News Soldiers beat up crippled man for wearing camouflage in Anambra (Video)

Soldiers beat up crippled man for wearing camouflage in Anambra (Video)


According to Facebook user, Ifeanyichukwu Emmanuel who shared the video, the soldiers flogged and brutalized the crippled man for wearing a camouflage.

The incident occurred yesterday at New market road, Onitsha.

Watch the video after the cut.




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    • U people insulting Taye Yakubu ar Animals, u people don’t think at all ,so Carmon cloth av be come beggars an cripples cloth?pls ans DAT ques.u people should go 2 d nearest barracks near u an tell dem all dis rubbish I swear dey will clap 4 u people 4 advising dem mumu people

    • Pls less I 4get one of u should ware Carmon cloth 2 a market or ware it out 2 anywhere but pls make sure a soldier see u,I want 2 know wat will happen pls don’t 4get 2 giv me d feed back wen u ar back

    • All I have to say is that Igbo people is from animals tribe that is why they behave lick animals in everywhere they go to

    • May God destroy and annihilate your entire lineage Taye Yakubu,Demented beast like you,you this product of childrape.

    • Taye yakubu…. Don’t mind those foolish Biafran…. Most of them you are seeing so are fufu seller in there villages

  1. OMG! This is so disheartening. Many soldiers are known to be like this. Instead of them caring and protecting nigerians, they are there giving nigerians pain. This is not fair. Though I was told that why soldiers beat anyone who wears their uniform is bcos they are disrespecting the pains, hardwork and survival they went through during their training and during their work as soldiers. They believe that b4 u can earn their uniform, u must have gone through the pains they went through in their training. They believe that u must be worth it to wear it. Not everyone is permitted to wear it..

  2. Dese people are big idiots ….it only in Nigeria dis one always happen … d fools will be forming boss cos dey have gun

  3. The soldiers are so heartless to hve done this thing to this physically disabled person. Why cant they just warn and let him go? This is really painful

  4. This is brutality in the highest order, at least dy should have warned him or ask if he was an ex military man

  5. Maybe dats d only cloth he has. Instead of dem to show compassion. I wish dey fight robbers n boko haram wit dis annoyance

    • Bros c I lyk u eee ha na tru talk , buh c america citizens day wear wat day lyk dey are free is it only nigeria sogers dat. went 4 trainin god dis tin is dragin me crazy

    • C I lyk u eee ha na tru talk , buh c america citizens day wear wat day lyk dey are free is it only nigeria sogers dat. went 4 trainin God dis tin is dragin me crazy

    • Y can’t u go 2 Maiduguri an go an witness how dey fight boko haram if u ar not satisfy u can go wit ur family 2 sambisa 2 fight d boko haram.idiot

    • Foolish people of Biafra or what called…. Can anyone of you wait to see someone embarrassing you profession in public…. And you will be happy with him or her

    • They can let him go wit a warning n better yet take it off him as punishment. They don’t v to beat him up

    • U r d idiot Durotoye. U don’t deserve a response from me parting dis topic as uv already proven to b an idiot

  6. some of these soldiers are becoming a menace to our society. Something needs to be done fast before they turn themselves to demi gods.

  7. Oh my God, what is this life turning into? Because of ordinary Cloth. You have the concise to beat up some body that can’t walk. What a shame. I pity your children because they will reap the seeds you are sowing now

    • My dear dnt lay d curse on innocent children. He will be d one 2 reap wat he sow. Dis soldier people are really wicked

    • Ordinary cloth abi Wen next u get to any army check point tell dem Dat Der uniform is ordinary cloth rip in advanced..

    • Rip to you and your family goat Don Sule. When I mean ordinary cloth, I known what I mean. At least it an offence that can be pardon. Big for nothing fool. Common forgiveness some people don’t have in their heart.

