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If you sleep with other people’s husband, when you get married don’t be angry if karma comes – Tonto Dikeh’s bestie, Shakar El


Clearly we’ve not heard the last of Tonto Dikeh’s troubled marriage. There’s been allegations that her hubby’s personal assistant is responsible for the crash of the marriage.

Now, Tonto Dikeh’s one time best friend and rapper, Shakar El seems to be throwing shades at the actress. In his latest post on Instagram, he wrote,

‘Karma is a Bitch that all Bitches out there should respect because it will always come and show you pepper. My advise to young girls out there, if you are sleeping with other people’s husband and breaking homes, when you get married abeg don’t be angry if karma comes knocking at your door’. Read his full post below…

Karma is a Bitch that all Bitches out there should Respect because it will always come and show you pepper, My advise to young girls out there, if you are sleeping with other people’s Husband and breaking homes,when you get married abeg don’t be angry if karma comes knocking at your door.

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Turn a Blind eye and enjoy your husband’s money and that is if you re lucky enough to marry a rich one sha. Don’t Fight nor break things in the house oh because that is Domestic Violence. Always put yourself in the position of your Victim and their Children while you re in the act. I know a celebrity wedding Guest of a Lagos Society Wedding 3 years ago that Started Sleeping with the Groom just few days after the wedding, that was Brutal nwanne, no remorse for the newly wedded bride haba. And for Men,no need to talk about Us because like they do say in Nigeria ‘Men are Scum’ Shakar Nwa Mama is not a Saint in fact I am serious Sinner but I will only use the name of God when I truly mean it..God is Merciful and may He Forgive us all’.

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  1. Yes what goes around comes around. Tonto if truly you slept with other people’s husband when you were single, Don’t cry because your plant is ready for harvest. #Letmecomeandbegoing, before her fans throw me bomb.

  2. Does that mean you also slept with someone else’s husband and karma is back for you?

  3. What goes around comes around. But sometimes when somebody’s husband cheats it doesn’t mean that lady has been sleeping wiry people’s husbands. Some men are just natural cheaters

  4. She was regarded a “Bad” girl in the industry and if this guy’s statement is for her that means she actually slept with a dude who just got married days after he wedded. Wow.. Then she deserves whatever she’s facing cuz you don’t break someone’s home and expect to build yours. That’s why I pity most people who sleep with married folks, whatever we do comes back around. We reap what we sow..!!

    • Nope. Single as hell.. Besides when am with someone I don’t cheat. That’s just who I am, and also sorry if I hurt your feelings cuz I don’t know why you asked such an absurd question

    • Hypocrites everywhere. Who are we to judge? Let he who is without sin b d first to cast d stone

    • Like you have done right. That’s nonsense talk dear cuz I wrote my opinion and you came here saying trash. Sorry again if what I said is troubling you. Go and seek redemption for yourself and stop saying nonsense. By the grace of God I won’t do such. That you do shit does not mean everyone would do it.. Bye with you stupid and idiotic comment

    • That is one thing we ladies don’t know, some who done u will even say u lack qualities of a good wife, dat is why ur hubby is cheating, any man who is faithful have a fair of God.

    • I aways don’t know why people don’t like writing comments always waiting for others to comment and then come and reply with insults…

    • My dear i wonder oooo, when it comes to people’s marriage, i done get involve because na who wear shoe know where it hurts.

    • Mentally derailed and degraded idiot. The post is there for all to freely comment but instead you choose to comment on mine. The issue here was the former bestie shading Tonto regarding her sleeping with married men and I shared my own opinion on the issue. Now how does that make me an hypocrite? Did she cheat with me? Was I the one who exposed her? If your conscience is pricking you go and comment your opinions on the original post and share your views and don’t come here and comment like a fool on someone’s else. Pretender

    • Jennifer, Victor comment what is on his mind just like everyone of us, why men cheat on there wives is because some ladies make there self available for them, and d same person shouldn’t except her hubby to b faithful.

    • Thanks Blessing Ajah for understanding cause obviously not everyone has common sense this days.. If someone is dating married men they should repent and wait for their own karma must surely meet them some day.. No escaping this one..!!

    • Thank God you laughed but am sure you understand my point excellently well because your married.. A moron with an obvious guilty conscience is just spilling nonsense out of her mouth.. Charity Love

    • I hate husband snatchers n girls dat date married men. But if u followTonto dikeh up, u will know she have change. Let not be the one to Judge her. If God can forgive her, who are we? I know that tonto dikeh friend “shakar” made that statement bcos she was not happy with her marriage.

    • I hate husband snatchers n girls dat date’s married men. Tonto dikeh must have made mistakes in the past: But if u follow her up now, u will know she have changed. Let not be the one to Judge her. If God can forgive her, who are we? I know that tonto dikeh friend “shakar” made that statement bcos he happy with her.

    • I dislike husband snatchers n girls that date’s married men. Tonto dikeh must have made mistakes in the past. But if u follow her up now, you will know she have changed. Let not be the one to judge her. If God can forgive her! Who are we not to?

