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“Stop rolling your eyes at me, you cannot entice me” – Cardinal Okogie to Female ‘Tempters’


“Stop rolling your eyes at me, you cannot entice me” – Cardinal Okogie to Female ‘Tempters’In an interview with PUNCH, Cardinal Okogie advised women to stop fixing attachments on their hair because it is a waste of money.

The retired Catholic Archbishop of Lagos and former president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), disclosed temptations he encountered from females while serving as a Priest.
He said;

“Look at the length women go to make their hair look attractive. “Some make their hair like an osuka (a load-carrying pad). It is a waste of money fixing attachments.

“God gave us eyes; if you don’t control them, they will control you. If you don’t control your senses, they will control you.

“Some women came around and started rolling their eyeballs to entice me. “Some think they are not beautiful enough, so they apply eyelashes etc. No woman can entice me with that.”

When asked how he was able to overcome such temptations, Okogie responded:

“I am neither a saint nor an angel. We are all human beings. I am only saying these are some of the things they do to draw and attract you. “These days, some women even go about padding their breasts. This is absolute rubbish.

“When I see somebody I seem to like, I look for that part I don’t like and concentrate on that. “You may think I am looking at you but I am not. No one is a saint. Only God is holy.

“Some people came to me to tempt me. One of them said, ‘Father, I can’t understand my husband. I am feeling cold.’ I simply told her, ‘Why not warm your husband if you are cold. Say something that will enliven your husband.’

“She replied, ‘Father, you don’t understand.’ I asked her, ‘What do I not understand? At my age, what do I not understand?’ “They use all these seductive words. It is not easy (resisting them) if you are not really fortified with prayers. God has been faithful.”

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