Art & Humour See How This Lady Tricked Her Husband’s Sidechick To Find Out If...

See How This Lady Tricked Her Husband’s Sidechick To Find Out If He Was Cheating


Lol… the lady went on some undercover ish yo! She got herself a new phone line and hit up her husband’s sidechick trying to find out if he was cheating and all.

Follow the conversation thread below… Quite a clever lady…



  1. Men cheat so also women cheat; trying to run helter skelter to find out which person is cheating is merely an unneccessary waste of time!!

  2. Immature marriage. Imagine stupid chat wt a side chick. Am married n I got no time touching phones n all dis shit. Marriage is not a do or die affair. If u ain’t comfortable anymore, u leave rada Dan ranting stupid things in marriage

  3. even thou she wanna know if her husband is having a side chick she don’t need to go far beyond dat xtend yea i know itz painful nd she love her husband buh she should just pray n keep hope for her marriage to last god help her

  4. she did right though. Some of you talking about the woman lacking trust don’t know some men. She did what she felt was right to protect her marriage.

  5. Now that you know, what re u gonna do? It’s better you hold on him unless if his not [email protected] let him no you caught him don’t chase him or frustrate him… Men be loyal to your wife in marriage,

  6. Nomatter how u lov ur husband; he must cheat even those dat says dat they are born again.its natural in men

    • Dnt generalize ur comments,by doin so, u’r indirectly killing d morale of som wives…maybe most men cheat but I’ve seen som dat doesnt!

    • It’s natural in some men,yeah I mean the stupid ones.please we still have the matured ones that understand the word “committment”.I am a living witness

  7. but why can’t i upload the picture confab for the sake of those that can never open the link

  8. i think doing that will make u have B.P rather follow him with good character n love, he will review every of his secret with chicks for u if really he loves u, pls dont para it will chase him out d more.

  9. Some women will jst send themselves to early grave cus of heart attack,y checking wen we all know men must cheat..pls If u love ur life don’t check ur husband phone to avoid heart attack,cus wen u r gone..he gets married with in d next one month

  10. wow!! let say she is smart buh she z a kinda foolish y is she trying to hook her man up dat a great deal of fuck up…it is simply caused by lack of trust..o

  11. She did the right thing thing, Bcos she does not want to be second hand value by divorcing are husband, so she monitor her husband through her phone to clear thought.


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