Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Tonto Dikeh’s Husband Shades her on Instagram, the Actress Replies

Tonto Dikeh’s Husband Shades her on Instagram, the Actress Replies


Tonto Dikeh's Husband Shades her on Instagram, the Actress RepliesTonto Dikeh gave an exposé on her failed marriage and her husband has responded with a shade of his own.

The successful businessman Mr Olakunle Churchhill took to Instagram to repost a Floyd Mayweather’s post which apparently threw some shots at his wife.

The words are as follows,

‘There seems to be several rumors floating around media recently however, let the record show, there hasn’t been any deals made in regards to a fight between myself and any other fighters. I am happily retired and enjoying life at this time. If any changes are to come, be sure that I will be the first to let the world to know.’

In response, Tonto reposted the post with the caption, ‘✌️️Love thy self MORE.’

"I Will Kill Myself If Tonto Dikeh Turns Down My Marriage Proposal"- Nigerian Man Dollarface Peters Cries Out

See screenshots below:

Tonto Dikeh's Husband Shades her on Instagram, the Actress Replies

Tonto Dikeh's Husband Shades her on Instagram, the Actress Replies




  1. Oh boy. When did this one become Nigeria’s headline news? This type of thing is not a new thing abeg. Pls, bring beta newz

  2. Can this their marriage crisis just stop? So, what is the gain for firing back at each other. If they dont want to continue their marriage, let them divorce once and for all, make person hear word… Haba…. Na only them their marriage crash??

  3. Why do you celebrities make your marriage issues so public…this is uncalled for..thats your privacy for Gods sake…u people act movies to teach us how to go about our relationships and marriages but u guys do otherwise. common Tonto and husband…u guys are too mature for this…pls settle ur quarrels indoor and lift ur issues out from public domain…its enough…act like mature couples

  4. Maria Carey burnt her wedding dress, worth millions…. Tonto should do same to everything he bought her…js

  5. after the time and money you spend on your wedding, you want to take out like that,please you guys should come back

  6. The man is very mature and polite in his response. So tontolet is now refered to as “fighters” weydon sir. You made my day thou

  7. Dis is wot happens wen u leave d matas in ur marriage n b poking into oda ppls own…..am nt shocked….buh sori sha

  8. Whoever wins the quarrel should come and collect a free quarrelling medal since two of una no get any atom of shame to control yourselves and settle your marriage wahala indoor.

  9. The man is in his right sense but for tonto, she still hve that same madness that she use to act…. same on her but who else will marry her after her reaction has made it a public topic

  10. Tonto please for God sake and for the sake of your son KING, do not response to Post or shades from Mr Churchill. Be strong at this point and learn to ignore some things. We the public don’t know the foundation of your marital crisis, and we don’t want to know, because WE can’t help you. My advice to you is that……. Please humble yourself as a child, go down on your knees and tell your problems to GOD, you will never/not be disappointed. Let God Almighty take control, and you will be happy at the end. Lastly, RESPECT your husband/ex- husband no matter what. Remember He is the FATHER of your SON, that can never change. God be with you TONTO and CHURCHILL..

  11. Mr Churchill, i beg u in d name of God don’t just retire like that. So that u will not continue retiring like that in future. Remember, no1 is perfect. Your wife is not perfect and u are not perfect too. Pls 4give her no matter what. Your statement sounds like you are a play guy. Even if, don’t play with ur son and home. Even me that has nothing to do with u, u break my heart when u said “u are happily retired and enjoying yourself somewhere” what about ur wife feelings??? The ability to reconcile ur issues with ur wife without 3rd party makes u more matured. Remember, two perfect people are not meant to be in a r/ship.

    • What do you expect from obasanjo nephew, the blood still runs in their vain, that Churchill sounds like a useless being, I pity him, fool…

    • Churchill is a play guy that goes all out to get a lady he wants at a particular time, he is only loyal when he’s trynna win you. He gets tired of a relationship after a shot while and then starts going after the lady that catches his fantasy at the moment.