    • Not there children dear but them becouse I CNt reap wt I did not sow I CNt reap d evil my parent did so my prayer is they must surely sufer for dis not there childen

    • You are the biggest coward and a fool I ever seen watch out you would die in the next 78 hours

    • You are the biggest coward and a fool I ever seen watch out you would die in the next 78 hours sule

    • You are the biggest coward and a fool I ever seen watch out you would die in the next 78 hours sule

    • Sule if you can kill me no problem. But I thank God I was able to speak for someone I did not know.

    • Dis Don Sule is a witchcraft!! Who even gave u access to social media? Aboki cow brain!! Is a pity dat sawdust has replaced ur brain!!

    • A lame/crippled ll never be lacked in ur generation. U must witness this b4 u die. So be it. Whatever dat lame man spoken to u must come to pass. U ll never go free.

    • Is it not ordinary? Are you comparing the ordinary to the life of a cripple? Does that make sense to you, Sule? This is same uniform is what people wear with pride in the states. I have no right to curse them. God is watching. A helpless cripple! Oh mine.

    • Pls, let’s be truthful, we all knw he is a cripple, but he knew d consequences, he should hv just avoid been beaten, no one is above d law but if it was to be a rich man they would not hv beaten him oo, that’s where the forgiveness should hv come in. U pple shud stop insulting them and insulting urselves, just pray for God to start directing them.

    • I didn’t expect u to comment something like this. In what developed countries does the army harass people for wearing camon

    • I didn’t expect u to comment something like this. In what developed countries does the army harass people for wearing camon

    • No mind am Don Sule What is a cripple guy doing with an Army uniform? Of all the clothes in that market

    • Macgrey Ghen Ghen You ain’t God and you don’t know the spirit following the next person…Don’t end up dying in the next 48hours

    • U must b a fool Lindyway Ogheneruona. U must b a wife a tiot. Think like a woman n not like a rat

  8. Nigeria army are a threat to nigeria citizens. Instead of them to see American army that’re friendly, what pains me most is that most of them can’t even speak good english

    • I’m 101% sure that one Nigeria Army standing defeated 10 USA Army…. Which is said by USA Army in command in time of Nigeria and ojuku… You Biafra first fighter

  9. This rubbish only happen in the south south and south east. Can’t wait for this country to burst.

  10. The stupid Nigerians Army uniform. American soldier is one of the most strongest military in the world yet they let people wear military uniform.stupid people

    • I know most people will be against that, but that’s the fact. Who doesn’t know in this country that wearing army uniform by civilians is a grievous offends?

    • Clifford Z. Miri first wearing army uniform is not supposed to be offend.i have a friend that is in army he gave me the real army hard and the boot.i wear it around military guys even with bag.then come to.think about it.that guy looks like a u know if he have any other options?

    • Clifford Z. Miri Did you know how the crippled managed to get that one cloth this life is turning to something else

    • Clifford Z. In what constitution did they mention that it is an offence in Nigeria or who was that person or head of state that tagged it as an offence? My bro judge the one your head will come out with… for this act was said and sealed by the Nigerian army and was said to themselves and not the government…

    • Clifford which law states dat one?? Watch d video n com bk to say dz nonsense… D dragged dz man, threw his chair, nd flogged him wid hz legs following him

  11. Come to think of this BH uses army uniform this may be another approach… Their is no ignorant in court of law.

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  13. MD you over vex o, d man suppose know dat wearing a camouflage is provocative,where did he get it from, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm you know dat dis bk can be anyone, able or disabled

  14. Those of u insinuating that he may be a terrorist lack common sense of reasoning. If u Av any friends from the north who have spent some time in the SS and SE, they will tell u that the approach is different. They (soldiers) only feel like on top of the wild wen in the south or east. If he was armed with anything, it’s a different case. Not be becos dem carry gun? Wen the revolution they are looking for go start, then we go know Weda Na the side wen wear army uniform or carry latest brand of weapon 9n to win the fight. Nonsense.

  15. Please what’s up with our military men eh… First a lady being brutalized… Now a cripple?…. Na that side the whole change affect?

