Entertainment News Celebrity Gist #Selfmademan :- Sade Adu’s transgender daughter now growing facial hairs (Photos)

#Selfmademan :- Sade Adu’s transgender daughter now growing facial hairs (Photos)


Sade Adu’s transgender daughter who started her transition last year October is now coming through as she  finally have the looks of a man already.

She shared photos of her growing facial hairs and wrote;”114 days on T, peach fuzz coming in nicely ? #114days #testosterone #transgender #selfmademan #proud #fuzzyface #timeflys“.

See another photo below…



  1. So how will i address you now, boy or girl. Well i am sorry for you because transforming from a girl to a boy means you are telling God he was stupid to make you a girl in the first place, and am sure you what that means

  2. Am even sechless, how can someone transorm to a boy, some pple are just not greatul God created you how he wanted bcos he knw u btter than urself

  3. Am just short of words, am sure after you re done with all different men d****k n even a lot of abortions. You now wanna undercover yourself with dubious n stupidity act. Na u sabi, if u like transplant n grow d****k. I don’t care, God is watching you n bobby

  4. So wat do i call you now boy or girl, this world is really coming to an end wen people dnt want their gender anymore, or maybe he/she wants the two gender

  5. No much talk make him go surgery again again na… Them think say they pass God.. My God be like..Lol

  6. Everyday I wonder if transgenders get to d place of judgement if God will recognize them with ease

  7. Wait oooh,nah girl done turn boy finish so? Oh my God my eyes have seen my ear,na e be camalion be dat na

  8. so now he/she is offically a man! hmmm. but if nigerian is agenst homosexsuality why wont they be agenst trasgender?

  9. so those that have money can change to whatever they like in oder to pratics their evil sexsuality

  10. So the way God created you aren’t enough 4 u…well done…I hope u no that there is a consequence 4 what u just did..

  11. I’m so speechless on this! Must we always recreate ourselves after being created by our original creator? it’s a worrisome life we are right now

  12. Y na I hope d one underneath as undergone changes cuz d holes too nids changes mtcwww o ga ju shade adu…..

  13. Heee God created u in is own image nd nw u ar telling God is nt right. God is watching u beware

  14. Low self esteem . Dax wat is causing such. Dey can’t loom at dere self in a mirrow n find dere soul . but d devil is dere misfortune sorry naija men

  15. Na good thing na. #Rubbish It means the operation was a success All these kind people dey make this world look very crazy

  16. d problem with judging people is dat at some point u’l nt be able to differentiate btw judging dem and just making a free speech…….#justsayin #watdoiknw

  17. The worsted thing ur mother “shade adu “did was to give birth to u,it’s better she dies barren than given birth to a beast like u.I wonder what she’ll feels each time she set her eyes on u now that u have change urself to a monster…idiot

  18. U wil nt be happy @ D end of all dis, I advice u sort God nw there is tym bcos, u ar provin him wrong on his work therefore u ar wiser Dan him..Hmmm u knw wht dat means..there was no one whn he made a man.

  19. Spoilt brat. U even get money to do transgender…….u go soon grow facial hair inside UR epiglottis

  20. In ur foolish though u are a self made man. Can u even impregnate a woman??? U are such a classic fool.


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