    • you people are just blaming him do u know how many times d guy we av begged tonto which her ego and pride we not let her admit that men are promiscuous in nature to forgive her husband, now i think is too late cos is like the man is cooling off in the arms of another woman, men are like baby they tends to stick with women that pampers them and give them peace of mind cos tonto flare up out of speculation and not that she saw her husband live and directly naked with his secretary it might be third parties who are updating her about movement of her husband with his secretary i guess, no man on earth will not show his soft-side to a woman that is submissive but tonto thinks her husband as done what the ears av not hear before abeg no be today man don dey cheat abi wetin she want make Annie-idibia do who takes care of tuface children from another babymama if tonto con hear say her husband give another woman belle nko na too poison and kill herself be that, no woman can ever tame a mans freedom cos you we never stop their movement and what they do behind you so it better for a woman to use prayers,submission,endurance,and perseverance weathered the storms of marriage.

    • Well said Eniola Ogunkeye. Leaving a man because he’s cheating for another man is like leaving a country because it’s raining. Someone should tell tonto dikeh that it rains everywhere.

  12. I am just wondering what is even so special about this tonto and her marriage problem, all the blogs have carry it as if na world news, pls make una forget to forward it to CNN oooooo

  13. Celebrities should learn from omotola and her hubby, I have never heard of such crisis BTW those two before….this is a family issue for crying out loud you guys should settle your quarrels amicable…..besides I kw they there when una start…..

    • @ peace omotola and her hubby might av differences but handles it as two matured minds indoors and not exhibiting it publicly,just feeling ashamed for tonto and Churchill cos dey ain’t matured

  14. Hmmm what happened to the “all Christian guy, God fearing he brought me close to God ” lesson learnt marital issues should be kept private… Marriage is not a competition of which spouse’s love pass . It’s just meant to be enjoyed.

  15. Tonto so u didn’t know this will happen when u went and married a Yoruba man. C his name self

  16. just be b strong u no people can talk but ask God for direction he will guild u ur husbands own live dat for God

  17. This is another night of thousand laugh.am watching u. Yeye people ,if ur wife she’s goin with an empty brain.must u 2 self go with her with no Brain.prsn way get head no get cap,n prsn way cap no get head

  18. Tonto this is too early….less than 1yr! And the guy tried for u oooo no be small….. Swallow ur ego and go to beg him.

  19. In marriage u most play the fool for peace to rain. The wife most b d fool if not for anything for d sake of king.. But that doesn’t mean you don’t no what to do. Please Tonto learn from others.

  20. May God please keep our daughters away from any man who is not ready to settle down in Jesus name.

  21. I hope this is not a way of making money out of social media. Im tired of all this nonesence, what are all this so called celebrities thinks they are teaching the young once, pls they shouls stop all this rubbish.

  22. Keep it up man. When a woman lacks basic manners it takes a real man to inculcate that manners in her. She will know that there is a God and this is Africa not America

  23. Pls mr Churchill go bak to ur wife and dnt give people d impression dat wht dey say abt celebrities is true,you dnt hv to wash ur dirty linen in public cos it gives pple d impression of who u truely are.remember God doesn’t bring to perfect pple together he brings two different pple so dat dey can understand theirselves better,when one partner is strong d other one is weak,pls dear try and ressolve d issue on ground and go bak to ur wife nd son unless I wil be left to conclude dat ure not yet ripe for marriage maturity is not by age but maturity is in d mind.stop trying to make a public show of ur relationship is mks pple mock u and I dnt fink u nid dis at dis point in tym.dnt do wht u wil live to regret dear.

  24. Don’t mind that churchrat sef, when a woman is behaving like that,it’s because SHE loves you and you don’t have to answer all her words or retaliate on her …remember you slso have a sister, though women knows how to frustrate a man and turn it round as if they are the saint, but you too behave mature churchrate and stop fornicating around, remember say we’re Tonto’s fans that’s why we are following the story and not because of you, how many people know you with your money, Tonto is a our beautiful actress please don’t mess up her life, swallow your anger and ego, and go and get your woman back home weather you’re guilty or not, a woman will still expect you to come foward first, be a man and don’t say a word

  25. Celebrity weddings Mr. Churchill and Tonto Dikeh u guys need to settle remember the vows on the Altar

  26. What do u expect, when a woman will be proud to say dat she smokes india herps. what do u expect from india herps smoker. It is not always ok on a man how much more on a woman. Tonto is not a wife material.

    • Must u talk,d fact dat u r happy in ur home doesn’t make u a wife material it takes d grace of God to do dat madam…..d Man knows she smokes,she doesn’t hide nor pretend….

    • Women should not throw shades when it involves another woman.What she is going through can happen to any one.And it’s not India herps ok?Correct your grammar before you judge others.