  16. I’m not surprise because nothing in Nigeria is correct, everything has gone wrong… Wrong political party With wrong president With wrong National Assemble With wrong House of Rep Accompany with wrong governors and wrong governance. Can you name anything that’s correct in Nigeria? #letbiafrago

  17. Why did he wore their uniform, everybody knows that wearing it is prohibited,as a civilian he did not suppose to wear it, but since he turned deaf ear and wore it, anything he see he takes it like that, period

    • See ur grammar sef na upside down yet u still dey talk trash, na wah 4u u just dey heartless.

    • In the present security state of the nation it would be really stupid and suicidal to wear a camouflage uniform when u aren’t an army officer. Might sound wicked but if it’s true he wore a camo I think he deserved what he got. Call me wicked but he must be really stupid mehn

    • Bia Ijeoma are u a woman atall cos I didn’t c any heart of a mother in u rather a heart full of wickedness yes he did bad thing by wearing their uniform but he is a criple there are things u see but becouse of condition u let it go if u support dis act by dt ur comment am sorry u can kill becouse if truly u are an African woman ND watch dis vidiou am sure u must fill pain put dt criple in ur shoe becouse u dnt no tomorrow

    • Get lost dude,so because he is crippled he can wear army uniform,do you know the kind of suffer ness soldier do suffer before they wear that uniform,foolish man that can joke with anything he sees,@sammyt olawnmi,

    • Progress,your comment shows that you don’t know what is happening in this world,a crippled someone can be dangerous if you don’t know,I have seen a crippled man that is keeping guns for thieves, nobody knew that he was doing that until he was caught, I have seen the one that is causing accident also but later caught with the help of a Reverend father, so I urge you to keep shut if you don’t know what to write,

    • What do d army do wen they see boko haram members wearing d army uniform?..They only remember its prohibited to wear their uniform wen it involves d helpless citizens…

    • We should be Considerate. Who are u to Judge d innocent Cripple man.. Heartless generation. I think some of u which all ur family like dat.

    • What do you expect from a harlot and prostitute like Ijeoma Ella,may you never hear the cry of a baby in your life.

    • Godwin Igbinoba. U went too far everybody hv d rit to comment must she support u. In Nigeria we all know dt dey dont lik people wearing dea uniform

    • Godwin,may the thunder which pulled down the walls of Jericho scatter you and your entire households into pieces and may all your generation rut in hell,and I curse you too,may you and your households never hear a cry of baby in your lifetime, and may there be confusion and incurable diseases and suffering in all corners of your life,fool

    • Ijeoma Ella if u don’t knw Wat 2 say u keep quiet…. Just typing nonsense. ILLITERATE

    • You people will never accept the truth in fact this post is disgusting ,are you not human ? He is crippled for crying out loud and he is a beggar . what if he begs for food and some good Samaritan gave him money and cloths including the uniform

    • Nigeria’s act like animals am ashamed to be part of this country , we can’t even stand up and fight for what is right , the government av broken us da we too scared to speak up

    • @ijeoma Ella u are very stupid n heartless for saying dat. Ordinary cloth,how I wish am d governor of dat state,i will sack dem wit immediate effect.stupid pple, rubbish!

    • Ijeoma Ella no be like that Oooo….. do you know if the man have a relation in Nigerian army that gave the cloth to him….. remember explanation are not meant for them (army)because they are always right…. assuming they hear his own part of the story they would have reason with him…. without minding his condition…. my sis let’s call a spade a Spade ok..

    • Yp,you reason like a toad, if not have you seen any soldier that give out his uniform to any civilian, even if it is so just as you reasoned with your infected brain, don’t he know that army uniform should not be wear by any civilian because of security reasons,now get this into your coconut head there is no way the soldiers will start beating him up without questioning him,the beat up might be as a result of what he answered them,again some of this disabled people are evil, I have witnessed that severely,anywhere they are people around there should be vigilante, some are agents of ritualist,

    • Yes is wrong to wear their uniform no doubt, but for the fact that he is crippled, they should have just ask him to remove it with a serious warning. OK what if that is the only cloth he has?

