News Student sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for slitting his girlfriend’s throat.

Student sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for slitting his girlfriend’s throat.


An enraged lover, Luka Shuaibu, who attempted to slit the throat of his girlfriend, following suspicion of unfaithfulness, has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for attempted murder and causing grievous bodily hurt, Punchng reports.

In October, 2016, Shuaibu, a diploma student in the Department of Tourism and Leisure Management, Adamawa State Polytechnic, attempted to slit the throat of his girlfriend, Sekina Ishaya.

Sekina, also a Tourism and leisure Management student, was attacked by her angry lover after allegedly seeing her with another man. Shuaibu was sentenced last Wednesday to 12 years imprisonment without option of fine.

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Shehu Ahmad, the Chief Magistrate of the Yola Magistrate Court, while passing his sentence, said the court found the accused guilty of an attempt to commit culpable homicide and causing grievous bodily hurt to his female lover.

The magistrate said the sentence was based on the witnesses, testimonies as well as admission of guilt by the convict, noting that the parties could file an appeal if not satisfied with his judgment.

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  1. What a wicked act, the judge is been fair on him. If it’s me life imprisonment with hard work.

  2. Is it that he slit her throat or attempted to? look you guys know nothing about news delievery

  3. Its easy to lay curses, but smart to ask ‘why’ there is more to this story than you think.

  4. I think it’s safe to say infidelity/cheating/pure stupidity cause this fool to be in jail now. You saw her with another guy, why not move on instead you let rage take ahold of you and you sliced her throat like an orange. Anyways she’s gonna recover and still date other people while you rot in jail.. Idiot.. Some guys don’t even think before acting.. Really hope she recovers quickly as possible..

  5. How could you be so consumed with jealousy that you attempted taking someone’s daughter’s life?You are still a student who should concentrate on more productive things in life by making your education a priority but instead you were rather possessive and jealous over a lady that’s only a gf,not even a wife!It’s such a shame

  6. U deserve a life imprisonment.. Rubbish..if u r heartbroken y not go n amend it..does ur heart or anger worth losing a life for. See his face nonsense

  7. U deserve a death sentence.. Whatever d lady did,it doesn’t give you d right trying to take a life U can’t Create. U have d option of walking away fom d relationship

  8. Girls u should be careful concerning this boy friend of thing, some guys don’t deserve girls in their live..

  9. That serves right!!!! No matter whatever transpired he has no right to treat anybody like that ….what he’s bent on killing that lady

  10. Wiat Ohh… All Of Una Just Dey Fire Dis Guy… De Bae Na Una Sister??? Abegi… I Swear If You Guys Were In His Shoe.. You Could Have Done Something Worst… So Lets Stop Pretending On Social Media As If We Are Innocent Of Domestic Violence.. Its Just a Matter Of Prayer And Endurance….


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