News See how this side chick was punished by the wife of the...

See how this side chick was punished by the wife of the man she was caught on bed with (Photos)


A furious wife frogmarched a woman naked through a residential area after catching her in bed with her husband

She was filmed holding onto the 20-year-old woman’s hair as she paraded her past a series of apartment blocks in Cubatao, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Her teenage sons and their friends can be heard howling in order to attract attention from neighbours.

The wife, who has not been named, followed her partner to a friend’s apartment before catching him in bed with the woman.

She reportedly slashed the woman’s hair with a razor before tearing off her clothes.

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The footage was shared online by the family who boasted about the attack, sparking dozens of police complaints from social media users.

The wife posted on social media: ‘I do not give a damn what they think or stop thinking.

‘I’ll show you how you deal with the traitors of a married man. I just got this sl** with my husband, ex-husband from today.’

The 20-year-old woman was later picked up by the husband, who helped her find her clothes.

Police initially launched an investigation to find the victim but later identified her after her sister took her to the station to make a statement.

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She told officers that the man had claimed to be single and they had been together for five months.

The alleged attacker was arrested by Civil Police officers and could face up to ten years in jail if found guilty.

She has been arrested suspicion of threat, bodily injury, defamation, crime of intolerance, violence against women and torture.

Source: Daily Mail



  1. Side chick ko, Centre chick ni, Keep following married men, you’ll end up been poured acid by the wife…

  2. Lol… The wife dont want to hear “It was the devil” from the woman’s mouth… The woman deserves more than just walking naked… That’s how they will be snatching people’s husband from them(wives)

  3. Good for her,but that is just too much from the wife kilode,am sure she as done such before ,am so sure she was never been treated like dat

  4. She has been dating him for five months without knowing he is single……men and their cunny ways,who knows what he told her… Ok,this is a good reason why you need to look well before accepting to date someone,coz if this lady had made some enquiries about this man she would have known earlier if he is married or not if actually she doesn’t know coz she might be lying sef to cover up her mess…. Where is the man he had sex with???? Only the lady was embarrassed and striped naked,,,,nay the man should also be involved. In conclusion,ladies let’s leave people’s husband alone , God will definitely bless us with ours Una Weldon o

  5. Let’s be plain, dis kind woman would have done same to someone’s hubby.. Look at d woman’s face sef.. Just saying my own..

  6. You know your such a stupid wife when all you thnk of is punishing the girl how many ladies are you gonna fight cz the man will probably move from that lady to another one!!!!! Woman thnk first which one are you more scared of sickness or lossing your husband???there are sooo many diseases out there that will kill you b4 you even get the chance to see your kids grow up leave the cheating basted and save your life from illness he will bring

    • if u’r commenting bcus of likes…u have failed handsomely…stop judging pple from afar,u don’t even know what’s going on & u are insulting sum1.

    • Shez also nat wrong, som men tel ladies d r single, som use deir circumstances, odas jst trick galz.. So shez nat entirely rong 4 sayin d man wil stil go 4anoda one….

    • Ijom Adeshi remember a girl does not go to man. Its the men that comes to them and what happens when a man comes to u and tell u he is divorced or that he lost his wife BC I have experienced this and the ad side of it is that d guy is from my village, someone who should protect me knowing that we will always meet when we travel. U won’t ever no that he is a married man. But. The rate he was coming to me, d seriousness I felt I have seen a good guy, he behaves just the way I like a man to but I decided to send my friend on an investigation and my friend came back and told me that she got a very good information and I said good but she said Ore nothing good there the guy done marry na God go punish am and good enough I already told him not to touch me till wedding night and he said OK but a day came and he said he can’t wait anymore and I told him to come over to my place and when he was coming he really prepared to finish me that day and I also prepared to handle him with his stupidity I asked him to go take his bath which he did he was in the bath I took his phone and called his wife even when he came out from the bath he was still denying. What happened that day I don’t think he can ever tell d story. Most men don’t tell women they are married so I don’t blame the once that goes for them. If a man is married he should be able to speak about it no matter how much u appreciate that side cheek tell her the truth then its left for her to follow or not to follow. Some will tell u they have children but the wife left with another man and to a wise woman d moment a man starts telling u his wife ran away with another man all u need do is investigate the man to find out his truth before going out with such person. A good man won’t ever spoil a woman before her fellow woman.

