Editorials Teenage Love Affair: Chapter 1

Teenage Love Affair: Chapter 1



It was a new term, in the second year of Hilltop College. Many students had left during the Christmas period while many new faces were seen around the college as the school resumed such faces were that of Craig Christy, Emmanuel Brown, Reggie Dean and Donald Bates.
Sophie D was back in school, looking good like she always did, always had on the latest designers.

She came in that morning wearing the new Pastries by Angela and Vanessa Simmons, brown-choco muffin boots. They were sick on her and made her look drop dead gorgeous than she already was in her uniform. Her friends as usually all met up in front of the dinning room doors talking about wot had happened during their hols, they laughed and made the boys stare as their bodies swayed from side to side with their popping lip gloss.

“Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!”. The school bell rang which meant it was time for assembly. Everyone assembled and listened to what was being said before being dismissed to their classes.
A guy was talking out of Sophie D’s class due to overcrowding. As usual she sat at the back of her male best friend Peter and they exchanged letters throughout the whole day. The relationship between Peter and Sophie D was a great bond not that of intimacy or extra affection but that of BFF’s. They always had time for each other even when they were with their best buddies.
Sophie D was the loving, caring, generous but funny kind of girl, she had her haters but they all ended up seeming to like her in one way or the other. She spoke to everyone in her grade, even those that didn’t want to be spoken to. She had her main friends Molly, Nancy and Maggie.
I heard the words loud and clear and knew he was talking about me. I had this unknown hatred towards him, and guessed the feelings were mutual. Whenever I set my eyes on him, I feel this surge of anger and hatred, but deep down it felt like something else I just couldn’t place a finger on it.

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“What’s wrong?” Peter turned and asked me who was agitated at that moment.
“Nothing!” I managed to breathe out from under my breathe in a sharp tone.

Miss Daviz who was our Sexual Health Education teacher stepped in the class and asked for there to be silence. Everyone kept quiet and turned towards her direction.

“Morning class”
“Good morning miss” we all said.
“As you all know this week is “”Say No! week””
“Yes miss” we all said in a low tone, for we all knew why she was in their class.
“So the following students are going to treat this topic on Friday, Sophie Durant and Craig Christy-Curtis in the school hall at the usual time for debate afternoon”.
There was a five minutes silence, the wind whistled through the windows and the birds singing broke the silence. Everyone spoke at once. I stood up “Miss, I cant treat this topic with Craig!”
“Oh yes you will, you are one of the best in your grade and so I heard that Craig was quite the champ at his previous school. I want to see what potential he has” Miss Davis said sternly.
“So why cant you choose Tia, Molly or Maggie then?!” I replied.
“This is week four and they all have participated three weeks before respectively, no more complaints Sophie D.”
“Yes Miss.” my voice was calm, unsure about the outcome.
Miss Davis stepped out of the class with a stern look at me.
The whole class muttered and watched me for an expression but I was carried away with my conversation with Peter, I barely noticed that anyone was watching me talk-less of the whole class.

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Peter told me everything and so did I, better still we knew everything about each other, we spoke on phone for hours which made girls think that there was more than what met the eye. Molly had told me once during a boring event we had to attend in the school hall that she had a crush on Peter, and it even seemed to me that Peter also had a crush on Molly too. But I never knew I was in for a more bigger shock.

“Sophie D.”
“Yeah, I told you stop calling me with the A when were not around Sophie L.”
“Sorry babe, I just like calling you that.”
“Cool then.”
“So whats up.?!”
“Don’t scream or shout yeah.!” Peter said hysterically
“Excuse me!?”
“Am serious, what am about to tell you now is cool for me, but maybe your worst nightmare.”
“Just blurt it out” she replied
“Curtis-Christy Craig has a big crush on you.”
“What!!! Craig Christy-Curtis as a crush on on me! You must be kidding me.” I blurted
Peter raised an eyebrow and smiled.
“Well I think so, because he talks about you in the dorm ALL THE TIME, he always knows the time you going for your meals, and he even has your new number and I know you didn’t give it to him. So what else.”
Christy A was speechless, with her lips slightly parted all she could say was “SNM” – say no more.

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