    • lol abeg all these swear forward one person? pose oo u guys should drop all these abusive utterances

    • Ijeoma na u foolish pass, oya listen dumb ass, its not y did he wore, its y did he wear, its not he did not suppose to wear it, its his not supposed to wear it, and many more, but if u want more correction u have to pay for it cos am not ur English teacher, olodo, Anuofia.

    • So the only cloth a crippled man has in his house is nothing but army uniform, go get yourself busy,I don’t have time for people that reason like a fowl,before I forgot,you can go to the barrack and remind the soldiers what they could have done,@ Abby Alabi

    • I see,English teacher,clap for yourself, go and sit down on top of electric wire,usu,@ Amanda carrie

    • Nice one ella… Y will he wear it when he knows it is prohibited to wear it as a civilian, prevention is better than cure… N too all of u guys insulting ella. U guys are all educational illiterate, which is worse Dan illiteracy

    • Did we all know that there’s a criminal offence called “Impersonation” under our laws as well as in any other country? Under such law there’s no immunity for cripples or the likes and the penalty for violation is imprisonment. I guess if he was to be asked to choose between jailing him and flogging him the way they did he most likely would’ve opted for the one meted on him (flogging)….#smiling#….Ella, nice one!

    • Av seen many superstar in nigeria putting on camouflag in many occasion, such as 2face, charley boy, timaya, even P-quare, and soldier is their body guide. Are the Artist a God?

    • Ijeoma it seems you are having affair with one solider… one day you will be à victim of this there embrassment and ño human being will be of help…. You primitive swine… heart less beast

    • Ijeoma Ella can’t u people forget abt wat has happened n stop cursing urself..dis is really bad,it a free post let everyone comment his/her opinion Cus is not possible for people to reason same way…either good or bad his already beaten

    • Ijeoma Ella am Nt surprised at ur attitude….i can’t b exchanging words with you,buh only tin Dah baffles me is hw u graduated from(IMT) ENUGU. #CUSURANILLITERATE

    • GOD BLESS NIGERIAN ARMED FORCES!!! ……..take it easy guys.. It hasn’t gotten to the level of Using Abusive words on each other!!!!

    • Ijeoma before writing you,I checked your picture to know the kind of person you are,to my surprise people just wasted their time and energy to talk to you because you are a moron, idiot. She be.

    • Old fool,see you with your bleaching body that is like roasted plantain,useless woman @salmat adepoju

    • Oluwaseun oyetunde,there is no way I will let anybody who abuse me because of my comment to go free,without giving it back to the person,because my comment is non of their business, everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion,

    • Your mother and generation of females are dirty…. look at how Hungary you look at your pic….. do you think you where trained at all…. F**king with Nigerian soldiers do you think it gonna help you in life?…. bae find a mirror and look at your hungry self for a second time and have ah rethink of your whole life…. Can’t believe that such fools like you exist in this our recession period… Jesus bae pls ooo call for help for you are finish in your whole life…. miserable stinking fool like you…

    • Oluwaseun Oyetunde don’t mind the hopeless idiot that have no ambition to keep open her smelling mouth talking to reasonable people… can’t you see that she is a float on top of the river that have no destination of her way about….. pls spare your saliva and talk to people that will understand not fools like her

    • Mrs Salmat Adepoju hmmmm… May the almighty God whom i serve bless you trillion times…. You will live long…. The human being we are talking of is just a house maid that have no ambition of her useless self…. she think she can vomit all manner of nonsense and go Scot free.. relax and do work… for exchanging words with is equivalent to degrading your educational background…. Look at her she have no ambition…. a float of no return.

    • Precious get lost to unknown destination, so that no body will smell your odour, dirty smelling ass

    • Vivian am one of the best girl people love to be with, people around me can testify it, but one thing with me is that I don’t tolerate fools like you who can judge the person they don’t know,

  18. What kind of country are we in? no feelings again! I pray this physicaly challenged forgives them, if not, they not go free o.

