziness, if their conscience approve it n they r not doing it for any bad purposes, then wats ur own, live n let Live abeg. Read Romans 14 n go n pray for understanding

    • Mercy better read leveticus…u are d one who should pray for understanding…and better read ecclesiatics 6 ..let no man deceive u through vain philosophy or any rudiment of d world or any tradition..

    • It might b their culture but its not biblical so why supporting it… u know we have so many cultures that are demonic?.. Not even abt d henna this time around…..but so many pple still practice those demonic cultures….does it stop the culture from being bad? Just because is their culture?….what is bad is bad whether it is tradition or not…..

  5. May God heal u n open ur eye to see his beauty in u. Father incomparable Jehovah forgive her sins n heal her. In Jesus name Amen. Pls God have mercy on her n her family

  6. Rubbish stuff sha.. That serves you right. I even thought it’s fulani pple that do those stuff bfore, later i see it with muslims, now everybody… Girls sha…..

  7. It’d not true d lela didn’t do DAT, she was injured on her index finger, but der was no lela drawing on d index in d picture.

  8. Is not the tatoo is the type of skin she have this happen to my cousin befor we did the same day with the same lali

  9. Hmmmmm, for some of u dat r saying that wad she did is ryte, and dy last comment before myn, is dat not dyxame bible dat says we shud not make piercing on our body?, for u to go and have a tattoo on ur body sister its a sin be it culture or tradition, it therefore means dat u’re trying to tell God dat dy way he created u was so abnormal, and dats y u want to look normal, u pipu shud wake up, wen Jesus was on Earth did he tattood his body?, temme…. Did he, remember dy bible says dat we shud follow dy footsteps of Christ as he’s dy light so dat we can walk in dy light, pls sisters and brodas, ah think dy lady deserve wad her natural body has punished her wit, learn to be who u’re… Dnt try to look like a tiger wen God created u wonderfully into dy humanfold, even in his word, he said lets us create man in our own image, wen last did u heard dat God, holy spirit, and Jesus has tattoo?, remember dy body is dy temple of Christ, offer ur body as a living sacrifice dat is acceptable unto God.

  10. I have a personal experience of the danger involve in this ‘beautiful’ culture. It was an end of the year cultural party and my nice was given a part that embraces this tattoo. She was made to adorne the tattoo. Exactly what you see now happened. As i speak to you now after serious medical expenses the marks are yet to leave her before now beautiful skin. Shine your eye my people.

  11. Some mix up somewhere or chemical reaction. Did tattoo has alwys been around and I still ve it on my hand now so seeing dis is wot I don’t understand. God help us.

  12. People should know that we have different types of skin. What’s good for skin A may be bad for skin B,period!

  13. Women and young ladies why did u people always call God stuidp.? This one that she has not go and open leg for men she has go and do another one. I pray make God forgive her. Girls na do things too much.

  14. And it also react on the body of those who bleach coz it acid is very hot nd reactive so if you know you bleach don’t jst try it on coz it will reach jst lyk dat

  15. This is not the first,nor the 100th person known with this type of disease in Nigeria and the world at large .As much as men dare God and do abominable things,they will face the consequences squarely.tattooing is taboo scripturally and medically unhealthy act If only those that see this clip would learn ,it will serve a good purpose .

  16. I think the rate at which chemicals are added to everything is becoming alarming and should be looked into by the government. The public should also be at alert.

  17. Pls know ur skin type if it will react to it!i sant to do mine now but im already scaredddd i

  18. Bible urged us to look beautiful but did not say we should tattoo our body, if it is good why those doing it leave their faces while it is their face they suppose to beautify most, even God that created Adam and Eve did not tattoo them so why should we, is like telling God that the way He made us is not good that this is the way we want to be, so we all should be careful.


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