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Tonto Dikeh: Actress reveals son’s face, pens emotional note to him as he marks his 1yr birthday


Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh is ecstatic about son, King Andre’s birthday today.

The mum of one took to Instagram celebrating her little boy as he turns one with a heart-warming message. She shared some new photos of her little boy writing:

“Happy birthday my Love!

Where do I even begin! This angel right here was sent from God to do wonders. My son! My little King! You have been my biggest strength and joy. Sometimes I feel as though I need a spare heart to help contain my love for you. (In tears)My baby boy, I have a son. 

The ocean to my eyes. The calm in my life. The one that soothes my soul with just a glance in your eyes. My prayer for you is that you walk in the path God has set for you. Everything else will fall into place! I will make sure you do not waiver from that set path. It is my duty as your mother. My obligation to you and the almighty God that put you in my care. 

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As you enter your first year on this earth may you continue to experience abundant happiness and joy. Unexplainable success and favour! Incomprehensible blessing from all corners of the earth. 

Always remember that your father is the creator of this world. So you must tread it with confidence. He is the almighty God, so do not ever fear or feel flawed in your life. You will do wonders. 

As you take your baby steps may they grow into big strides and may you walk into more blessings! Just know that Mummy will be there at your back cheering you on as your personal cheerleader. I love you Baby! Always and forever!

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  1. She should cut-off her pride and give her husband access to his son. Today is his birthday for God sake. You guys should come 2geda as one just for the boy’s sake. He would love to see his father and mother 2geda, smiling at him. Pls, let me try to make their son’s day…. Anyways, Happy birthday to King André

  2. Happy birthday to their cute son… Wishing him LLNP…. I just wish his parents will just settle their differences and come back 2geda to mend their marriage

  3. Hmmm the boy look like its father,happy bhd Prince Andre, Tonto go back to your husband house ooooo

  4. Dis is truly OBJ’s grandson…pls take him to is father.every childs needs to growup wit their parents by deir side.

  5. Dats the spirit darling. Arise and shine. U owe it to ur self to be happy. Hbd to ur son

  6. “The calm in your Life” i totally agree with you! Happy birthday KING, may you be a blessing to your generation.

  7. You didny give birth to him alone…watever the case maybe u guys should settle,God will see to it

  8. the little king looks so much like the dad, how i wish you people come back together. wishing u a very happy birthday as u clock ur 1 year on dis earth may it bring u lots of happiness, love peace and joy in Jesus name Amen

  9. Wow! What a such resemblance son of Churchill. Pls man try make it up with ur family before it gets out of hand.

  10. Baby boo is quite unfortunateur dad is not around being ur birthday , i wish u many more grace upon grace happy super birthday ..live long dear !!! i heart u deeper young king ….


  12. Wow wot a lovely photocopy of his father. Tonto pls forgive your husband and come back together as one bcos to err is human, to forgive is Divine, happy birthday son, I wish you many more years in peace and prosperity with your parent together in Jesus name, Amen.

  13. Comment: Pls dear tonto forgive ur hubby n take his carbon copy bk to him dis boy resemble him well. God may dis kind marriage never break ijn Amen

  14. Was Tonto putting on a ring symbolising ‘Taken’ ? Before these whole shits; If yes. Hmmm! Better go and pick it wherever u dropped it and have it back on ur finger.. how eva bad men are, they are very useful in homes. I never grew up wit a dad and I tell u what? It’s horrible. Don’t deny King of that opportunity of growing with his dad.

  15. See the kind tattoo wey dey your hand self, you’ve forgotten how you praised him for taking you for who you are,now u r misbehaving. Common forgive him and two of you start enjoying ur marriage


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