Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Sola Ogudugu talks on her pregnancy for Wizkid

Sola Ogudugu talks on her pregnancy for Wizkid


Wizkid’s baby mama has spoken up about her pregnancy for the first time.

In an interview with Y Naija Sola Ogudugu shockingly revealed that she was disvirgined by Wizkid who impregnated her.

“To think I just started having sex at the time… I was just frustrated… Like who sent me??? it’s funny now.. wasn’t funny then oo. Imagine seeing your monthly period unknown to you that there’s a baby growing in you! MAHNNNNNN!!!! God is great!!“ she said.

Sola who was 19 at the time said because of her lack of sexual experience she did not know she was pregnant until she was in her fifth month.

“I remember the day I found out I was preggers! After 5monthsss… Damn!!! I Swear Idied and rose again! LOL.. Can’t believe I’m laughing now” said Wizkid’s baby mama, “I cried for the remaining 4months… i just kept saying to myself everyday ‘God why me’ Ahhhhhh mahn… ThoseWereTryingTimesYo! It was like film trick…”

During her pregnancy she was still in school, final year. She however managed to graduate with good graduates while dealing with being a single mum.

“That was the greatest challenge ever! Was in my finals.. I still struggled and finished Uni with Good grades.. And guess what? My son is 4! I’m still overwhelmed but I Thank God for how far he’s brought me and how much my Lil man has grown.. I’m THANKFUL” she said.

The single mother of one however cautioned that bing a single mum is no easy walk in the park. “Forget all the fleeked out make up and good cloths… Being a Mum is one hell of a job talk more being a single mum at 19!”

Sola Ogudugu waxed spiritual in the interviewing claiming that her pregnancy for Wizkid, and being a single mum is the divine plan of God. “When Jesus Says Yes Nobody Can Say No…. That was how God wanted things to go in my life oooo…Boluwatife!” she stated.

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  1. Dats too bad…and you can even say it too the media, if you think u’ve done well,try watch your daughter get pregnant at age 19, Big shame to womanhood #Awaitingcritics•••

  2. and you’re prouding? What has this world turned into. Do you know how many other girls he has disvirgined? Seriously, you’re having a puff puff upstairs for a brain

  3. I can see ur village people using ur pics to fan ur stupidity , so is Dat suppose to be a testimony now or what tell me, so do u think cause u are his baby mama ND he disvigined u , is now an assurance dat he will marry u, did he tell u, u are the only one he has disvigined or u are just celebrating ur immortality on social media? We women self sometimes I wonder where we kept our self esteem ND dignity as women

  4. Rubbish talk. Go hide your face somewhere. Thank your God you are a graduate. You would have gone hungry.

  5. Please ooo….disflowered????av only heard of deflowered ooo Sombori will just wake up and start saying nonsense #not_my_business_though

  6. Wait o. Is wizkid planning to compete for ‘father of the year’? These his baby mommas are embarrassing me. As for the girl…… grow up and leave ‘mama pikin’ star boy jeje to live out his youth. Don’t fool yourself, he’s not ready for husbandhood or fatherhood at all

  7. So?????? Didn’t u know u were still a virgin before u slept wt him????? Or ‘re u tired been addressed as “baby mama” ????? Or u ‘re no more getting wizkid’s attention???? Respect ur old age cox u’re too old to be stupid and senseless!!!!

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  9. The worst thing is that he is not going to marry you, the reason why you are saying this, is because he’s now a celebrity

  10. My dear stop all this stuff, he is not going to marry you, the reason why you are proud is because he is a celebrity and nothing else

  11. Gone are the days when girls who got pregnant outside wedlock are ashamed to come out publicly, but now they showcase it as of it is the latest medal, hmmm, God have mercy

  12. I guess ur saying this cos he is a celebrity, Pls have a sense of dignity at least Na even I that is reading this is ashamed of this post.. Grow up girl!


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