Entertainment News Soma and Miyonce Evicted From Big Brother Naija Show…

Soma and Miyonce Evicted From Big Brother Naija Show…


Soma became the first housemate to be evicted from the big brother house after two weeks.

Shortly afterwards, he was joined by Miyonse.

Miyonse learnt that TBoss nominated him & he says he’s not surprised, just disappointed after their bromance on the show.




  1. Some times things like this always happen I wonder if there is hoping of moving to the next level with this presents situations

  2. What a sad day in the history of Nigeria?Soma and Miyonsi were the ones not making us think of that our mumu president..now we are back to thinking…

  3. Bye bye to the two of them, abet biggie, tell Efe to enter the house oh, he don drink his table water finish oh.

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha going back to their boyfriends to explain those kisses…..no be my real face oo

  5. I can’t stop crying ooooooo……..soma….why u……the saddest day …….big brother there is Godooooooooo

  6. Abeg shey no bi dis Miyonce guy dey chop one housemate for one video like that?!…If na im I.can only say…”#Wehdon sir!!

  7. Yes! They came for love! Let those that need the money find the money nice one biggie

  8. Diary of a dying heart… I have finally accepted my none existence but my heart continues to beat Even though I walk through the streets day by day, I try and punish it by refusing to give it food to eat If only I can stop my mind from controlling maybe I can restrict the movement of my feet Lead my body to the right place where is belongs Tired of hearing misleading songs, where people sing “all shall be well” When all my heart does is continue to swell May I just go to the place where I shall dwell, Not sure if peace is what I shall get there but wherever I go I don’t really care #Note: This isn’t a suicidal note Dedicated to Meyonse he left with my heart …

    • Like seriously?!…Waoh!!…With what you wrote for Miyonce would it be right to say am already crushing on you!!..*I mean Are you a Poet?

    • Praaah! You crushing on someone who behaves like he child? I was never suprised i almost bet with my dad’s house over miyonce’s eviction! He was hood-winked by tboss! This is a game mhen, you ought to communicate with every one , he was tied to tboss not know the girl plotted his downfall! Miyonce come home jor! Mummy wanna see you!

    • @Hyacinth..abeg shey na me you dey refer to?.because na @Marihann my comment dey reply to oh?

    • @oyedeji, I Jst luv dt guy. Miyonse z ma kind of guy, he z cool, calm n respect pipos opinions.

    • Ugbana hyacinth, he wasn’t hooked by tboss he Jst respected ha n didn’t want to hurt ha. Had it bin one evictee, I bet ur dad’s house wuld b on auction by now. Dnt blame me tho, I Jst luv his style n I’m sad he left

    • Waoh!….Really?,..Well, I would like to send a friend request to one of Miyonce’s biggest fan,would you mind?..

    • To miyonse: You are a brave and handsome guy that has alot to offer but you lost your focus a little bit while you’re following tboss up and down……. Don’t be sad you will be great in Jah’s name…… i will see you in higher places…. love yah To soma: You are talented and you’re already a super mega star…. i don’t think you lost focus because i know you’re smart but you’re nominated at the wrong time bro……. and to crown it all up just few hours out of the show a popular actress in naija just promised you a role in her TV series….. thats just the starting point… To efe: You are great guy with alot of Grace and i use your grace as a prayer for myself……. Everyone just seems to like you And it’s not that you’re better than the rest but its God doings oooo….. That’s God at work…. #make sure you win this shit….. For You to beat soma and miyonse in votes it means you have alot of fans . if you play your cards right you are gonna win this shit… … To biggie: Don’t ever do what you did today again ooo….. You could have just said” soma & miyonse” please leave big brothers house……. Why did you have to take them to another room to do that….. .. You re somehow shady And sneaky….. But it’s your show anyways….. And remember be ready to lose some ratings oooooo. Soma And miyonse also has alot of fans too ……. And pls remove the rated 18 pls change it to 13…… Kids are now watching for crying out loud…… Lolz……. And biggie try smoking so that your voice will sound more robot like…lol Am out…

  9. It’s better..after massaging person babe….na fire dem give you….on your way out…thunder dey await you

  10. This is totally rubbish they did today.. I am not even interested again.. Am tired of this program

  11. Somadinnnna. My guy……am not hapi @all but is a game what can i do….so so sori bro.God have a good plan for u bro

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  13. Tho i was happy efe dint got evicted buh i dnt expect SOMADINA 2 leave d ouz so soon. Big broda just burst my bubble eliminating d guyz wey dey make tinz dey happen. M sure d show is gonna dry 2ruout dis week


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