Art & Humour Photo Of The Day See the Nigerian boy’s photoshoot which has people talking

See the Nigerian boy’s photoshoot which has people talking


He goes by name Meka Ojukwu on Instagram… It seems the photo was shared long ago.

Is this art or trash?





  1. GistReel.Com, like say una nor know say this boy get sko sko for head. Na like this dem dey reflect on life? Nothing wey person no go see for social media

  2. i wish i can knock sense into this mumu’s head, but wait wait why is his stupidity been promoted on this blogg?

  3. I think that he is high on something, Nigerian boy pls come forward, Just come forward, Don’t be afraid, I won’t beat you, Come forward, Now place your right hand on your head, Repeat after me, Any witch in my village, that is using my picture to fan herself, Die by fire, oya brother pray

  4. Why insulting the guy.. If a lady should open her breast or yarn is you guys will be begging for contact. I support you guy. Nor be only women dey get breast or backside.. Men get dick either long or short, chest etc

  5. That’s what happens when you smoke adulterated weed on empty stomach… He’s not mad yet.

  6. I know i will see this on blogs oneday, he is my facebook friend… He is really happy that he is becoming popular u know.

  7. He is just a caunt. I said it ealier that guys will still be doing all this rubbish grls are doing. When u see guys take a pictures off his shirt for people to see his six packs, that is just the beggining. And I pray, I must be exemted.

  8. D question i want to ask is who used to take dem d pics do Dey not see dat dier foolishness is 100 percent

  9. I don’t think he is mad…maybe he washed all his trousers and they are not yet dry but he needs to take a selfie for a visa application…

  10. I love d guy’s stupidity.. His kind of stupidity is rare it should b kept in d museum..

  11. Nice….. Boy keep it up…. It not only girl that have yash to show case, so show them wht u hav got

  12. Is he advertising his yansh to gays? He better watch out, dos evil ppl go don start to trace him by now…1st class Madness

  13. LOLZ. As work no dey diz kwatiri Nd buhari regime wahala. Dix z d only way out. Kikikikikiikikii

  14. If na woman photoshoot this , you go dey see comments like; , cute, beautiful, them go dey shout, ; wow! Wow!! Wow!! Like ambulance,, I don’t know if men come their own world different, ,, umu nwoke nndonu,

  15. Kum o are you ppl complaining? that is 8 packs shay there there’s 6 packs ehe that is 8 packs rubbish

  16. Well it’s only a post… We ladies open our waist tatoo to post for guys…. Sowie he’s posting for gays I betcha some dudes started calling him already… Una comment sha….. Lwkm or maybe him dey clean im nyash for that tyre…


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