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Tonto Dikeh won’t pick my calls… I don’t have a female PA- Churchill breaks silence


Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill has broken his silence on his marriage crisis.

In excerpts from his new interview with Toast magazine, he denies having a female PA and says all efforts to contact his wife has proved abortive

Toast- Recently, your househelp disclosed to an online media that you had issues with wife and you have not been at home just after your December foundation project last year?

Churchill -Every family has its ups and downs but I would not want to talk about my family.

Toast- It was said that after You left home, you were Alleged of having affair with your Female PA?

Churchill-  Well, it’s funny to me, because I don’t have female personal Assistant, My PA is Mr Paul, who has been working with me over the years. Besides, it was a sponsored blackmail.

Toast- Gist had it that your wife Tonto Dikeh Churchill caused uproar in your mother’s home, i.e her mother- inlaw, when she was alleged to have pushed her down and broke everything in her house within 2 hours due to her marijuana reactions

Churchill – These issues are private to me and my family

Toast – Rumour Has that because of domestic violence from you that your wife moved out with your son?

Churchill I wonder where they got such gist from? I don’t believe my wife will say that, besides I frown against such even my foundation preach against domestic violence in some of our charity awareness campaigns. It is obvious that all these channelled attacks are targeted to drag my image and what I believe in to the mud. Well, the truth is that I have never raised my hands against my wife. I have evidence of CCTV Cameras in my mum’s house when this happened. It can be replayed if you what us to go that far.

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Toast The news earlier today posted and deleted by one Uche Maduagwu that you have relationship with Bobrisky and Swanky Jerry? What is your take on that?

Churchill  Truly, I did not see it posted because am not a social media person, but got wind of it later. It’s sincerely beats my imagination to think of such relationship…well, don’t know Bobrisky but got to know Swanky Jerry through my wife. I believe whoever my wife likes as a friend, I also take as a family friend. Am too busy to think of such unpleasant issues, let alone cooking up defence.

Toast Your Son’s One Year birthday is few days from now, do you have plans to celebrate it? Guess you will be celebrating him with your wife?

Churchill Oh! My son, I sure miss him so much. I have planned a worthwhile birthday party for him with friends and family members but it’s sad to say that all effort to reach him proved abortive, and this is affecting my business and emotions, The mum won’t pick calls and the nanny. Our son has been with the mother and not at home for now. I truly, should not be granting this interview if this is all about my family. Am very optimistic that the family will unite together for King Andrea birthday even though channels to reach my wife is temporarily off.

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Toast  How Do You perceived all these happening in your family?

Churchill  I see nothing in it, it’s a phase of life. Since it does not affect my cheques and savings. But I truly want to call on bloggers or on social media addicts to verify facts before assuming. Every marriage has good and bad moments, it’s just unfortunate that I recently discovered that the alleged marriage instability is making headlines on some media platforms. Please Tonto Dikeh fans and well wishers take it easy on her, guess she is still adjusting to motherhood. With time, it will be well.

Toast The news had it that your son owns his own company Kindred Realtors, a real estate firm, don’t you think he is too young?

Churchill (laugh), the company Kindred Realtor was actually one of my companies before I changed it to our son’s name after his birth. I feel it’s one of his benefit to start building up a brand for him as he grows.

ToasSir, it’s been great talking with you, any last words?

Churchill The adage of the old says ” He that washes his hands well, can eat with elders”…Remain focused, determined and be consistent



  1. Is it having a female PA the problem of cause no, I no it not it not the cause of the problems there is soming this couples are hiding from us.

  2. Sometimes I wonder what makes it difficult for some celebrity to enjoy deir marriage… It is deir past mistake in life or what….y not just endure all d pains n face ur marital problems…challenges will always come but surely God will fight dem for u….I pray some day u will find peace in ur home dear.

    • You know sometimes KARMA deals with pple a lot, wen she was dating married men or she probably wanted to break someone’s home too wen she was single….it’s now coming bk to her so that she can also feel the pains those pple felt then…now she knows how it feels,let her take it like that now…but the best for her is just to forgive her husband cos she did same too.