  27. Facebook open your eyes……….. Am following Tonto on Instagram i see her daily activities she is pulling the media’s legs ohhhhhh she is saving her marriage secretly!! Believe it or not she is happily married.!

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  29. It takes two to make marriage work. Learn to forgive one another, if both of you love the little boy you will work things out within yourself. Marriage is an institution that you have a certificate before entry . This is to tell you that both of you have to put God first and then love follows. Whatever the problem don’t give room to outsiders to destroy your marriage. Play maturity in your marriage, it is not film or stage play. To err is human ,to forgive is divine. Pls, forgive each other and let your union continue. May God bless you both. Amen. IJN

  30. Diz guy just dey play wit Tonto like say she be football. Had it been na me give am belle I 4 take gud care of her like my own mom

  31. Plzzzz dear God and relatives of this girl kindly advice her to stay off social media concerning her personal life…as the more she explains herself the more she will have to defend the explanations..focus on ur son n career…if possible focus on reconciliation with d fada of ur child. Even if u guys don’t get bck togeda at least create a soft mutual landing for d sake of ur kid..as per visitation..for every blow u guys throw will hit whoever is in d middle ( ur son). One day all these posty posty on social media will come back to hunt u n possible ur son.

  32. What was she expecting for the man to stay forever. He’s gotten what he wanted. He played his card well n zoomed off. He even try come over stay small. O girl wake up and move on. Thank God you have money, he’s given you a son. Focus on him n give a better life. In the mean tym ask God for mercy. God see you through…

  33. I tot she said she’s d most lucky woman on earth her husband buys this and that for her so plz use those things to console yourself now and leave us alone

  34. No much talk on it yes you guys should cucuma art it as a movie so that we can watch it on video their you guys will make more cash….life of celeb.

  35. Chai, morning, afternoon nd night: Tonto and churchill i hope i wont start seeing dem argue in my dreams. Pls lets rest joor. Tonto i wish u all d best.

  36. What’s wrong with you too, if you are so tired of been together please make it private than bring and opening your dirty undies in public, you call yourself star, celebs, or what and you can’t even make your family an examples….. Miss Tonto marriage is not a school you graduate from, it’s till death do us apart….. No certificate, no degree, no diploma, no master, all you need in your is #Wisdom, #Understanding, #Knowledge…… Without this 3Things you are still far. Your hubby loves you so much please give your marriage a chance to be great…. #Respect to great celebrity marriage that are under God’s control.. #Respect to Mercy Johnson, Omotola jalade, Mercy Aigbe and the rest. Please learn from them….. There marriages too has problem but they have the understanding to solve it than make it public topic #NoHardFeeling #JustSayingMyMind.

  37. Abg make una leave us wit tonto nd her husband bfor it was tiwa nd tee bliz nd nw dey are bck again dey knw dat plp must comment about dem all dis celebrities jst seeking for attention always making news headlines pls jst leave us alone we also hv our own problm jst bcos we are nt celebrities lik dem nobdy gets to knw or hear abt it. Bt we prefer it dat way.after all dis drama tomorrow dey will get bck together nd all our comments will jst be a wasted time.

  38. Maturity in marriage is not all about age and money. Is like the love was never there at first. Tonto perfect marriage are those marriages that overcomes challenges

  39. Please the both of you should go home and resolve issues, Let pride be out of marriage issues and if you want to succeed in it, leave 3rd party out off this

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  41. U both can make it work by meeting a therapist(marriag counsellor)And Tonto needs rehabilitation all does while she was hostile she ws acting under d influence of substance she took….as a psychologist i was taught dat behaviour can be unlearned by constant reminder and practice,she needs help……although naturally with my observation she has som attitude she takes as normal has to work on dat too….and she needs to look inwardly wat she really wants….does she want a happy hom or would prefer to be a single mother cos wit d info evry were about wat happened in her marriage most men wodnt here dat and want to marry her…..so sweetheart u have to braze up,do all it takes to get ur hom back,u av done so well in ur carrier,u av pple dat look up to u,dont allow marriag scandal be d loop hole to bring u down…..it takes bravity to pick up wen u fall,pls i wil advice u put ur self low and settle with ur husband so dat u can both arrange on meeting a therapist…..tell him u accept dat its ur fault,take d blame and dat u want him back dat u missed him ETC,and dont forget to go on ur kneels tell God evrytin b4 embarkin on d journey…..all will be fine dear and i wil be very happy to see u both togeda again…..with love frm Debbie Blankson.


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