Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Tonto Dikeh Shares More Cute Photos of Her Son as He Turns...

Tonto Dikeh Shares More Cute Photos of Her Son as He Turns 1


Tonto Dikeh Shares More Cute Photos of Her Son as He Turns 1Tonto Dikeh has put her failing marriage aside to focus on her son King Andre who turns one today.

The actress, who had previously hidden her son’s face from the media, celebrates him in a fashion worthy of a king.

Earlier today, Tonto took to Instagram to some photos of her adorable son with some accompanying sweet words.

Tonto Dikeh Shares More Cute Photos of Her Son as He Turns 1She shared more photos which captured some cute mother-son moments.

In one photo, Tonto and baby Andre are seen enjoying an affectionate moment on a relaxing sea cruise.

"She’s stubborn and thinks nobody can talk to her"- Chima Okoroji speaks on his beef with Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh Shares More Cute Photos of Her Son as He Turns 1The proud mom captioned the photo, ‘A KINGS QUEEN..Never been happier,Today is my Miracle..????????????.’



  1. Cool…..But please return to your husband abeg and give this boy a fatherly figure that is very much alive and ready to take responsibilty as a father!.


  3. He’s so cute…. Happy birthday to him… His parents didnt do him good 2day… They would have come together so that the boy will smile and be happy once again… Tontoh, u fuck up…

  4. Pls go back to your husband and don’t leave your marrage for any road side prostitute. Take your pride back pls

  5. So, tontoh, you didnt even allow ur son to see his father on his birthday. This is so bad. Cant u just bring down ur shoulders and call ir husband back to settle, for the sake of ur son. Woman, pls have a heart! Sha, happy birthday once again to her son

  6. Marriage is for women not for girls Tonto swallow your pride and go back to your husband don’t behave as if you a girl that man needs you in his life to err is human but to forgive is divine

  7. Pls don’t go back to your husband look there is 75% lady’s out there looking for husband you are there showing us your pictures idiot.

  8. You sleept with other women husband’s ( Governors, senators ,business men. out there so other lady’s we do that to you ewu.

    • Ijeoma igbo prostitute u have gone to show hw wicked igbo girls are, hw can u a woman be posting useless comment to another woman like u,a woman dat is bigger than u, dat God has blessed with a wonderful husband and a son and u r dere bad mouthing her which one do u ave

    • If u have Christ in ur heart u will never write a comment like dat, tell me which home dat there will not be problems. Y I’m even talking u are not married so u will not understand the gravity of marriage, one day wen u marry u will see the one dat is worse den die. Empty vessel dat makes the loudest noise.

    • If you are sleeping with another persons husband another person we sleep with yours madam Damiete Briggs

  9. Do i need to beg you to go back to your husband? Look here madam angry wife, if you like don’t go back until he marrys another wife right infront of you then your eyes go clear. Abeg gimme chance make i pass jor….

  10. Celebrating it alone. Dont make it a memory neither does it leave a footprint…. the footprint it leaves is pride…. tonto throw away your pride…. when you have joy share it, joy is born a twin and from there it spread.. Gistreel.com this is not a news to me

  11. Na who wear shoe know were e dey pain am…..everybody and dere reasons for doing finz.fnk u

  12. Tonto go back to ur husband please forget what happened face ur Family and pray to God will be with u OK, HBD KING

  13. Tonto,I can you are happy especially because you son is a year older today,God bless and keep him.pls let the special happiness you have today melt your heart and amend your home.pls reconcile with your husband and live happily. God bless you.

  14. Make una allow her, she wan copy Yankee chicks ( stars) forgetting that she be naija!!! Or wait is that Wat ur mom taught u? We African women endure and fight in our husband homes bcos that’s Wat we are taught by our mothers. Not running off n acting a make western life. Those people envy our strength!!!

  15. The worst thing that could happen to a child or children is a broken home. Fix your issues before it becomes too late.

  16. Dear,is not all about ur money,pride,beauty,even ur acting,de are many mens out there,but few husband,be a wife material and go back to ur hb forsake of ur son.

  17. Tonto please na….can everyone just say ” Tonto please na”. Tonto oya do woman Shakara go meet your husband

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  19. Pls have heart of gold it’s not easy to forget bt pls forgive and go back to ur husband. No man is good ooo even d oyibo too if dey get tried they will go, bt as naija babe u ave to settle with ur husband, God bless you.

  20. Wow so soon, happy birthday my boy, plsss cry so loud so that ur mother wil take u back to ur father, U hear….

  21. No matter how she looks or pretend to be happy she is not, go back home and mend ur fence, u told the world how ur husband married u disregarding what people said about you, now do the same dear, for the interest of your son.

  22. Tonto pls go back to ur hubby, remember in every marriage there is always a problem but what matters is how u solue it, one way is keep ur marriage problems to urself. Pls if u have time since u said u have repent pls read (PROVERB 1 TO 31 mostly chapter 31 verse 1 to end) u will see how the bible discripe a responsible wife and how u can control ur anger, mouth, action and attitude in a Godly way. ….. Sorry to say these, i am not really ur Fan but going through ur story, I con de like u small, small. So pls go back home plsssssssssssss


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