    • #Queen How did u know she dated married men before or is’t u both that was on it together? Where u there? Don’t say what u feel. Am not denieling for her neither did i say she did it; But don’t say what ur eye did not see. And i want to also tell u one story: i have seen a couple… The woman got married to her husband. Her husband was the first man in her life. (my Aunty): she never dated any man or married men before. Some yrs later, Her husband was cheating on her for good 8-9yrs untill He finally marry the woman as a second wife: The legally wife (my Aunty) was surprise to hear from outsider that her husband got married to another women. #TruelifeStory. So my dear say what u see not what u heard

  3. Eyah…Tonto please forgive ur husband and come back home please…at least consider the fact that he has swallowed his pride and broken the silence. He loves and respect u that’s why he denied the allegation,please don’t be a COWARD to leave your home for one beast called Meurer or whatsoever. Please forgive him

    • are u writing this message to d media or to who?……better go and hustle and stop making noise here

    • If he is really serious; Let him swallow his pride… Look for her and ask for forgiveness. Not coming to public to…

    • Would leaving her home solve the problem? This is d mistake most women do out of pride. U are suspecting ur husband is having affairs with someone and he has not even brought that woman into ur home and u felt the best move for u to make is to move out of ur matrimonial home. This is simply telling the woman to move in that u are out whole she is free to come in. Big time mistake. Plz go back home.

  4. my own annoyance is why is the media always quick to give us fake news and rumours then later turn the story upside down

  5. Tonto better go to your home because you are the legal owner recognise by God swallow your pride and return to your husband so many women are passing through more than what made you run away,your ability to manage your marital crisis makes you a virtuous woman so wise I wish you luck

  6. Tonto please for Christ sake, pick his calls. Two wrong can not make a right. There is need for you to forgive and let go. As a woman, I want you to have a good and peaceful home.

  7. LADIES ATTENTION PLS! If your man cheats on you…. Boil water! Let it boil boil boil and boil as it is still boiling wait patiently for him to fall sleep When you are very sure that he is deeply asleep make some tea and drink tea reduces tress stop crying For those who expected hot water to be poured on him you need help…….

    • Ha ha! Moshi. You had me there. Reading your 1st paragraph I opened my mouth in horror but ended up laughing ?. The socials sure needs people like you with such cool mind. I pray for the couple’s reconciliation.

  8. I 8 seperation God plz kip dem together no matter wat Y cnt pipo understnd dt marriage is for better for worse death has to du u part not any PA or ex wt so ever

  9. Sometimes family issues don’t need to be addressed publicly because after everyone must have said his/her mind then there will be confusion everywhere but I pray for their reconciliation

  10. Celebrities will get good marriage …takes it as one of their movie script….fool with it with lot of drama till it collapse…and come out as a born one mother with fucking strong woman mentality… Mtcchhhhwww…broke niggas re cheating….whiles some of us are praying for marriage others too are doing piloloooo with theirs…God..why na! Sam of us can handle a hardworking man who makes u comfortable …n all his 45 girlfrds without a word mpo….next case pls

  11. Churchill just continue your reconciliation efforts and try to remain faithful to your marriage. Try to understand why she’s so cross with you it is due to her love for you and she is wounded… . Avoid people with bad advice. Time heals wound especially that of the heart and I am sure she will come round.

  12. A spouse who doesn’t believe in forgiveness is not yet ripe f marriage. Tonto made a grave mistake

  13. Tonto u beta pick up ur d call oooo cuz dere are so many gals out dere singing “baba God oooo pick up d call” by adekunle gold. Men are scars oooo so protect d 1 u have

  14. Forgive him oooooo my role model I admire u alots oooo so pls Tonto don’t let any idiot come from no were to scatter or home ooo plssssssss

  15. Wen a woman does dt, she wnts u to find her…she must be rily hurt to have left d house. I pray God helps dem to keep their marriage. ..it is not a healthy environment for a child to grow up in….

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  17. Please Tontolet pick your husband’s call for the sake of King. You cannot keep his dad away from him forever you’re hurting self so much by avoiding him. Try to adjust and take it easy on him everything will alright at the end… every problem has solution & there’s no problem that has no solution….Luv yea Tontolet&King-Churchill …

  18. Tonto go back home nw plss for God sake ur husband still love you if u dont even want to go back pls go for d sake of ur son plss

  19. To me being a housewife supersedes every things, there wil or most b a syd chick, he didn’t take her to d haus or brought her to ur face that alone is enof for me, if i wereu i wilk nva do d mistake of leaving my home, except u want her to take over . dats jst d trials in marriage and its make it stronger if u over cum it

  20. some idiot are just there to scatter someone’s life.. dont mind what they tell you

  21. tonto dikeh looks like the excited one in the photos… like she would do anything to make it work.. while the mans non challant looks with his so mentally lazy and reluctant grimace .. shows his mind seems to be elsewhere – thinking of the other girl

  22. Tonto pls go back home & be a good wife to ur husband & a good mother to ur son. Take after Mercy johnson. Is for better for ………. pray every PA out of ur husband if there is any.

  23. Am big fan of keeping ur relationship out of the public, see how this issue is lingering now none of us know the truth, they should bury the hatchet and reconcile.


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