Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Tonto Dikeh deletes all photos of her estranged husband on Instagram

Tonto Dikeh deletes all photos of her estranged husband on Instagram


Tonto Dikeh has deleted all all photo of her estranged husband on her Instagram page.

The actress who revealed that he hasn’t called to see his son since she blocked access to him is obviously hurt and dealing with it in her own way.

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Recall that most people think



  1. He don marry u be say he don marry u……if u like do wah eva u want but am promising u DAT ur son will always remind u of him. Its beta to stay 2geda and fight ur temptations Dan let it hunt u 4eva

  2. any useless man way say na celeb em won go marry hmmm… na sorry go be em secound name. though i respect mercy johnson


  4. Is it only the rich people that will marry the rich , abeg make unar marry poor man , I can sense there is no love in this marriage , every day breakup between celebrity . Abeg just answer my question is it written in the constitution that the poor will never marry the rich . tonto. take heart if this guy no love you pack to my house .

  5. She may be right what she’s doing, you never know what she’s going true, maybe she cannot take that shit anymore. Thank God she has a child now, now she can move on her life.

  6. I wonder how many DiCk female celebrities don taste marry today break break up tomorrow is dat 1 lyf

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  8. men made mistake by getting attracted to beauty iniatial….wen a lady give birth beauty fade nd lust gone.u two shud jst wrk tin out….but tonto be submissive ….it is nw u show ur husband ur inner beauty..delete pix on instagram,abusing regretting nd looking for mr right again is not d solution…bad boys ar waiting for u outside. to take d advantages of d situation..ask d singles outsides … pls calm down nd apologise ok…d some ar hapi abt d break up nd dey start counting for u….dnt allow it ..

  9. Nigerian Nepa last longer than most of these celebrities marriages, you people should visit people like Rmd, Omotola Jolade, Chioma chukwuka, Olu Jacobs and even Mercy Johnson to get tips on long lasting marriages

    • Advanced prostitution. Soon she’ll find another mugun, fvck him and get another. It’s the only way to get your offsprings connected to the families of the rich and famous.

  10. God bless the average people on earth ,they are not too rich nor too poor.but they are living large and celebrating many years of marriage without divorce. .And seing their grandchildren.While the richest people is changing marriage like wrapper and still have the gult to say that they are separating; God punish una as una non wan get sense..mtweew

  11. Even if u delete all d pictures. Remember he is still d Father of ur son. So, u can’t take dat away. Pls wake up.

  12. Its not about how great the wedding was but how great the marriage ends. Wedding is a one day celebration but marriage is till death. Too sad but we believe you know better because we are just seeing the outer part of the issue but the one who wears the shoe knows where it hurts. I just admire how strong you are.. Kudos #StrongWoman

  13. Stop this rubbish age posted Thier picture yesterday in her official Facebook page Tonto dike Churchill wishing him happy Valentine….You guys should leave them alone….Lazy bloggers.

  14. Stop this rubbish post about Tonto dike, she is still with her husband…Lazy bloggers…Go to Tonto dike Churchill her official Facebook page you will see her Valentine message to her husband and their pictures which she posted…Useless bloggers.

  15. I’m so glad you can leave voice messages as comments now!!! ▶ ──────── 00:21

  16. eehyaa so after all dis shakara on social media your own don follow crash, may be she do see better person if not she suppose remember say marriage na for better for worse, if you think say he dey shit on you why nt take it to d lord in prayer remember there is nt prayer cannt do.#advice

  17. Some marriages, hell fire is better than it. Na who wear shoe no were e dey pain am. Please dont think of what they will say and die put in the marriage. Won’t judge cos I don’t no if u seek God to direct ya paths bfore u said I do. If not try and consult the heaven for repairs my sweet Tontolet Dike. God bless ya. One thing am sure is God loves u so much. Just go to your closet and ask him to forgive u in any way u must have wrong him in the past and present. He is a loving father.he will forgive thee. For ya hubby. Holy Spirit will torment him.if he did not decease from his sins….

  18. Hahahahahahahah she wasn’t really married , rather she just went on holidays in a Man’s house . I think naija celebrity need to ask omosexy how she did it .

  19. Tonto am praying everyday for u and I believe that very soon u will smile again use this time and seek the face of GOD soon all this will become history I love u dear.

  20. eeeeh big shame unto Tonto. she was sharpen her useless mouth like parot to my able MERCY JOHNSON. MJ is still in her husband hus wit 3 kids. nonesense.

    • My friend sharap…she has appologised to mercy and mercy has forgiven her….so stop running mouth…..mtchheew

  21. Very irritating! OMG! Na WA o! Now now now plenty gifts…. Now again Na crashing of marriage! Hia! Orisirishi….

  22. I pray that God should intervene in ur marriage Tonto and peace should reign now and forever in Jesus name

  23. I don’t know why all this celebrities can not stay three years in marriage, you guy should stop getting married, because it is better not to be married than to be married and divorce,even GOD is against it, do they even know GOD?

  24. Another chick don catch his eyes not only that oooo both his brain and future,,,, so I will advice to move on

  25. Pls no problem with solution. Pls try to settle your differences in private. As social media always blow issues out of proportions

  26. Gossipers are liable to die young, gistrel who ask you about that, pls stop interfering in peoples home,if you have runout of news,close this your blog rather than pipping into peoples affair,

  27. Only God knows what came in between them because there re all sort of different stories out there

  28. Not really putting the blame on any of them, buh av come to observe that men’s that buys Surprising and mega expensive gifts for thr woman re cheats. I think they’re doing those things to have thr way. Tonto, don’t know how true this rumour is but if is true just go back to yur marriage coz yu should know is for better and worse.


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