    • Durutoye do you wish to carry another man’s problem? The God of that crippled man may not remain quiet, if you support such evil, surely you’ll partake of God’s anger, that’s not my prayer for you anyway. I know you’re a soldier but please don’t support this evil, I beg you. It’s wicked.

    • Wen cripple ,Berger’s carry bombs 2 market in Maiduguri an kill thousands of people where ar u ,God don’t support bad thing as u ar supporting d cripple dey ar doing der work so don’t trust anybody Mr sabi sabi

  19. a day before yesterday we were arguing about this issue but I never in my life imagined that this infamous and grotesque act can be melted upon a deformed. We are all human oo and God must judge us accordingly. These type of dictators no de joke with their Families at all but just look at…. a cripple for that matter. Guy imagine

  20. Why was he putting on military camouflage? Let’s stop been too sentimental hear. Na Chelsea jersey?

  21. We Should Learn Not To Put On What Belong To Soldier It Is A Bad Image ! Some People Use Uniform To Commit Crime,if We Disrespect Our Soldier Who Will Protect The Nation? As For Me They Are Doing Well. A Week Ago A Driver Over Took A Bike Rider, Hit Him And Took Off Without Looking Behide If He Injured The Bike Rider, Unknown To The Drive A Soldier Man Was Behide Watching Him,the Soldier Caught Up With Him And Punished Him.The Soldier Man Told Him To Treat The Bike Rider And Repair His Bike, That Is How The Issue Was Solved. If Not Because Of The Soldier The Driver Would Have Driven Off. Where Ever They Are, They Always Try Their Best To Solve Issues.

  22. For you to know there’s no government in this country , soldiers who runaway from criminals brutalizing the helpless . if there was a governor in Anambra these soldiers should be arrested and jail for life this video say it all .

  23. Go to Republic of Benin , Togo , Ghana etc and see their citizens on camouflage as civilians and I mean nobody dear to ask them why but as Nigerian in your country you’re worst than a slave shame on the government .

    • #wasiu have you travel to these country before ? They have Top water , electricity and good democracy , And Nigeria has never been giant of Africa ok maybe the most populated country in Africa thanks please .

  24. If truly the Nigerian army are not sychophants and hypocrites,how do their uniforms get into the hands of Boko Haram and armed robbers who wear it to perpetrate evil on the high way at night or in the north??It is only the helpless that they brutalize to deceive pple that corruption doesn’t thrive among them.

  25. But this is something almost everybody knows nah, you are not to wear such cloth

  26. I don’t tink dis ppl Kno au stupied dey are ,y ar dey so heartless jst cos of cloth dey beat up a man dat can’t evn walk I pray der generation wil suffer dis

  27. Dis is pure wickedness….. It would have been better if they had taken d camouflage from him rather Dan disgracing him like dis in public….. wicked souls

    • Who is this one saying and my family Durotoye Adenike Tosin.. so you are in support of what they did to him right.. that’s the problem … When we ourselves have problems we call other people’s name as if they are tied to our generation… Even if you are a ruffle man… Is that the kind of courtesy that should be paid to the poor and indigent people in our country … Because of carmo… Wey be cloth.. o…

  28. We know whats right lets do it;;;;;these soldiers are trying and whoever is insulting the Nigeria soldier should spend a day in sambisa;;;;;one among the best ground soldiers give them some credit;;;;;and cripple when we start get disabled soldiers #no offence#

    • Just because you’re an army man ,where is your conscience. Thank God it wasn’t a gun.for the fact he is a cripple is enough to show him mercy.considering the fact that he may have picked that cloth from somewhere I’m sure he didn’t buy it they could have given him a changing cloth and collect that one from him. Their action is not justified at all.

  29. This is another show of brutality and stupidity from our uniformed men!.What offence is there wearing a camofluage uniform?..

