Entertainment News Celebrity Gist The Media Won’t Let Me Be- Majek Fashek

The Media Won’t Let Me Be- Majek Fashek


The Media Won't Let Me Be- Majek FashekIn a recent interview with Encomium Weekly, Majek Fashek told the magazine that the media won’t let him be and they are blackmailing him.

In his words, “The Nigerian press, the print in particular, not electronic, have been blackmailing me. They are trying to ruin me, writing all sorts of things against me. I did nothing”

Majek dismissed the story by a Nigerian blogger saying the reggae singer is poor and he’s begging for drinks on the street.

Majek Fashek said the story is not true. According to him, “It’s not true. The thing is I’m a Rasta Man and a prisoner of conscience. These are my two movements. And a prisoner of conscience and Rasta Man does not avoid the poor. Poverty is a sin, I cannot discriminate against the streets, even though I am a millionaire. I have $100, 000 in one of the biggest banks in America. I’m not a careless man. I’m a father with four boys. What happened was the hotel I was staying didn’t have light and they didn’t put on the generator. I was bored. So, I went into the streets to buy myself a drink. I like Guinness, sometimes Apeteshi or malt. I use the Apeteshi to consult with the holy spirit.

The Nigerian print is trying me, I will pour fire on them. Don’t they want me to live? You people, the media control the world. People believe whatever you write. You control even the presidents of the world. The area boys and girls are the ones that saved my stardom.”

“I didn’t even know that guy wrote this thing came to investigate me. Is he CIA? I even bought him bread that day” he said.

Majek revealed he stopped his family from visiting him a few years ago because it wasn’t practical for them even though they were missing him.

“I told them not to, especially because my first son, Randy he has a good job with the American government with a wife and children. And I didn’t want him to risk all that.”



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