Art & Humour Photo Of The Day See how this masters holder is looking for job on the road

See how this masters holder is looking for job on the road


The state of unemployment is increasing at a rather alarming rate across Africa.

A Masters holder had to resort to this means to try get a job.

See the poster he put up on a major road in Kenya.




  1. Education is no longer valued in nigeria and thats why i’m not so much interested in reading master or proff.

  2. this country don tire me oo i seriously wan go to arabic country, 4 years in nursery, 6 years in primary, 6 years in college, 4 or 5 in university still no work but person wey no write waec de fly for every country like wizard, i no no his name sha

  3. How can he look for a job on the street, the only worker that work on the street that i knw are hawkers

  4. looking for job,abeg oga,without God and hunan connection,no job for you,even if u have masters degree,now,even a primary and ssce holder is holding an important postion in the working firm,both private and public,go and learn a trade,na handwork na dey pay the bills now.

  5. When we were kids, they told us that education is the key to success, we accepted and went to school and got the key only to discover that the government have changed the padlock, but why nah?

  6. Like this guy is very serious. Abeg, whichever country it is, the government should help o

  7. No knowledge is waste but this graduate is mentally disarray… With this act, someone tell me which kind of job ll he get… U need 4 or 7 bottles or anointing oil. 1 bottle for a yr per course… Werey oni werey…. Mad of another person madness

  8. If u no go school problem…if u go come back without connections 4rm above problem… Is wa ooo

  9. Mere seeing this news would make you lament and weep at the failed state of a nation economy that has ridiculed the importance and advantage of getting and having good education!!..This is just unbelieveable!!

  10. That’s where the mistake lies.He shouldn’t be looking for a job on the ROAD.The best job he can get there on the road is that of “Agbero”.He should be looking for jobs in offices and companies.

  11. na so nija be joor u go finish skul no job.dat y we need get hand work so if skul no pay,hand work go pay nd plan well

  12. Education z someting else nw finish skul with d best result nd still no job y wount they do yahoo yahoo

  13. Hmmm… Nowadays in this country, going for masters is like wasting ur time. The best thing for we nigerian youths is to plan our own business b4 we graduate from our masters program. Let’s try to be our own business owners. Ley’s stop hoping and believing that immediately u finished the university, u will get job… Let’s be our own boss….

  14. Wow? What is our economy turning into? This is happening all over this nation. This isn’t pleasant to hear at all… Can u imagine, after wasting money just to go for masters, no job for him. This is so discouraging to those youths out there who are trying to study so hard so as not to be unemployed after school but it’s as if this type of thing happening will make most of them loose hope abt job opportunities

  15. He Better Go And Learn A Trade, Everybody Has Contributed To Unemployment Issue,ask Those Dat Are Employed Their Effort In Giving Others Dsame Opportunity,they Are D Ones Increasing D No Of Ghost Workers,though We Av A Deaf And Dumb Gout

  16. The truth is70% of Nigerian guys with master degrees are jobless… My brother go and learn handwork


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