Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Serena Williams Flashes Glimpse of Engagement Ring…

Serena Williams Flashes Glimpse of Engagement Ring…


Tennis champ Serena Williams got engaged to Tech Mogul Alexis Ohanian last week – and here’s the modest ring he proposed with…love is all that matters.

Serena’s also been seen taking off her ring during practice for her forthcoming Tennis event.

On Thursday, Serena Williams announced her engagement to Alexis Ohanian via his own site. Since their announcement, the couple’s been met with criticism for being in an interracial marriage (because apparently, it’s still 1950).

“If you don’t cum at least once a week, you can explode and die” – Princess Vitarah

Check out pics of Serena Williams’ engagement ring and her arriving in Auckland below.



  1. It’s not about the money. It’s all about her Ba’a wa Ka’a=Soul and spirit being deluded and defiled by a 6 Ether being!

  2. That is her right hand. Last I checked engagement rings are worn on the left hand. Have I been wrong for the past 21 years??

  3. Congratulation! It doesn’t matter if it’s diamond or bronze, what matters is the love between em.

  4. I like serina but suprise to hear that she’s a man. Don’t no how truth it that. So seen an engagement ring in that finger mmmmmm.


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