News I am tired of paying N500 per round before having sex with...

I am tired of paying N500 per round before having sex with my wife —Husband


Mr Sunday Olaosebikan has approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State to end his seven-year-old marriage to his wife, Mutiatu, for allegedly demanding for money before sex.

He told the court, “My wife always refuses me sex until she collects N500. “This, I am sure, is why she has not conceived after the birth of our only child, who is now six-year-old.

“I am tired of paying N500 per round before having sex with my wife, please dissolve the union.”

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He further told the court that Mutiatu always threatens to kill him.




  1. When you charge money in exchange for your body, what does that make you, and when you neglect your wife’s financial needs but want to have her body, what does that make you?

    • My dear if the man neglect his financial needs is not enough for her to start demandin for money, how does sounds to you?

    • #IboromaTonoejit, you are supporting the man because you are a man, but read my comment again, i am not on anyone’s side, my comment mean they should talk to themselves and settle their differences

    • @loveth all u said were truth.d both couple ned to sit ad talk,not just talking but understanding dem self.i ave see a couple wit such wen i asked d lady she complain of her been d mother ad father in d each time d husband makes money he goes out drinking ad aveing fun wit she said to her self, if he can pay those girls even wen things r bad 4 only sees her as nxt option wen no cash.she will collect money b4 torching all am still saying is understanding ad prayers.God bless

  2. But wait ooh!!.You pay 500 naira to your wife before having sex?.I swear this is the most unusual and bizzare thing I have ever heard!!..Whaat!!

  3. Am not saying it’s good for a woman to charge her husband for sex, but he said he’s tired of paying his wife #500 but he will never get tired of paying his side chick for sex. My brother the thunder that will fire you is still studying Banking and Finance in the university. And if she’s charging for sex that means you’re not giving her money or you squander money.

  4. SHE IS AN ADVANCE ASHAWO, no matter what d man does no woman is permitted to do dt, infact d guy is even kind if nt,kick her out n get another,then she should go n face her ASHAWO in full time

  5. Point of correction… She’s not your wife then…. Abi u never pay her bride price ni…. My brother na olosoo(bitch) you marry

    • Don’t say that is because that his stingy he fail to perform his responsibility as husband that why his wife don’t know what to do and think that is the best way.

  6. Probably u spend ur money outside wit ur side chick and neglect ur wife,and there is no other medium or means of collecting from u,that is why she decided to be collecting money @ that hot spot,she knows after that no way,intact the woman is kind hearted for reducing it #500.

  7. If you have sex with her you gonna pay, but bliv me if you make love to her, you not gonna pay, she’s your wife, make love to her and don’t have sex, there’s a huge difference between making love and having sex, sex is made to be paid but making love is to enjoy , passionately tear her pant and bra , I swear she gonna enjoy it and she won’t demand for payment,, hahahaha, I do the same for my man each time he said ” baby pls I want to have sex ” I will have no option than to demand for anything like , my cream is finished or I want to make my hair, but wen he comes closer to me in bed without saying a word rather than start caressing my body and removing my stuffs , ,,, lol, wahala Don dey, lol, I might even be the one to pay him, cos I really enjoyed it, ,, so don’t have sex with your wife but make a passionately love to her,,

  8. Lol.. The woman be like “money for hand, back for ground” Some women are crazy and some men are foolish, and d main reason some women are crazy is because some men are foolish.. How can ur wife ask u to pay before u have sex with her and u obliged…

  9. R u sure u married her properly? If yes, then she is not serious n I will advice dat u rather pay for sex outside before coming home n allow her to stay there waiting to b paid. She will rather ask for it n u get paid for ur service

  10. There is no diff between sex and making love, rather it fucking and making love. And I don’t see a reason why the wife suppose to demand money from him before he has sex were the him after all she is not a prostitute and the man in person is her husband who provides for the family

  11. Probably you don’t bring money home for feeding and the rest of that.. And this seems to be her means of getting money from you… But hey this isn’t cool…. I don’t support it, that’s if it’s true sha…

  12. For sex you got to pay more, but for love making,you dont have to pay…find a way to her heart she will enjoying making love with you bored and pained and hurt when it sex..

  13. Lol… The sex is not for free na, you have to pay the fees… Well, who knows what she will be doing with the money. It might be that she is saving it for u both so that in times of lack of money in the house, she can bring out the savings that she has been collecting from u anytime u want to sleep with her. I’ve read of something similar to this. According to what wat I heard which was similar to this, the wife was collecting money everytime from the husband and the husband was surprised wat she has been using it for. Until the day the man was broke, that was when the wife brought out the box where she has been saving the money she was collecting from him… I don’t know oh but it might also be the case here…

  14. The woman is just a whore, no matter what your husband does, don’t ever charge him for sex, and more over! you are having sex with your wife but making love with your lover, my guy the fire that will burn your anus is still doing press up at Alaba int’l market.. make your woman feel like a queen and if she persist on money before sex, then throw her away, so she can start her full time business,,, believe it or not, you are blocking her progress

  15. The Truth is that he is not properly married to her, may be they are just living together Or he is not performing his duties as a husband in terms of caring for his wife, etc. So please don’t speak bad of her till u get her reasons or hear her side of the story

  16. This is so serious. N500 per sex.. Haba. Is it that u didnt pay her brideprice so she is collecting the money to pay for it? Lol

  17. Is she really ur wife or a call girl why should u pay ur wife bf having pleasure wit sir search ur heart

  18. eyaaaaa..sorry oo…go back to of mental exploration..answer is best found there.

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    • Nelson Elson going through your Facebook profile,i can see u are just a desperate hungry looking police man who probably has not obtained his WAEC yet, that’s why u use vulgar languages on social media so easily. Here is a chance for you to get upgraded my dear.

  20. Many people will say anything about the crime. Am not supporting her actions, but the question is did he make love to Her or did he had sex with her. Why am asking is there is difference between love making and having sex thanks .

  21. Its becos ppl misconception of sex fuck and love making… U can’t be married and be having sex with your wife..married couples make love that’s y ur wife demands for money from u, Secondly, fucking is when you Carry a prostitute then u have to pay for service charge that’s y u are being charged per round u go,pay as u ride… Thirdly,SEX, is when you are in a relationship you now have sex with your partner, which is illicit. So know the difference BTW the three for Christ sake and stop complicating matters.

  22. Maybe you no dey do am well dat is wy she ask for money coz she no say eve you pay u go no now to do it better

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  24. Guys make una no blame d woman oo some men stigy die dat may be d only way weh d woman dey fit collect money from him

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  26. Er u an ashawo? If am de one I will throw u out like football, and get another new engine to grand

  27. It is very easy when women talk of men neglecting their obligations or better still not loving enough. We should look at it other way round, Bible book of Colossians Chapter 3v18 ask Women to submit to their husbands then follow v19 that ask men to Love there wives . Now how will man love and care for a wife I must pay to have Sex with. You talk of taking care, the woman is in a house the man is paying rent or build, eating food provide by a man,sleeping on bed acquired by the same man, then this same man get to pay you to see your nakedness. That woman must be Ashi. If not ordinary girl friend can not do that talk less of a wife. Some women will have their marriage being destroyed by themselves only to turn and blame someone .think twice before you will be going from one pastor to another for prayer for future partner. No wahala you’ve made enough money from him to sow seed for another future partner.

  28. U are a bloody he-goat,infact u are a sophisticated lunatic,u dare call her ur wife,yet u pay b4 sex…infact u are a nymph

  29. Were u for see her before u marry her oga if na club na so e go be bt if na church e no go be like that so my broda na u no were u take see am ooooo


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