Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Stella Damasus Celebrates Her Boo on His Birthday

Stella Damasus Celebrates Her Boo on His Birthday


Stella Damasus Celebrates Her Boo on His Birthday

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus’s boo, Daniel Ademonikan is a year older today, July 31, 2015.

Stella took to Instagram to celebrate her boo and send lovely birthday message to him.

Read what she wrote below:




  1. The truth is bitter but I like saying it when the opportunity arises or may be it is because of my experiences. I once made a very grave mistake that cost me a lot in life. So when I see anything wrong, I don’t always look away or shut my mouth. Here is my advice to Ademilokan………

  2. Queen Elizabeth has been on that throne for over 60 years now and she is being celebrated all over the world. But I read from history that the throne was abdicated by the original heir to the throne who had opportunity to choose between the throne and a divorcee where by he abdicated the throne and run away with the divorcee. I know some people will say he followed his mind but I know by now he would have been receiving 1000 lashes of cain everyday in heaven because he had not chosen wisely at all. He behaved like a servant that was given 1 talent and he buried it and received punishment from his master upon his return.

  3. Now, Ademilokan, you have a child with your young beautiful wife of your youth, Simeon and one thing led to another, you started business with Stella Damascus and eventually found true love in her. My young brother, all that glitters are not gold, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. I suppose you are a christian.

  4. If you are a christian, you have to abide by christian rules (even when it is not convenient), that is why the bible says “narrow is the road that leads to heaven and only few people find it but wide is the road that leads to hell but many people throng it. Take your child and go back to your wife and settle with her. The life is short, we are spending more time in heaven than on earth. I am very sure, some people are already dead but it is too late to make amendment, if not, they would have come back. Let us always check our move, action, utterances, steps and whatever we do with the word of God so that we will not blame ourselves when we die. Life is precious, let us place value on it.


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