Viral News Teen’s adorable bathroom selfie with elderly woman goes viral…

Teen’s adorable bathroom selfie with elderly woman goes viral…


A girl’s post has gone viral after she posted selfies she took with an elderly woman in a bathroom.

Mahri Smith from Ottawa posted a series of selfies with her friends and an elderly woman on Twitter.

She revealed she was in a restroom when the woman looked at her and said she missed those days when she and her friends would dress up and go out.The teen then gave her a sweet response and made her feel young again.

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The 18-year-old wrote:

‘This lady in the washroom, looking at me, said: “I remember when my girlfriends and I would get dressed up and go out. I miss that.”So I said: “Why miss it? We’re all out right now aren’t we?” Short story – we have a new friend.’

Her post has already been retweeted 73,000 times in just 48 hours.



  1. It doesn’t get better than that… I always say.. A smile from you can change n heal another persons pain… always smile, your smile encouraged someone your don’t know… Happy new month fellas

  2. It can take the richness of our heart to make others feel good but the question is, how many is rich in heart

  3. LOLZZZsee poems abeg because of gift from everybody don turn poet chai nijja we to love awuf even me self


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