General See the Last words of Babcock student before he committed suicide

See the Last words of Babcock student before he committed suicide


Verishima Unokyur, a student of Babcock University was found dead after what appears to be a suicide in his home at Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos.

Verishima, 19, was a student of Social Work at Babcock University until his suicide on Tuesday 3rd of January 2017. According to Punch, he sent a New Year message to his friend that ended with “See you in Heaven”.

Asor, his younger brother, was the one who found his body around 7am that morning. He said:

“I was sleeping when my phone rang and when I checked, I saw that it was my mum calling. She said I should come and open the door for her. As I was coming down, I saw my brother dangling like a pendulum from where he hanged himself. That was around 7am.

“He didn’t complain about anything. But I remember that before I went to sleep, he was quiet. I asked what was wrong with him, but he said nothing. My mum had just the two of us; he was my elder brother.”

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A close family friend was quoted to have said the victim had informed his mother that he would soon die.

“The two children lost their father about 15 years ago. It was their mother that had been responsible for their upkeep and she made them comfortable. She is a top employee of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria.

“He had been telling the mother that he had the feeling that he would die soon.

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“The mother attends one of the Pentecostal churches and so when the boy said he would die, she took him to the church and they prayed for him.

“A night to the day of this incident, the boy picked his phone and sent a text message to his best friend, wishing him a happy new year. At the end of that message, he wrote, ‘see you in heaven’. It was the following morning that his remains were found dangling from his tie.”



  1. No matter the circumstances, yoh shouldn’t have committed suicide, just pray you make Heaven•••

  2. Good for you , as life dey sweet me so I go dey talk of committing suicide shaaa…I no fit try am highest I go enter prayer warrior.

  3. You were a babcock student and you committed sucide. you were not like some of us who had to pass through hell just to pay our school fees in the university. I wonder why you had to commit sucide. I am not in your shoes and i wouldn’t like to take a walk in them, because my belief is no matter the condition, a living dog is better than a dead Lion. RIP

  4. Sorry for him because him committing suicide is not gonna lead him 2 heaven, Is it? Cant he just be patient no matter the circumstance? I know it may be hard but this act will definitely lead to the opposite side of heaven. No matter what the problem or situation was, that doesnt mean it will last long. Like a blink of an eye, it can go away and never to return. So, why will this person commit such act?

  5. Hmm. A boy with opportunity and a future ending his life on baseless reasons. Even those sentenced to life imprisonment still desire to live life. I don’t need to pray for yourself because I know biblically that anyone who commits suicide is going to hell direct.

  6. The something is what where is last words, before we all start saying things we should not be saying.

  7. Not sorry for the punk and who ever that needs to see him should go to hell cause he ain’t nowhere near Heaven…

  8. My pastor told us abt d story he said dey found sumtin on his laptop how to commit suicide nd make heaven i didn’t pity him i pity his mother bcos all her effort over him is in vain how could sum1 just kill himself nd said he want to make heaven

  9. Out of frustration, the act isn’t supported but i pray God have mercy on him because he know not the right path.

  10. Hummmm am only sorry for d innocent mother d boarding is too heavy for any parent in this new year .pls take heart d good lord will console u and be with ur family woma as for him RIP

  11. This is why some don’t believe in hell or heaven because people are using it to brain wash others imagine someone with such believe so what’s the essence of living let no man deceive you no man is in heaven yet all is wait at the spiritual camp for the last day and No man is in the lake of fire that burns with fire and brime stone even the devil who suppose dey there still dey for this world and causing problems

  12. No matter the circumstances, you shouldn’t have committed suicide, just pray you make Heaven

  13. This is silly! I guess he got an incurable disease nd doesn’t want to let anybody know, mayb HIV. Just wondering how a guy from a wealthy fam will commit sucide for no reason.


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