  30. The beat him because is a poor man let rich man wear the will not even ask. We the look for people that hav power n strong heart to protest I don’t see them. God 4giv them

    • U are speaking grammar… If someone like you wear it…. Who you will speak in India tounge in 5 minutes

  31. This wickedness is too much, atleast they could have forgiving bcos of his disableness, mtcheeewwww this world is coming to an end

  32. օʊʀ ռɨɢɛʀɨaռ sօʟɖɨɛʀ’s aʀɛ tʊʀռɨռɢ ɨռtօ sօʍɛtɦɨռɢ ɛʟsɛ օռɛ

  33. Every country has a law that guides her. If Nigeria say don’t wear army cloth just obey. Don’t merge us with Ghana or South Africa.

  34. Very simple take him to the station and ask him where he got the uniform, fine him or detain him but to treat him this way is so stupid and barbaric to do that to a disabled person..make boko carry gun come see wet in go happen..

  35. 9ja soldiers hmmmmm may God help una, because of a shirt, wat a foolishness, I pray some of u make heaven. U people r transferring ur frustration to innocent people. N funny enough u will see that is rank less soldiers that did that, no wonder u people will not promoted

  36. Its good dey beat him…..dey hv been warning him never to wear it….It’s nt first nor 2nd…….D man just dey neglect dem….unto say he is disabled

  37. Go n fight book haram in d north u can’t. U are here beating innocent soul, a disabled 1 for DAT matter. I would ve say God will judge u but I don’t do gossip

  38. I hav once seen dis army uniform being sold….my question is–where do people get it from bfore wearing or selling it? it from sambisa forest?..Hmmm,,nigerian laws only affects d poor n helpless…

  39. U guyz ar mad go and join army and see wetin dey dey face be4 u can get dat uniform for dis Nigeria na everybody no say if u no bi army navy or air force u can’t wear dat uniform. Y d guy go wear d uniform. If to u guyz bi army u go understand wetin i dey talk. Nigeria army ar d proud of d nation. God bless NA

  40. God will punish as many as that have done this. Their generation will no no have peace. This seed they have sold will follow their ten generation in the name of Jesus Christ

  41. NIGERIA military are illiterates. Fool of Hausa small small boy that don’t no their left and right. Wat a pity

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  43. Me dat am talking to u here I’m a solider in war front maiduguri many pple are just saying rubbish u wear unform dat is not belong2 u. I don’t even have anything to say bec am talking to a bloodly civilan

    • Bloody wat?? U wer once a civilian and I’m sure u hv family…d truth is illiteracy runs amongst Nigeria soldiers even among Nigeria leaders its a shame

    • Bloody wat?? U wer once a civilian and I’m sure u hv family…d truth is illiteracy runs amongst Nigeria soldiers even among Nigeria leaders its a shame

    • Oga bloody or no bloody, you guys find fault easy without minding the state of dilemma the person might be huh… is that the right way to disgrace him without asking question….. Bro think about tomorrow and let go of yesterday for you don’t know what it will bring…. when you see a Goat call it a Goat ok….. it is unacceptable to us the civilian the rate you guys insult, disgrace and embrass us….

    • Hear this Mr. Soldier,…. u are a clown, an idiot, a primitive swine, illiterate, fool, goat, rat, devil, backwardness, unprogressive human, standstill man, imbecile, pig, beast, hag man, evil wizard, etc. These are your merits. Cheers!!

    • make i catch u with ur military blood..mofo..cus ur mama born u military abi?even ur family members are still civilians..u dry eat food wey civilians dey friend dat makes u a foolish civilian

    • If That Army Catch Any Of You Thats Making Mouth Here On Facebook He Will Skin You Alive It’s Better You Keep Shut’

    • Useless man. Y can’t u go and flock all this celebrity putting it on, and where is that law made? illiterate

  44. i do know who dis soldiers think they re.imagine beating somebody dat cannot even walk just bc of ordinary cloth hmmm may God have mercy on dis country.

  45. instead of beating this helpless man why dnt they look for those people dat re sowing or printing dat cloth so dey can stop it bc as far as d cloth is in market somebody must buy it.