    • truly God do forgive sins when u honestly ask to be forgiven, bt stil d sin wil be revisited upon d sinner or d offspring in time due, except u turn angel, just guessing

  5. What goes around ll surely cums back. That what I tot wen I read wat cos their fight, I beta tell her to take it gently with her man unelse she end up on street as baby mama. God forgive u your sin doesn’t mean u ll go scout free

  6. You never start… Maybe Na Wetin you do nau.. Karma do visit you… Sorry cause we must surely reap what we sow..

    • Say unto others what u will like others to say to u, if ur still single wait to get in,them u will on understand,

  7. Pls house am confuse, need a reasonable answer. .what abt those men that married virgins/or ladies who never dated married men b4 settling down. After u found out that your hubby hv diff concubines out there…are we still gonna call it karma?

    • U see ur useless life? Must u show the world that u also sleep with people’s husbands and fathers? If mata nor let u talk put u nor go rest? Ask Google ur question….fool

    • Kush Bishop everyone reading this comment can testify that Rita Destiny made herself clear about what she wrote and can also say it was typed in a way that at least an ILLITERATE can understand. I think the sickness that is much more worst than ILLITERACY is pretending to know things you have no idea of, whats d big deal in asking her to explain herself so that u can understand THAT IF you can render the help she needed. I do say this that it is when everybody start minding their own biz that this world can be enjoyable! And pls mind the way you talk to people cos whatsoever you say will always find it way back to you. God bless us all.

    • like seriously? @kush her question is on track you are obviously having a hard time understanding it!

    • My dear,if such happen the wife can have the face to challenge God to change her husband which God will automatically answer, but in a case where you have been sleeping with other peoples husband,and at last you got married,unfortunately you found out that your husband is cheating on you definitely you will remember what the Bible said, and be ashamed of yourself, because what you did to others will equally backfires unless you ask God for forgiveness,

    • Kush Bishop ..I think ur very silly. U lack understanding. Thanks @everyone that replied ..I appreciate.

    • Kush, e be like say you’re a product of such relationship if not why so much bitterness on a simple question like that.

  8. Its true. Seriously, I sometimes get angry with some girls. U go do runs finish, then u think u will marry and have ur cake.. Oga, u go hear am o. Karma knows best how to pay his visit. Y she go vex if someone is sleeping with her husband when she did it to another? She thinks those women she put on high jump won’t cry to God for vengeance? She should even be in a better position to understand the situation. I pity her but its in 99% homes..but I duff my hat to karma

    • What a wonderful comment dear. You the one female who just said the complete and honest truth..!!!

  9. so that means that the lady whose husband she must have slept with was also sleeping with oda ppls husbands! mtchew.

  10. if anybody commits adultery, they sin against God. so there’s no need to be complaining about another person’s sin since we all have our own sins that we should be begging God to forgive. abi?

  11. Men wuld always be men, tonto if i were u i will face my son and pray for my husband. Nd besides most women never cheated on dere man before marriage, some were virgin before marriage but still dere husband’s still cheat.

  12. Very True, but swear if you have never slept with a married man before, then I will show you a brothels where you could find a virgin

  13. So if karma wl visit d single grl dat slept wt a married man,what then wl visit d married man dat left his wife to sleep with a single grl?

  14. People Una get time for all dis celebrities when no get shame. Any small thing they run away from marriage, they think marriage is try ur luck game. God created us as women to pray for our husbands ND always protect our homes no matter what. Some times some women take action in a hurry. Pls always remember d good times not only d bad times before you take action. Pls think about it ND go back to your home ND manage ur home well. Na wa two three months ago you dey hail ur husband because of d car he bought for u dat he is d best. Pls don’t let people say we are not surprise.

    • They always run away without facing it squarely! Don’t know why divorce is always d best answer for them this days. God help them all.

    • My dear they are cawords ND weak dat is why they can’t face their problems. It is what you want your home to be dat is what it will be. All dis celebrities don’t hv respect for marriage. What is happening to them every day problem . ND once they have little problem at home they run to internet no privacy again who send them? Their problem is pride.

  15. Hmmmmmm abegoooo what the fuck are u guys talking about? What about single guys that sleep with married ladies, when they get married do there wives cheat on them all in the name of KARMA? GUYS ARE UNGRATEFUL CHEAT NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO,,,,

  16. I HV my principles.if you want to HV a peaceful and loving home Neva one day carry ur husband’s fone to go thru his chats or to check people he talks wit.common men are men.stop following dem around.so many galz out der are out to ruin marriages.dis generation is so rotten DAT most galz are d ones flaunting demselves around married men.pray for your husbands.how can a gal make you divorce your husband?how I wish diz generation can b lik our mothers.

    • With this ur principle I pray you dont get so insensitive that u won’t know when HIV will come home along with ur husband. Nice principle though.

