Entertainment News Stella Damasus and Her Husband, Daniel Ademinokan Steps out

Stella Damasus and Her Husband, Daniel Ademinokan Steps out



Beautiful and talented Nollywood Actress Stella Damasus is currently in L.A. for the training sessions at her “Stella Damasus Art Foundation (SDAF) – Themed invasion Program.

The beautiful couple took out time for pose for the camera after one of their numerous training sessions.




  1. Wat u did to doris,it is n’t gud at all. Put urself in her shoe.Na wa 4 u.B4 i really like u but now I don’t.

    • U dis haters kwraa wah bi ur own? Have u finish tlkin abt urslf…. u no geh sumthn doin abi? Take ur life do somthing berta… big ups Stella

  2. I wish people can just sit down for some mins n tink abt life n what life can bring to our way.what is giving her d assurance dat getting married to anoda woman’s husband will make her own relationship late forever,don’t forget he was once in a marriage vow n left bcos of something dat happened btwn d two of dem.Don’t tink u r special dat even wen u get involve he wudnt do same to u.its always in a man’s nature to cheat but cheat wit sense.positive effect shud feel relationship or marriage 4 a long time.soul amtr r not born but r made.u don’t get perfect being,we only get d imperfect n make dem perfect to our taste.marriage is designed to succeed wen marital success is d priority…..Word of advice to both of dem.

  3. Men becareful,lt is not good to be dating two friend at atime ,this can lead to everlasting enemity,you will be sanction by God ooo

  4. weda u hate or love her na for ur own pocket. To all d haters spend ur tym hating ha while she makes ha money. up stella

  5. Funny enough, the ways of a woman and a man are beyond the ordinary at times. Sometimes, it is just destiny!

  6. move on with life stella even if u repeat wt is said of u over and over i still love u to a fault u are a jewel . put on a bad sun shade and move on ok?

  7. every body has his/her own way of resoning in life most people may hav the sam experec, no body is perfect it may happen to u. u can’t rubish some of what u dont knw whether truth or not. we all are human we shuld not say what we dont knw it may u or any body things can change so all so with human beings. pls stop rebish ur muth say u knw

  8. Stella I still luv u oo , pls if d guy is still married 2 is wife let him go because I believe God will send u ur own husband. n is going 2 be better dan want u think u av nw.

  9. Stella darling I love you, I don’t care about what people say. Most time people just say things they know nothing about.

  10. Dnt answer them jor let them be saying wht they lyk na them get there mouth move up wit ur life

    Dnt answer them let them say wht ever they lyk na them get there mouth move on wit ur life.they are rumous carrer

  11. Stella u’re a disgrace to human hood, y snatch other people’s husband, u don’t believe in urself that ur own man will come, u shameless idiot. U don’t wann have issue for dis guy yet u don’t wan him to take care of doris & her baby. U shall reap wat u sew.

  12. Friend the truth of the matter is that no woman loves to be changing mam like cloth.think it can’t be her doing am sure.every woman need love and care.let continue to pray along with her,that the lord should guide her and help to choose right and not to have cause to change this present man.Most men outside now are after what they will get from ladies mind u,some are dating a late not for true love.however let us all ask Jesus to help us and fill our heart with the God kind of love.Jesus loves u all.if u are yet to accept Jesus pls kindly do today,he is the only one that can give true love.thanks

  13. Stella U a useless lady nd a shameless idiot u will surely reap all n u will b disappointed in all ur ways

  14. Pls dnt insult her cos we dnt knw wat actually happened.let God b d judge but to b frank Stella I’m disappointed.To those who suppport did nd dnt dat said dey dnt care she shud move on,I prophesize such occurence in all ur lives.May ur husband or wife dump u after marriage nd immediately claim to love another woman or man travelln around,cruising d world wif d new love.

  15. girls realy we have to sit and think things over o o.na curse.why all dis artress dem self,2day dey will marry only to devoce 2morrow and marry anoder man,na waoo dis is pure halotry

  16. Please,let us put an end to every abusive word toward Stella.Cos Our destiny is deffers from each other the best prayer for her is that,God should turn every situation that seems wrong to better one.

  17. Please,let us put an end to every abusive word toward Stella.Cos Our destiny is deffers from each other the best prayer for her is that,God should turn every situation that seems wrong to better one.

  18. Seriously people?! What’s the big deal with what happened to Stella and Doris. There is a yoruba proverb that says if someones situation doesn’t go bad, someone else doesn’t get blessed. Doris had issues with her man, it’s a normal thing in marriage, neither would they be d first couple or the last to part ways, Stella meets him and marries him. This occurrence won’t be d first, neither would it be d last so what’s all the unecessary drama about it. I love Doris s a person, same with Stella, and the most logical thing to do is to encourage Doris to move on, she is a prettychick, and i like her maturity about this situation, she hasn’t said much about this unlike some useless low lives like Toyin aimaku or whatever her name is who picks up someone else’s war and make it theirs and would even do it soo unreasonably with no show of civilisation at all.well, Doris, I apologise for whatever it 8 that went wrong in your home, but leaving the marriage isn’t the end of your life, you are stronger than that little hurdle of life, hop across it and move on to better glory. And to Stella, my dear, I wish you the best in this marriage and I sincerely pray that this marriage works well in ur favour. Life has been a Lil unfair with you on the topic of marriage, and you really deserve to be happy.so be happy and make the best of it. ……let’s all be objective and positive in our thinking and opinion, it’s easier to crucify people,but we forget we could act worse if we are in their shoes. HATERS, TAKE A CHILL PILL OF SOME SEDATIVE AND GET SOME SLEEP!

  19. Stella u re indeed my role model.At dis point, I can’t judge you cos I m not a saint as well as dose commenting. We should just pray DAT we don’t find ourselves in her shoes

  20. every marriage has issues, (U should know dat). all U could do is to worsen d issues. U didn’t try at all. I don’t really know ur story but U were among the Ladies in Nollywood dat I rep. but now I can’t say I like Stella Damascus. just release dat man to his wife and put it on urself dat they come together that is if U want ur marriage crisis to end. U may say U re not d reason Y dey separated but trust me its a LIE cos if U didn’t show him interest, he would’ve gone back to his wife. ask God 4 forgiveness afterwards then HE will bless U with Ur own.

  21. Jehovah hâte divorcé, so young man the bible made it clear that before u divorcé yur hubby or yur wife unless hé or she commits adultery If neccesery, so If she did not commit adultery go back and continue with her as u used to. Remember its ordained from God

  22. Stella dear,God wrks in mysterious wys in our lifes so dear if Daniel and Doris are divorced ask him to settle the difference btn him n e wife.if u can call the two and help them come to an agreement.if they get back again tell urslf ,urs is on e wy dat is full of peace,love, understanding and more so God’s blessing. I knw u’re gud @ heart and u wldn’t wnt ur fellow human suffer b’cos of love.we don’t knw wat transpired btn them so pls let stop e insults n remember dem in prays. I love u stella


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