Entertainment News Tonto Dikeh’s Engagement Ring Costs $60k (11.4M)?

Tonto Dikeh’s Engagement Ring Costs $60k (11.4M)?


Tonto Dikeh’s Canary Yellow diamond ring costs 60 thousand dollars.

Weeks ago, Tonto Dikeh shared that she is engaged and we were even more happy when it was confirmed with photos from her introduction ceremony.

It has now taken us by surprise as she announced that her engagement ring is worth $60k (N11.5M Est.) She claims the Canary Yellow diamond ring which costs over 60 thousand USD was shipped in from Australia last week.



  1. As you make your bed, you lay on it. The most important thing is ones happiness ring or no ring

  2. why have some fools turned social media into some stupid playgrounds for empty heads.some use social media to abuse their elders,the president and others!it should not be!! it’s unhealthy!

  3. This isn’t jealousy but nobody cares…. My concern is…… is Jesus the foundation of her marriage or the 11.4 million Maria ring?

  4. $60k ring is good but what matters is love,and is for better for worst,although celebrity marriage is different,marry 2day and divorce tomorrow,very bad! Omotala is one of d best, so take her as example. Wish u d best Tonto.

  5. She should be careful with the way she is broadcasting the said Ring, before the caught off her hand for it…..

  6. One day boys go just accost her and either ask for the ring or cut of her hand. But al the same na she get her thing let her savor the joy of wearing anything expensive if she can afford it.


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