Entertainment News “The Love Daddy Has For Nigeria, I Can’t Describe” – Zahra Buhari...

“The Love Daddy Has For Nigeria, I Can’t Describe” – Zahra Buhari Indimi Raves About Her Dad


“The Love Daddy Has For Nigeria, I Can’t Describe” – Zahra Buhari Indimi Raves About Her DadPresident Buhari’s daughter, Zahra Buhari Indimi took to Instagram to post sweet words about her dad.

The president’s popular daughter stated that she cannot describe the depth of love her dad has for our dear country, Nigeria.

The 23 year old posted a photo of president Buhari walking towards his office with two aides to resume work after his long medical vacation.

“The Love Daddy Has For Nigeria I Can’t Describe” – Zahra Buhari Indimi Raves About Her DadShe wrote in the photo caption,

“#fromthestart. #determination. #sincerity #trust #wholeheartedly #bythe people #forthepeople. The love daddy has for Nigeria and her people, I can’t describe….I can never explain the depth and the passion he speaks with about our dear country.”

"Being gay is not a crime in Nigeria, the detention of Bobrisky is illegal" – Bisi Alimi



  1. u try wella….how u go fit describe am…..u no wetin nigerians dey face….abeg .make una no annoy me

  2. Asin ehnn, like seriously?? You don baff? now we know the president went for that medical trip with his daughter, the girl sef no well

  3. If that your boyfriend show you this type of love for just 2 months u for don die before your father

  4. Abeg tell ur papa make him fill ur body temperature for me, maybe u too want to go for ur own treatment. Rubbish….

  5. Girl u need bed rest alongside ur papa…We can see how much ur fada love this dear country since hin go abroad for treatment…Nonsense

  6. if he loves Nigeria he could’ve died in that London hospital. that’s the only way to show that he loves Nigeria

  7. if not that u are not okay……come to where i live andmake this comment and u will get the exact result…..u looking for…when president daughter are talking u too follow them?…u should be ashamed of your father and your self…..rubbish people

    • Yes na…..Y wont i vex just because they can afford three square meal a day doesnt mean,i can afford it…….Nigerians are suffering all in the name of one rubbish change….Do they no if i have eaten or how i manage to….See buhari should go down from that chair

    • GBAM!!! sister i support u wella…zahra abi na zere be dat ur name,plus u n u father God dey prepare 4 una…go n hide ur face in shame u misfortune bringers!

    • GBAM!!! sister i support u wella @SHARON…zahra abi na zere be dat ur name,plus u n u father God dey prepare 4 una…go n hide ur face in shame u misfortune bringers!

    • abeg…..They should leave me…..Am thinking about how to pass my exams not to think about our president that has no brain…..

    • God will continue to punish him till he get down from that chair…..Infact no b God go punish u,na that allah wey u day worship go punish u…..Nigerians are suffering….If not that nigerians are used to all this does he think he will still be there…..

  8. sorry for president daurther bcos she is only being selfish bcos she lack ntin excep knwlege, ur fada is ntin bt a disgrace to d country nigeria, shame to u and ur fada

  9. Chaii which can love bi dis one bia dis girl is like dat sick dat afect ur fada don dey affect u for brain;;abeg where is dat london doctor it don happen for de daughter of our prido too but her own is for de brain…i don carry her dey cum for una hospital to check her welluwellu…

  10. no mind am jare.wen him papa close boda & talk say make we no import anytin again.na ordinary treatment he need o he don run go abroad.y he no stay 4 naija dey reciev treatment.wen he no say dey don spoil tinz 4 naija finish.ptceeeew.yeye people

  11. What kind of love is that love, that is staving people,closing down many companies d poor getting poor day by day destorying our economic setting us backward pls if u dont ve want to say pls shut ur mouth

  12. D moron reminds us all of a typical liberal bastard… Waaahh m standin in front of ma fone we my starved lookin walrus daddy recordin..our.stupid crusted potatoes..face

  13. hahahahah, mmmmmmmmh, love keh, gosh, I prefer the hatred of Goodluck Jonathan to what u called ur father’s love, if ur father’s love is like this how would his hatred be? senseless talkative

  14. He get love for 9ja nw wen u dey see everytin u need….come ask me make i explain to u d way he him dey rule 9ja

  15. I wish you this type of love your baba(daddy)has for Nigeria,infact i wish you the kind of love he has for Biafra.

  16. When u dey inside Aso-Rock dey see food chop, how u go take know the price of rice, turkey, fish etc, My dear I no blame u o. We also love your daddy and that’s why we want him to take more rest so he wnt die on seat.

