Art & Humour Photo Of The Day See what is referred to as ‘thrash’ in China…

See what is referred to as ‘thrash’ in China…


This photos were posted on Facebook, where the writer called it thrash.

One man’s food, another man’s poison.

In Nigeria, this is gold…

See more photos below…



  1. Lol… Atleast person in nigeria can sell it and use it for one small important need or the other

  2. Lol… If a nigerian sells that thing now, the money will reach him or her to buy something better for him or herself

  3. Are u guys kidding me? If dis shoes is brought to naija, trust me people would buy it…. China people are wasting good stuff

  4. So what do China people wear? Golden shoes, silver shoes?? It seems every one is really rich in China….

  5. Abeg troway dis ur fake lie,i watch Chinese films ,they don’t even wear good shoes in some of their movies so y come here and tell me dis is waste over there.


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