    • I still repeat I will never fight for a cheating husband I’m more scared of being sick bcz of someone than being single

    • I still repeat I will never fight for a cheating husband I’m more scared of being sick bcz of someone than being single

    • And some woman bcz they know they are lazy to go look for a job they will be fight only bcz the lady is trying to take her capital away forgetting that the same capital will put her to an early death bed if you want to fight then fight that husband of yours to respect you

    • Boatemaa Fynn Dale that is men for u. They can lie big time lie its only the once that has not seen where men lie that falls to their foolish lies

    • Atleast let her beat the one she saw. Some girls act like they will never married someday. Lol gud for the girl. And pls the woman is nt stupid.u dnt expect her to clap for both of them

    • Oge Joy Usamah there is no need washing a dirty lining in public. How many will u beat? So many women have taken such action just BC they feel they want to protect their man from being snatched and in he end they end up loosing the home to d side chick. What’s the point fighting for the whole world to see u and raise their hand for u but when u turn ur back something else is said. Its ur husband u have business with not. The girl BC u don’t know what ur husband must have told he girl. If u have d heart to speak with the girl u will be surprise at what d man must have told her.

    • Ola Honesty u never see wicked side chicks them go fight back and u go think say na she get the husband

    • If all single girls and even the married ones too close their legs men won’t find where to cheat

    • @onyisi Anumbor even at dat. The woman didnt follow them to a hotel room oh, in her own home on her own bed haba. Fight back ke see d both of them nw.

  7. The wife of the man for flog her mercilessly and then carry her out on the street with a big banner saying, “I slept with this woman’s husband. You can call me whatsoever u want to call me; a harlot, a prostitute, etc. I deserve all”.

  8. this lady is insane oo… Its your crazy ass cheat of a husband you ought to disgrace…. Because he knew he was married and still went ahead to have an affair

  9. Stop it…..this is injustice,nah only the lady u caught…. What about your randy husband???

  10. The woman get time ooo,how many of them will she stripped naked,all she needs is to pray for our husband to change and not what she is doing,but men you should be satisfy with your,made her to your taste.

  11. Every day for the thief one day for the owner of the house. Serves her right, this is just the beginning for those girls who will not keep their eyes and ass off people’s husband.

  12. Surprised dis woman allowed herself to b disgraced(thou is bad she followed him) where is dt cheating bastard too as if she went in fr de man alone, de wife need to talk nd pray fr him nt beat other women cuz he wil never STOP!!!

  13. God punish that stupid wife…nonsense…. Na only her husband dey sleep with her? Imagine me marry woman put for house and she do this kind tin…hehehe…I don’t know how to beat woman but I know how to use force to throw them out like trash…..who be that bloody woman wen go turn God for my house? She dey mad? Her papa hux nor far…I go help her go with her load base on life divorce

  14. Is it d gal dat ask d man out? D woman v to blame her husband not d gal. Bcus d gal dy on her own wen d man cum meet her

    • Some girls just enjoy dating married men. Don’t know why? Cos they’re looking for a way to destroy people’s homes. That how some men will go n infect their innocent wife with diseases at home, serves the girl right. The day of the Man’s disgrace is coming n its very soon cos the wicked will never go unpunished

    • Well am not saying dat d gal is right to date married man o, but my point is dat is not d gal dat walk up to d man rather d man did.

    • was married written on his forehead? the stupid woman should go and cage her wild animal called husband rather than embarrassing her fellow woman. na d foolish girl wer gree follow her parade for street. mtchew

    • it’s in the nature of men to cheat, so she should accept her fate that her husband happens to be one of such

  15. Then where is the man that brought her home was she the one that came without iv the woman is really stupid she should go and fight with her husband.

  16. U find a woman in bed with ur husband and u parade her naked…. No problem….what of ur husband,what’s his own punishment?pls dnt tell me divorce.cause I think he already divorced u the moment he starts cheating on u…women sha.when una go learn?

  17. Yes yes yes!! She deserves more that what she just did to her, at least it will sound as lesson to others that haven’t been caught yet

  18. Abeg my people make una help me ask that woman, say she never for her life go to bed with another woman husband before ???

  19. Some girls can be funny some times, how knows how times this woman must have warned her, please don’t judge the woman. Dnt b surprise that this girl must ve insulted this woman before now. I know what am saying.

  20. This is a total embarresment of a life time ladies beware better go for men that you no the are single ,because some wicked women can do anything to hurt you for the sake of her husband let this be a lesson not to ownlly ladys but men.

