Entertainment News Celebrity Gist See What Someone Said About Melanie Trump, Do You Agree?

See What Someone Said About Melanie Trump, Do You Agree?


Yeah… we too, from the looks of it, she doesn’t seem to be getting the attention she deserves as First Lady from her husband… So sad. Sobs ???



  1. Whether she is getting attention from her husband or not, she is still getting attention from the world as the first lady of America, so get used to that

  2. Abeg, It’s not that easy to bcome a 1st lady for the 1st time in her life, even though she isn’t an American but an immigrant… So, She is ok and happy with their current situation

    • Bt I tink Michele was also a 1st timer….n her hubby helped her nt leave her behind looking unloved n neglected…… I tink reading picx is my calling dix picx v lots of meaning…. Like dey ad a fight b4 coming out sef…nt even a smile tru out

    • Though it looks as if something happened b2win them b4 they came out but didn’t know wat it was

  3. Its all lies jor Why can’t you just accept Trump and his lovely wife? Just accept the fact that they won and stop hating

  4. Na you and her follow live with the man. Just so u know, their only son is 10 going to 11. So she must have dated, married and lived with him for like 15yrs. May I ask, where were you then? Mtcheww…

  5. No one knws him better than his wife nd they have been together for long, Pls let them be haba


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