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See What Paul Okoye Did To His Wife On Birthday To Make Her Happy



One of P’square twins, Paul Okoye shares a touching story on how his wife refused a lavish party or gift on her birthday, but wants something else instead.

The singer revealed his wife told him to help a young boy who’s suffering from eye cancer ..

Here’s what he posted on instagram today>>>>>


Sometimes we all need a type of woman in our lives ” a sweet,loving and caring woman indeed”… On Thursday evening i asked my wife what she wants for her birthday, and also was telling her part of my plans for her big day, but without telling her am planing for a surprise party . But then she wasn’t happy, she snapped and walked out  and I was confused , wondering if I said something wrong…after sometime she was like did u see what I sent you on your DM? Am like nop, she said check it , with tears in her eyes…..and so I checked I saw the picture of a child, who has cancer and needed to go for a surgery ……and then said to me, all I want for my birthday is for this child to have his surgery on monday ,, and so on Friday morning I contacted a family member of the child,asked a few questions, was told that some good Nigerians are donating, and how much they needed to complete for the surgery… And so I and my wife completed the fund needed…. They called us and thanked us:… Then I went back on my plans on how am going to make my wife’s birthday a special one…. And again she said pls even if u re planing for anything big or surprise for me….. That it won’t make her happy….. That she will rather prefer we spend it on this Eniola child ….. And so I cancelled all my plans, bcos it’s her wish……. By the way today is my lovely wife’s birthday …..happy birthday sweetie  love you plenty plenty… And may God bless all the good Nigerians who contributed for this child surgery, and we pray is going to be successful …Amen!!! He wrote



  1. Lovly one Ifeoma God bless my dear for this only few of we women can this nt too talk of it been on our BIG u knw what am talkin abt

  2. I luv ur wife she is a good woman and a simpathethic woman may the all mighty God bless and keep her

  3. Thanks so much Ifeoma, may God bless u. As u haved done this for the little child all ur generations shall be blessed. They will know no lack, IJN

  4. Ify keep it up, The almighty God will keep on blessing you and your generation born and unborn ijn, AMEN

  5. Nice lady with a hrt of a gold!!! Liked her since dey day I saw her marriage pix love u guys both!!!

  6. Wat a lovely and caring wife , she should be d next woman president of Nigeria I love her so much but sir Paul love is d greatest …. God bless ma

  7. How many nigerians can behave as paul okoye behaved, some has the money but can’t even help the poor ones, it’s quite unfortunate. Kudos to paul and his lovely wife.

  8. God bless you woman. The Lord will reward you with permanent peace that passeth all human understanding in Jesus’ name, amen! Happy birthday in sound mind and body with good things to follow .God will always direct your husband in the right path of light in all his endeavours. God will choose him for His fruitful mission. Amen!

  9. God almighty bless Peter Okoye and his lovely wife, for bringing happiness in d little boy life again. Thank u very much


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