News Serial and notorious armed robber rescued from being burnt alive in Lagos

Serial and notorious armed robber rescued from being burnt alive in Lagos


According to Anekwe, one of those who rescued him, “This thief was caught on Kaara street, Ajao estate, Lagos. Jungle justice Is not the way forward. Some of us pleaded with the securities on the street to hand him over to the police.

This man right here is a born criminal. He has been to the same house 3 times.

He spends some time in jail then comes back out to the same compound when everyone has gone to work.”

A staff of Thermocool rapes young girl in the house where he went for repair work (Video)



  1. LMAO!!..This person is a serial robber who turned that house to his own personal place to gather things when in need

  2. This is when a thief come steal money and go.. He went and began to memorize the things he saw in ur house and then be like… I for carry dat TV in fact I’m going again next week, he comes d upper week stole d TV and then went home and say.. Chai I be mumu I for carry that laptop.. na greediness kill this one….

  3. I think they have taking the right step by handing him over to the police and who knows he become a born again

  4. reccesion they do people strog things chai the thief self no get grade 4 steal greedy thife was fat as them catch am e thin una 4 no kukuma burn am una 4 just us am as firewood cos greedines don make am thin.

  5. I hate jungle justice,d real thieves ar lootin our national treasure dey ar d ones we shud tell enuf is enuf

  6. He doesn’t need to go back in prison. Psychologically he is not ok. He need to be taken rehabilitation center. If he doesn’t he will still steal again and it will not be in the same house again.


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