    • Do u tink following him around will prevent him from sleeping around?read my comment befor saying anytin. I said we shud pray for our husbands

  17. I see no karma in this cheating of a thing, some men are fun of doing that even when I try telling them the truth that’s wen they will press persists and cajole into it. Meanwhile I still have I. My custody DAT am trying take of I will make sure I make him understand why he shouldn’t do it even if he has been doing it.

  18. I see no karma in this cheating of a thing, some men are fun of doing it that even when u try telling them the truth that’s wen they will press persists and cajole u into it. Meanwhile I still have one in My custody DAT am trying to take care of I will make sure I make him understand why he shouldn’t do it even if he has been doing it.

  19. This is why most ladies prefer male friends to female friends.Any little misunderstanding,the next thing is they start washing their dirty linen in public.

  20. some men are dogs,if you like sleep wit married man,wen he marry he wil cheat if he wants to.

  21. Tonto just commit everything into God’s hands dear. Every relationship goes through some shit.just stay strong.

  22. I don’t see any karma here… I have seen the most Holy of Holiest women get cheated on…. I have seen women that got married as virgins get cheated on by their husbands. Will u call theirs karma too??? A good man is a good man, nd a cheater is a cheater. It’s got nothing to do with Karma. Cheating/faithfulness is a personal thing/decision don’t let anybody fool u. And as for the bestfriend, all i smell is JEALOUSY. he’s worse than a snake.

  23. My dear prayer that is all what you need And I will like you to watch a movie titled war room it will motivate you OK

  24. If you want to live long and last in ur mreg,just blind your eyes,when u c pretend as if u never saw,block ur ears,when you hear pretend as if u Neva heard and control your mouth,avoid accessing his phone, to c his chats or activities, you’ll give urself cardiac arrest because a man can Neva change, except the day he decides to,no matter how u nag him or fight him

    • Thanks you dear, women una Don hear. Hypertension dey kill well. If you die the good man will remarry, be wise and keep calm. prayer changes all things not quarrels or fighting or even divorce (it’s a no no).

  25. Tonto sit down there u want to be oyibo. Na African woman u be….u no pure too abeg l tire for marriage crash story .

  26. That’s why I pity most people who sleep with married folks, whatever we do comes back around. We reap what we sow..

  27. Even when ur husband marries u as a virgin..he will still cheat..would u still call that karma..its just a curse..men I fear them…abegi

  28. Men are natural cheat. If they are not cheating, wait till when their pregnant wives just delivered. That’s where it starts from.

  29. Tonto i suggest you pray and leave everything to Almighty God. Marriage is for better for worse. Its not a bed of roses. It comes with its good days and bad/worse days. Marriage is not for people who isn’t tired of running into women’s skirts(or trousers for women who cheat) . Remember your joy isn’t from your husband ,your joy is from Jesus. Pray and he will turn his heart back to you. Don’t leave your husband until you know its over. Never say never. I suggest you watch a black American movie titled #Warroom#.

  30. And for single ladies who think you must sleep with a married man to make your man do the same and label it karma hmmm I pity you. Men will always be men. Most times their feelings get the better of them. There are ladies who just go about sleeping with married men so don’t heap all the blame on Tonto. Don’t claim you know her or the way she lives her life( unless you be monitoring spirit). Peace to everyone.

  31. Hahahah, so karma is knocking at Tonto door, so babe don’t run away cos u got to feel d pains of ur past, a tit for tat.

  32. Gud talk dear karma awaiting does lady’s dat sleep with some ones husband. N dear wen it comes do not complain.kudos

  33. so should we continue to tolerate them when they cheat and hurt our feelings all in the name of marriage preservation. i think those are the things our mothers tolerated but this new generation have refused that mindsets and thats why the rate of divorce is on the rise. my advice for men is that if they’re not ready to be responsible then they shouldnt get married. and my advise for ladies out there is to know who they are getting married to and while dating your guy if you condone cheating dont expect him to change in marriage. the foundation on which u build your marriage is the determinant of its life span,if u build it on God he will surely keep it solid and lasting for you besides marriage requires prayers. As for tonto i will say she never really had a gud rlatnshp wit God earlier and she was tagged a badgirl in the entertainmnt industry but knw she has a rlatnshp wit God,he’ll fix thngs for her no mata hw horribly her past have been. he’s God like that… though she might realis hw much hurt she has caused others too,but theres nothing God cant fix.

  34. The law of karma still exist what goes around turns around Tonto when you are single many married women cried for you now it is your turn to cry for single ladies and know how it sweet like

  35. If you go into the bush and get a husband without courtship this is what you get he must be cheating because that is his life but if you did courtship for some years then you will know if you can live with him with such life

  36. Pls ask tonto if she never slept with another persons husband. For me I think her karma came for her

  37. What goes around really comes around dnt be scared did remember when u give dat woman sleepless Nite rocking her husband. God is watching and I dnt see any hope a married man can give u. Mend ur ways if u are into it. I less my case


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