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‘Should I Tell My Friend I Caught His Girlfriend Cheating Or Mind My Business?


relationship-theestle-29I really need your matured advise. I caught my friend’s girlfriend cheating (having sex actually) with another guy and she knew I saw her of course.. She’s been begging me not to talk.

If I keep quiet now and My guy later finds out I knew about it I will become a bad friend.

If I talk it could be the end of a 4 years old relationship!!!
I’m even scared the girl may set me up if I decide to talk.

'I caught my husband of 1 week having sex with my bridesmaid'

Advise please.



  1. you will only be protecting your friend if you tell him,so go ahead and with that act it show,s she is not the right or best one for him,,,#orteselord

  2. See, if u tell me that my girl is cheating on me, u must find another girl for me o! U can’t just separate us and be enjoying ur own bf or gf… na lie! so u better mind ur business.

  3. Hmmmmmm, what are friends for? Just pray he believes u cos some won’t if he really loves n trust her. You might become the enemy so be careful. Do the right thing.

  4. My guy its best if u keep quiet cos u hv no proof..,u knw women dey will always lie n might even turn ur friend against u..

  5. Mind ur business do U have any evidence if u do den go ahead but if not pls mind ur corner

  6. don’t tell your friend nothing, just mind your business no be everything way eye see mouth go talk, leave her to her faith one day monkey go go market he no go come back.

  7. Der are two things Involed, if u keep quite and ur frnd finds out he will be disappointed in u, and if u tell him he might not believe u.

  8. you better mind your biz.deal with the issue in your relationship .just advice her to deviate from her evil act.if she’s your sis will you expose her.

  9. Tell him,and his girlfriend will say you were the one trying to get down with her,now you are trying to blackmail her.one day,your friend will catch her all by himself.so don’t tell him.lock up

  10. Bible saids you shall know the truth,an the truth shall set u free so go ahead an tell ur friend he will understand hw much u care about him!

  11. Mind your damn business brat! If it was your own friend that was cheating you will tell the girl abi? Nonsense

  12. Don’t! Don’t be the one to cause problem between them though he is your friend. Ask him whether he really loves his girlfriend; also ask the girl whether she really Loves your friend. They might just be cheating on each other, but you don’t know. Keep quiet and let the revelation take a natural course.

  13. As 4 me, if he is my best frnd, me hiding it frm him is lik I am hurting my own self. I better tell him and hv free mind to my self

  14. Don’t tell him anytin yet jst caution d girl buh if she tries it next tym u av evry rite to tell ur friend


  16. Look them, all the cheats are saying mind your business as if they will mind theirs if they cought you cheating.

  17. Girls???!,very deadly….if u fall with all ur heart they will kill u and still move on with no regret.

  18. Ladies are typing mind ur business, if this was to be guy caught they start calling guys name. Guys are cheaters, guys are wicked micheeeeew. Bros Abeg follow ur mind if ur conscience is urge you to tell pls tell but if not then keep silent

  19. It’s interesting how majority of the ladies are saying ‘mind your business’. If you and your friend are very close you should tell him but if you guys are not close enough just keep watching

    • My dear yes its better for her to mind her business BC even after telling that her friend ,d same friend she thought she is helping will turn against her. I once had a girlfriend whom her boyfriend will always come to disturb me and I told maitha that is her name but u won’t believe this girl told d boy,if I am d one I won’t tell the boy ,the best I will do is plan with my girlfriend and see with my eyes but this lady went and told the boy and in d end they made a fool of them selves and not me .

  20. Y’all ladies saying the man should mind his business must be outcho goddamn mind! Hell, I’m tell my friend of course. I’m not gonna let that asshole cheating bitch keep fucking her side dudes OK ? These hoes ain’t loyal.

  21. How is your friend and the gal? How tight are they? Was your friend intending to marry this gal? Or just dating. Before telling your friend analyse there relationship was there any commitment coz you may try telling your friend and things turn on you. Lovers are so wicked. May suffer the quancequence there after. So focus before you alert a word. But it was very bad. You can even talk to this chic. Hope she doesn’t turn hash words on you. Like wankwaana nenkugaana bra bra. So…. becareful.

  22. Dnt ever disgrace some one who you caught having sex. Cos der is a consequence. Just ask why and anoda idea will enter your mind. Thanks

  23. mind your business. Last time i did it,i was seen like a witch that i wanted to destroy their union.