  17. Hmmm we don’t blame you and your family oooo it’s our mistake and we have learnt alot from voting in the wrong one’s.. Did you say love hmmm I guess you don’t have the complete understanding of what the word love for one’s country means

  18. Dear Nigerians do you think its easy to repair broken parts of the body within a short time NO.. So Nigeria has to undergo series of problems before everything should be okay. Just pray to GOD that everything should be okay

  19. Abeg luv 4 wat country? wen we r busy dying of hunger evry were recession, u betta go 4 medical check up

  20. See dis lady ooo y dont u speak out wen ur grandpa went for treatment dat u also need treatment so dat we’l arrange 4 ur own(psychatric) patient room IDIOT If ur husband show u dx kind of love 4 1week im sure d water in ur body will dry up

  21. See as the girl hand be like selfie stick…….president that can not die for his country is that one a president?

  22. Story, Story oooo. Why she no go jam talk wen she no see hardship. Useless daughter of a Chimpanzee. Now adays na anybody dey talk rubbish for social media just to be popular.

  23. Madam go look for somewhere sit down him no get mouth to tell us na you done become his mouthpiece abi

  24. Will u keep quiet!!!!!!!,so u were not inform too. OK deer is God.ur daddy’s love for naija my foot ohhh I get it u mean his hatred.Aisha go sleep OK if don’t know wat to say.

  25. why wont open ur mouth to say rubbish when u dnt know d cost of bag of rice in the market,av u ever been to d market before to buy food stuffs,see u dis girl dnt make me talk ooo

  26. You know see as you fresh like ijebuode mosquito,make you for wake up early morning waka go look for work make you no see any till evening,then you go know how evil and the kind of hatred he has for Nigeria…

    • Four long time , your dad has great ambition to change things around Now the opportunity is within his reach Let the ambition manifest now Enough of this LUV FOR Nigeria What is happening to the common Nigeria Is the results of the love manifesting physically

  27. Weda yha name na zahra or zebra we no wan knw. dnt u av eye cnt u see comon garri now na 1cup handred naira en poor nigerian people are dieing evday..de kind thunder wer go fire u wit dat post stil de trending 4 mountain of fire prayer hus idiot…see liv dat plc go yha husband auz o weda na mumu de wowii u sef ……shaaade

  28. Wait o….Zahra u shit today ???……my friend stop all those rubbish talk nd selfish una de take with ur papa n go use d toilet…….what nonsense

  29. Hw can u describe it wen its filled wit complications and rejections(confusion in disguise)……don’t say dx in public again !!!!

  30. Lady better go jeje and be pumping babies for ur husband b4 he marries d next one…Ask those military men and women and their families what the true meaning of love for ones country truly mean….go and sit down joooorrrr…..

    • B4 d man go marry another na DAT one we no go hear wen d man wedd am, as for did one make una pardoned na small baby way still d suck breast she no no watin world thy talk

  31. This girl is senseless just like him papa …. Love ni love ko na he dey own me 5months salary arrears

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  33. Wich doctor wan trit nigeria,cus dis man don infect nigeria wit em sicknes,evri tin dey cost any hw,nigeria nid tritment abeg,

  34. My own is that the 2 should and go back to London abi Na America were dey waka come from.

  35. Other presidents are busy making their country a better place our own is busy plotting revenge on those politicians that wronged him during military regime.

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  37. You go say your papa abi my fellow Nigerians una nor know were una daddy dey? This girl should just keep her mouth shut. How i wish you know what the widows are going through go to the nearest orphanage and see what is happening daddy my foot

  38. No talk am outside ohh…unless u want make na only surgery them go use remove the hand wey go disfigure your face.Hahahahahaha

  39. I can describe that love o!… It’s the same love that the rat has for corn… And, the same love that the cat has for the rat. Period!… Let him come back and finish this ‘corn’ so that he can finally rest.

  40. Deceive yourself and your fellow abokis! Your father love Nigeria by lopsiding his appointments to the north and also describing some part of Nigeria as 97% to 7%. Hypocrite dey worry u.

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  43. Am speechless…. Love?? Bia this gal u need to leave that aso rock and just stay on de streets fr just one day dats if u can survive……u go see de Extraordinary and Unspoken love he has fr Nigeria Anu ofia wen na ur papa y u no go talk trash..

  44. Unto d O, Lord we commit our country Nigeria. Give d president & his vice d wisdom 2 transform into a better place in JESUS name, Amen. Dis is wot we need in our country Nigeria. Prayers


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