News South Africans burn Nigerian homes for running illegitimate businesses in Johannesburg

South Africans burn Nigerian homes for running illegitimate businesses in Johannesburg

Residents of Rosettenville in Johannesburg on Saturday, February 11,  went on a rampage burning 10 houses they allege belonged to Nigerians running drug dens and brothels in South Africa.
According to the angry residents, they said Nigerians have been running illegitimate businesses in the country.
Speaking to Sowetan Live, Albert Mwenza, a Malawian man and his family who were living at one of the buildings that were burnt narrated his ordeal.
‘When a larger group came back, I was told to leave, but I refused. I was then forced out. Some of the people jumped over the wall into the house and stole our belongings.
‘They then threw petrol bombs. Everything else that was left inside was burnt to ashes. I am sad because we are innocent and have nothing to do with drugs and brothels.’
Albert and his family are said to sleeping in the street of Johannesburg since the occurrence of the incident.
Another Malawian living in the house said he was at work when the commotion started. Yufusu Alie, 32, shared the bedroom with his wife and four young children.
‘There was R24000 in the house which I was supposed to send home. I do not know what my family and I are going to do. We have not eaten since yesterday and the clothes we are wearing are the only clothes we have left,’  Alie said.
It was however revealed that the South African Police Service  SAPS is investigating  the incident.

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  1. South Africa and Xenophobia are like 5 and 6!!..They have this deep hatred for foriegners in their country most especially Nigerians,which I have found hard to understand!.

  2. Illegal business is not gud Nigerians desist from it but d treatment melted on dem is harsh

  3. So nigerians are not even safe in SA. See their mouth like illegitimate business. What of their ppl who are in Nigeria also doing illeegitimate business and cheating. We didnt kill any of them nor burn their houses. So, why will they be attacking nigerians in their country?

  4. This is not so good. Those nigerians who the south africans are targetting and burning their homes, should better look for a way out of their country or get full security b4 heir attacks will lead to their deaths…. South Africans aren’t accomodating for nigerians which is unfair…

  5. why nt live there country and stay in your own or must you be in another man country bf you go make am?

  6. They did the wrong thing by dealing with those that were innocent, they would dealt with those Nigerians that engage in the act.

  7. I have fully read and understood this story in the link.I don’t know why Nigerians will go to another man’s land & will be doing illegal business like drug trafficking and engaging children as young as 9 in prostitution.If Nigeria can take that shit,other countries don’t have the tolerance for that.

  8. There no place like home. Nigerians, let us make Nigeria good.the claim for this so called illegal business may not be true or substanciated,even those nigerians that are doing legal businesses are not save from their attack.why is it that the whole world hate nigerians so much? Though we have bad elemwnts among us but these bad elements had dented our image globally. Nigerians let us amend our ways.

  9. We can of business is that which lead to the burn of home Nigeria take your hand way from evil doing money is not everything’s accepted Jesus into your life and ask forgiveness he ready to forgive you this is what the world have for them

  10. People did not have the fear of God because of money . money is the root of all evil according to the bible


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