  24. I’ll advise you don’t. Because you might tell him, and after they maybe quarreled they’ll get back together and you’ll be the person they will blame. I’ve seen instances like that.

  25. Happened to me…. Did not tell me at 1st… But after reoccurring again and again he opened up… And I did not break… Only advised her

  26. #haiii_ladies those of you that you saying mind you business that what you can do #guy_make I tell you now no waste your time…. just go and tell your friend Ok…Or sha you no like your friend…. if you no like friend..just text me make I advice you….

  27. Akuko..i will tell even show evidence unless my friend is cheating too then I will mind my business

  28. Guy if you don’t tell your friends even your ancestors will be ashamed of you bcos all those people saying mind your business are the same thing you are the only one that can save your friends life from ruined ok make it fast

  29. Keeping silence is saving your own life brother don’t be suprise both got married and turn against u.be careful if u wish to say don’t reveal rather convince your friend to quit if its posible

    • There are so many ways he can arrange for his friend to see with his eyes even without telling him, BC once he owns his mouth to speak he becomes their number one enemy and whatever happens them go settle for him head

  30. pls you can approach d lady n talk to her than to implicate youself bro.but ladies careful, if u are out for somebody be fullg out for him,but if u know u dont want him pls runaway on time dan to be coursing commotion.

  31. Mind your business my dear, don’t be a reason for any body’s breakup. God will expose her one day and she’ll be caught red handed by her boyfriend (ur friend). For now just let the sleeping dog lie, kuz she might even turn around to implicate u sef. Except you have solid evidence to prove her wrong then u can act otherwise, else I’ll advice u stay cool n ignore her. #sayNo2cheating.

  32. Hahaha am just laughing all the girls that says mind ur business will sure be victim one day to know how it pains to cheat..can I hear Amen

  33. Depends how tight I and my friend are likewise him and the girl. But if there’s something serious (marriage) I wouldn’t mind telling him because if he eventually finds out after marriage, he won’t see me as a good friend. But if the girl is just anyhow to him… What’s my business there?

  34. I will tell. I will tell for you. I will tell. I will tell for you. Na wetin I go dey sing as I dey comot. Depends on how serious the relationship is and how close my friend and I are. If the guy’s cheating too, I’ll mind my own freaking business. But if we’re real close and he’s faithful and plans to take the relationship further, I’m letting him know. So i will tell. I will tell for her.

  35. Is she married to ur friend yet? My dear in my own opinion I LL advices u to mind ur business cos she mind end up marrying the guy u saw her with. Can u swear that ur friend dont have other girls.

  36. It’s a pity! One important fact…. the truth need be told not because it appeals to anyone but because it’s the right thing to do….. if he’s your friend, he has the right to know what he’s up against. If you get tantrums thrown at you at last, leave gracefully knowing you are paying the price for what’s right… it’s so much honour! Hiding it will encourage she perpetuates the evil…. if the friend turns back to fight you, then he’s foolish and trust me, fools won’t take you anywhere!

  37. just mind ur own business before u go in to trouble …..cos no body will believe u not even the boyfriend….. it will look as if u r interested with ur friends guy so b careful

  38. If u see my girlfriend putting poision into my food, as my friend will u tell me or not ?. If u cant watch my back u r not my friend

  39. P’ple live much longer dan expectation on earth nt bcoz of anytin bt bcox dey always mind deir bixness. Truly stated!!! Bt in dix case, i wil advice u to tell ur frnd abt D event u saw cox true frnds always want D person best 4 each oda vice versa. So if u shuld decide to mind ur bixness den u aren’t a ghud frnd cox u gonna ruin ur frnd’s life slowly nd secretively only bcoz u tried to mind ur bixness nd Bcum a bit confidential al of a sudden

  40. Mind your business because you don’t even know if your friend is also cheating. Plus you are not part of the relationship so butt out. Simple

  41. If u really no wht s good for, is to b honest and b truthful to ur girlfriend idoit amebo

  42. My Grandfather lived over a hundred and five years because he was always minding his business. Even if its my brother, I will mind my business. He will find out on his own.