  46. All dis Nigeria soldiers self dem don’t have 1 common sense at all a cripple again dat has no leg,who knows maybe some one gave him d clothe and he has no oda one again,may God almighty judge u all dat did it foolish soldiers

  47. Why would he wear camouflage in the first place. It’s like putting your hand in the fire to see wether it will burn u

  48. If the cripple pitied his own condition he would not whr a camouflage so let’s be realistic here

  49. Whether cripple or not, the whole world forbidden civilians from wearing khaki, Who knows whether truly he’s a cripple? Bcoz pple this days used army uniform to do all kinds of Evil things, don’t pity anybody in terms of that case pls

  50. Dis is crazy who d hell are d soldiers dat dere uniform can’t be worn den maybe dey should stop d selling at d market…crazy pple in uniform

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  53. After the beating.. what do they gain?….. is Nigerian Camo the best in Africa? Why being so wicked and heartless…… Imagine the insult and embrassment this poor man have recieved from youths that he might be older than…. cause they answer the name military men….. well We bloody civilians are much more better than you people….. Oga check/have ah rethink if this innocent young man was your bro or relation, what will be your reaction… You people are very stupid to act in such way…… this is part of the change… useless people

  54. The worst soldiers(Nigzooria) on earth beating a cripple because of camouflage while the best soldiers(US) in world would give a civilian a thumbs up for wearing a camouflage. May God cripple those two almajiri soldiers so they can feel the pain of that cripple

  55. d only prayers we have two not to fall into a Nigerian soldiers problem..dey are brutal

  56. All of you that are abusing and cursing Nigeria Army….your God or god’s shall push everyone of you to wear camo b4 d end of these month… So that you will all be a lesson for upcoming goat in Biafra….. They will beat some of you….. Mad man will run for you….. They shall beat out the brain you all say you don’t want to have by GOd grace…. Just say Amen and go… Unless you will be the next to post (wasted by a military police because he insulted him on social network)

  57. Av seen many superstar in nigeria putting on camouflag in many occasion, such as 2face, charley boy, timaya, even P-quare, and soldier is their body guide. Are the Artist a God?

  58. Hmm… I hv gone through Nigerian constitution and the military act code and other embodied law acts of the federation and to my greatest believe their is no one section that hv it that wearing of military uniform by civilians is a crime. For crying out loud, Nigerian military boys has to be check cus I believe that 75% of our military are suffering from illiteramatic madness

  59. Is der no oda way to punish him dan dis??.No mind dem after smoking weed na d out come b dis.stupid army pple way no sabi write der name

  60. pourquoi cette dictature, pourquoi cette violence, pouquoi cette brutalité envers cet homme extropied. vraiment cela montre qu’il n’y a pas la gouvernance ici au Nigeria. Que Dieu réagit sur ces, malfrats soit disant soldat.

  61. This country is shit. In Malaysia u wear their camouflage cos u don’t see d soldiers on d street

  62. IJEOMA Ella where in Nigeria constitution can we found your words. This is totally sh*t, is Nigeria better than the U.S of A. Fine Nigerian Army started this because of insecurity (Militancy) in our country so as to know who is who, that cripple can’t even handle a gun for an operation with the boko haram or avengers, so why brutalize him? This is bad #fact

  63. I don have much things to say than…. As they are, i believe they are already living deads …. (zobies) God will pay them all if they don’t exempt thems3lves from evil

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  65. If this is true,may all those fools never find peace until they find that man and apologize to him

  66. Doz who follow Gossip mill shud watch the video… Its soo annoying…. Sch rubbish from our own soldiers…. D dnt evn do mch protection anymore… D r now d masters in evry crime…. Hopeless pple intimidating pple dah r hlpless… I hate it most wen d attack som1 coz of d uniform.. Oda countries u see li2 children puttin on dz clothe on d street nd walk freely…. Som evn wear it as tribute… But here!! It is wear and hide!!.. One day d wil attack d child of deir fellow one den d wil knw… Na.. Mtcheww….d r so sick in d head.. D video wil mk u wana cry


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