Entertainment News Celebrity Gist There’s no Expiry Date for Getting Married _ Empress Njamah

There’s no Expiry Date for Getting Married _ Empress Njamah


There's no Expiry Date for Getting Married _ Empress NjamahIn a new interview, Empress Njamah has calmed the fears of single unmarried ladies, stating that there is no expiry date to getting marries.

The actress sat down for an interview with The Nation where she was asked about when she will tie the knot, Empress replied,

“There is never an expiry date for getting married. I don’t know why people keep asking this question.”

When asked if her celebrity status could be one of the reasons for her delay in getting married,

She said, ‘It has nothing to do with it. It could happen to anyone; they are some people who won’t get married and there are some who want to get married and it is not forthcoming. And there are some who are taking their time not to jump in.

Eventually it will happen; there is not date that is written that you have to get married. If I haven’t gotten married, there are obviously reasons why I haven’t. And I don’t see that as a crime or problem. When the time comes, it is obvious that people will know and celebrate with you genuinely. If you see the right man and match, why not, Let’s not make this thing a point of a big deal; I don’t know.’

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  1. Yes I totally agreed with her because true love is everlasting my dear wait for the true and perfect love

  2. God gave us everything in pairs- two hands, two eyes, two ears…But why only one heart? Because he gave another to someone else for us to go find. Some find theirs at 18 some in their 20s others find theirs in their 30s or 40.. Its not abt when u find yours matters is finding d right person.. I agree with her..

  3. Ur husband Neva shoop winsh come remember you. He go search 4 expiry date on una marriage certificate. Lolz

  4. When you married at age 40_50 and you are unable to take in you are already expired unproductive.

  5. Stay single till you clock 50, that’s when you will know that getting married has expiry date.

  6. Empress is only trying to console herself, probably because she hasn’t found the right man or maybe relationships haven’t been working out for her. I know some foolish ladies on here will agree with her, maybe because they are victims as well. If Una like, make una no behave well, so that better men go see Una marry. Menopause is inevitable..

  7. I used to know you as dark complexion, that era you were dating my homie Timaya (Timiboy). Now you’re fair, so washed and bleached up. What happened?

  8. gistreel nah matter wey no concern u u dey always take abt,its her life let her be.if she marry and d marriage does not last its still u people dat will talk so allow her.

  9. Keep talking nonsense there. Very soon Na people wey their wife don die will start coming for u

  10. You re right my dear but don’t forget body systems expires… So do d right tin @ d right time

  11. All these celebrities, I dey wonder wetin dey do them for head. See wetin dis one dey talk

  12. If d husband tin is not clicking then she can opt to be a single mother and probably adopt children. Life is not a do or die affair. But if she really desires marriage, let her make herself approachable and pray. It’s well

  13. By the time she will start seeing white hair around her private part na that time she go understand. Come men never finish marrying fresh girls na old cargo like you them go want. First of all go wash away those cements way you use plaster your face. Then you can now see your real self through the mirror

    • Wetin naa, you don’t need all this kind talk.the fact that you’re fortunate you shouldn’t look down at her, do you know what she’s going through, haba and you be woman

  14. All these ladies saying you are right, better reason well because you are not the same with these actresses. So just be presentable and pray and your man will come. No expiry date you say? My sister there is, there will come a time when you won’t be able to take in and you wouldn’t want to have your child in old age. Its better to see your child grow while you are young

  15. She don already use her husband take do boy friend how she go take see husband marry again

  16. Sister no provoke me ooooo, what do you mean? Anyway I pity the man who is going to marry you at the age of 60/80, for me I know that the taste of meat kill today and the one that have been in freezer for the past one week is different, i prefer fresh food than freezing food

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  20. If there is wife of ur youth, there is also husband of ur youth: ur are to enjoy the wife/husband of ur youth. Well! Let them wait til the dey finished menopause and enter `penopause` stage first.

  21. There is ooo is it when u get 45 years and u are still expecting a man to come and marry u .


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