  43. They are tight or not is she supposed to cheat on the guy later una go say guys are cheating and they are bad u see now, never you trust a female

  44. Would you like him to see something like that happening with yr own gf and not tell you?. Bro snitch her ass, my nigga can’t be dating a hoe. Bros over hoes man

  45. U should only tell ur friend when u ave a proof.if u don’t ave any proof de girl might just tell ur friend dat it a lie and dat u just want dem to split up and ur friend might just start douting u

  46. The more see the less you know. It’s not everything eyes sees that mouth talk. Mind your business pretend as if you don’t know. She will report or expose herself one day.

  47. Mind your business with reasons, if you have a evidence tell strong spiritually tell him but if there no any prove for it get God will expose her.

  48. Pretend you never see anything and watch no matter how close you guys are it has happened b4 the guy loose there friendship and the lady became his wife because is only wat eyes see DAT will affect the mind

  49. I suspect most of d ladies here, u girls do cheat dat is y u are saying mind ur b. Wat if it was u that caut ur friends bf cheating d whole world wil hear it. Ladies repent b4 is 2 late

  50. I can’t beleive this. all the giris are saying mind ur business o. If na guy, chai! Wahala don come. Anyway, it depends on how she is to ur friend. But the best way to go about it is to tell ur friend to watch her vry careful that u did nt understand her movement this days.

  51. my dear why don’t you call this girl and ask her why she did it find out her reasons for doing that after that advice her to stop it if she doesn’t listen to you then you can tell your friend but you won’t tell him openly so that it will not back fair you if you knows the place that they normally meet each other just take your friend there to see things by himself

  52. Just mind ur biz my dear becos yu might end up being d enemy and yu will be used for their settlement

  53. Go and spoil her home, no mind your own business, exactly this type of situation is happening to you ,who did you expect to tell you.

  54. Plz my brother don’t be afraid of anything go ahead n tell your friends because you are eman it can happen to you too even you evidence plz n tell l sed go n tell him tell him to day tell him tomorrow and another day goooo

  55. Mind ur biz,God will expose her when it is tym don’t be d reason for their break up.

  56. Brother. . . Bin a guy I strongly recommend you tell him! One day he will eventually find out. You are not been a bad news breaker, you only saving ur friend some more days b4 he gets to know d fact. It would hurt him know to know Dat u had an idea about his cheating girlfriend and you never told him anything about it. Silence means approval. Let ur nigga know.

  57. If you have been watching each others back before now, it’s wise you tell him. Beside what a friend for, it’s to keep watching for aech other.

  58. My dear it better u keep silent if not hmmm u will loose da frd ship between u and ur male friend. U no guys of this day how they go crazy about lady’s. If not than set a trap for da girl to be catch by da man it self.

  59. Call d lady warn her n let her kno DAT u er not going to let ur friend know anytn but she will promise u she will put stop to it.

  60. Were they doing it on the road? Save urself from the stress of gossiping and mind ur damn business. If u must play a saint, then approach her ursrlf since u know she saw u and Then find out why. But I tell u to mind ur business is better off to avoid had I known,because u might not like the turn out.

  61. No one u have to be very careful of d lady if possibe dn,t go to d huz wen ure guy is not hm bcos she know u caught her, she might set u up,asumg u know u should have snap her on ure pone as envidence wen tellg ure friend, be careful n bewarn

  62. Pliz mind your own business,just lyk a thief a cheater also has few days before getting cought,uve got a lot to work on dia .

  63. Are you sure your friend will not abuse you and say you want to scatter his relationship? You can threaten the girl to go and report herself to your friend or else you will. But seriously, I will just say mind your business sha, na girlfriend she be and she might expose herself sooner or later

  64. That Your friend also asked the same question about your girlfriend. I think both of you needs to seat.

  65. O boy tell your friend or the girl might even go to your friend and make allegations against you , so that your friend will not believe you, if you take too much time, some women are gamers

  66. Please i advice you to tell your friend only if he is understanding type and he trust you very well to believe you so that you won’t put yourself into having problem with him

  67. It’s what it’s until it’s nothing then it becomes something else….. let it go but let her know you are not happy about it..

  68. Na ur palava u no fit use ur common sense ..so now cheating na big deal. .u fit swear say u no dey cheat..yeye worry u abeg get out..

  69. My dear e no concern you gone are those days we poke nose into other people’s affair, bcos she might deny it den make u look like a lying and a big fool so eyyeess right


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