General Top 5 Makeup Life Hacks

Top 5 Makeup Life Hacks


Wearing makeup isn’t the only requirement for looking good, but it can give you more confidence and accentuate your best features in a way that nothing else can. However, most makeup looks require you to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to achieve the perfect contour or eyebrow shape. With our makeup tips your daily routine will become much easier and won’t take too much of your precious time.

Make your lipstick last longer

Women have been dreaming about lipstick that stays on all day for decades. Recently we’ve been introduced to liquid and solid matte lipsticks, which have a great staying power, but can feel too dry on your lips, especially after a full day of wear. The good news is you can make your usual lipstick last just as long: apply one coat, cover your lips with a tissue, apply some translucent powder to your lips, and add another coat of lipstick.

Draw cat eye like a pro

Are you tired of never being able to achieve the ideal eyeline? Your struggle is over with the genius life hack! Use a credit card, a piece of paper, or a small string of duct tape to create a line to draw over with, and then simply apply your pencil or gel eyeliner like you normally do. If you don’t like wearing cat eye, you can use the same trick when you’re working on your smoky eye look to create the perfect shape.

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Get plumper lips

Plump and luscious lips are considered to be a beauty standard, which is why women put a lot of effort into making their lips appear bigger. They use plumping lip products or even special devices that enlarge your lips with the help of a suction effect. But there is a much more effortless way to achieve your desired look. Simply put a couple of drops of peppermint or cinnamon oil into your lip gloss and get irresistible lips every time you put on makeup.

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Make your eyes stand out

How often have you finished a seemingly perfect eye makeup routine and realized something was missing? That something could be a white or nude eyeliner that you need to apply to your lower lash line and the corner of your eye. This trick will help your eyes stand out, so you can keep the rest of your makeup minimal. White eyeliner is also a great way to hide how tired your eyes look after a night of partying or working.

Buy affordable makeup

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