News Single Somali men protest over bride price amount (Photos)

Single Somali men protest over bride price amount (Photos)


A group of single men have gone public to protest over the inflated dowry in Somalia.

In the photos, the Somali men holding signs that read ‘Still I am Single’, where said to have held their protest at the Mansoor hotel in Hargeisa.

According to them, they said the brides’ parents are extorting men through the inflated bride price in the country.

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  1. what do you mean the parents are extorting money from you, if you think its easy, mould your own daughter, train her up to that level and give her out for free. #tonguesout

  2. hahahaha da one small na, u don see Igbo people own? Issorite when you see our own eeh u go just go pregnant the lady so that it wil be cheaper… I pace!

  3. Hahaha this one is so funny, and they are even protesting over it, meaning it was so very high,paying of bride price is not suppose to be high because you are marrying the girl not buying her

  4. Hahahahahaha u guys should become a rev. fathers then jor, na must say una must marry or come nigeria, trust me you’ll see more than what is call wife

  5. i think people should think right if am the brides just run away because if seem the are protesting for diamonds .

  6. ha! this one too much ooo! but it depen one the kin of girl u wan marry if she love u, she will talk to her parent to reduce it. if u give this things wetin una go come dey eat after the wedding?

  7. Hahaha diz z wat IMO guys should do instead of rushing on oda gals. Old cargos full IMO state because of their marriage list

  8. They should just visit northern Nigeria with #7.5 million, na 30 families or more including their bride parent.. Please we need you guys in Nigeria, their will be great testimonies in so many churches, hmmm our ladies here are beginning to consider Somali as next destination


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