  21. Rubbish, what did she do to her randy hubby? . I wonder how these ladies reason, if I am the girl walahi I will show her youthful strength

  22. Foolish woman. What did you gain now by embarrassing that girl? What of your husband? What’s his punishment?

  23. This is inhumane. There are other mature ways to handle d issue. I hope u remember to punish ur husband too

  24. Ladies make we think well a before dating those stupid guys or men. Where was DT man when D’s lady was bn stripped naked n disgraced like D’s. Definitely he doesn’t love her, he should have at least help d gal out. Well DT wouldn’t stop dem from dating married men all bcos of money n gifts. Thank God there are Crazy n Wicked wives like ds. Keep it up ma’am, maybe next will b ur sister n ur husband in bed. Useless husband

  25. D wife is very stupid for stripping her fellow woman naked publicly,, is D same tin as showing her own nakedness outside,, she get luck say D girl lazy,, she for beat her for her own house

    • If she is not lazy, waiting she 4 do. You think say does men wen they carry gals nor love their wife. Men are polygamous in nature. Some gals are just wasting their tym because of money. Later wen they nor see husband marry dem, they go say na witch for their papa house

    • Have said my own opinion so please say yours,, am not her to start exchanging words with any body like a baby,, we are all adults here,, I don talk my own,, who watin I comment pain make D person go hug transformer

    • Some gals also will no the wife of the man and want to marry him because of money. They think say men na fool (smiles) men are polygamous in nature, they cheat, but they can nor live their wife for anoda gal. Because they no that some gals are cheap

  26. Ladies nd gentle men, gals dat enjoy datin married men, dis is wat they get #disgrace. Bt dis man wife no get Joy ooo

  27. Some women are just stupid. They don’t need to fight any woman because of their husbands. When you learn to handle your man, I mean talk some sense into his head, make him see and understnd. See foolishness, did your husband told you she was trying to rape him. See all men are cheat, only the honest ones are not caught. Stop wasting your time.

  28. She meet better gal shaa.she can’t try dis in warri.dis is africa oh man can marry as much as he wants.dem never beat her better beat shaa.

  29. was married written on his forehead? the stupid woman should go and cage her wild animal called husband rather than embarrassing her fellow woman. na d foolish girl wer gree follow her parade for street. mtchew

  30. If I were the man,I’d divorce this savage of a woman and marry my side chick,what right does she have to treat a fellow woman this way,this is just too much.Why didn’t she take it out on her husband instead of the girl who could possibly be ignorant of the man’s marriage.Some women shaaaa…

  31. it’s in the nature of men to cheat, so she should accept her fate that her husband happens to be one of such. He might even be a chronic womanizer. The woman herself she is not decent, judging from her dressing.

  32. OK, so such a man is worth fighting for se.. I wonder how many women she still need to frog match tru d whole city before she realized she is married to a loser Man… Nonsense.

  33. Too bad she has got no right to treat the young woman that way not good at all because she dated her husband doesn’t give her that right to treat her like a shit she is got to be jailed

  34. Na waow. Pls I don’t want to think that people purporting that girl are birds of same farther ooo cos nothing good in purporting evil.

  35. She did it well, because if married man dey ask you out you shout for him head ,or treaten an say u go tell him wife that man go leave you, but some girls go do follow follow go fuck the man, what she did is small, and for you wey your husband know dey use eye see toto make him dey put him cassava because in big one day him go carry spirit con house the spirit go beat two of una

  36. this is not good at all but i also think dat this should serve as a lesson to ladys to always look wel before entering any relationship

  37. Gbagam best story ever omo if na me na to just pour am acide straight wetin she dy find go anoda person husband house?? Mtcheew

  38. Hey woman .you shud frog match yr fucking cheating husband. How many gals will u frogmatch coz once a cheater always a cheater???

  39. hehehehehe she obviously cudnt fight d wife, i mean shez smaller dan d man’s wife n she’ll get a proper beating if she tries dat, surrender was d better option

  40. Wify please go and works on your man because if you succeed in scarring this one away he will jump to another and by the time you know it you will meet someone that you cannot dare touch. I advice you check yourself and handle your man properly so he doesn’t feel warm in the arms of another woman.

  41. U na never see something i pray more ladies wil be disgrace dis way bcos rubbish homebreakers d woman has no blame bcos is so painful ,God pls i need my own husband nd nt pples husband dts my prayesr everyday .

  42. I no support dem been naked outside, I no get time for the girls Na my husband I go face, I go leave dem, enjoy and go but d man go testify d goodness of me

  43. Before you go about criticising wat d wife did dnt forget we all in one way or d other try to protect our property it might nt been D best decision she took bt non of Us in her shoes it’s beta if we stop condemning people from afar nt knowing wat really happened or what dey re going through. Everyone must nt b like u we are our own person


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